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The pernicious new anti-white racism


THE wokerati, now ubiquitous across our institutions, dominate the narrative on racism. Selective in their outrage, they ensure that today’s repressive, navel-gazing society allows everyone to claim victimhood, except Jews and white males. Facts count for nothing among the wokerati, only their feelings do. Their subjectivity on racism is oppressive and dangerous.  

In 2018, Jewish students attending a meeting at King’s College London were screamed at by the future head of the National Union of Students, Shaima Dallali, and her fellow Islamists. Dallali protested later that she isn’t anti-Semitic. The silence that followed this and other attacks against Jews in British universities underlined the extent to which the ‘anti-racist’ woke had successfully inverted the concept into a victim hierarchy. 

Had another minority group been maligned like this, it would have been headline news with MPs expressing their disgust in Parliament. Were they too scared to do so, of being accused of the ‘gendered Islamophobia’ that Dallali charged anyone with who criticised her anti-Semitism?

In the Dallali worldview of what constitutes racism, anyone protesting against such anti-Semitism himself becomes a ‘racist’; it’s one of the unspoken rules of the woke, spearheaded by the progressive Left. Attempts by Jews to defend themselves have been weaponised against them. A recent example was when the BBC tried to defend an anti-Semitic attack on Jews in London by falsely reporting that the victims used an ‘anti-Muslim slur’, and so themselves provoked the abuse. It was totally untrue yet the BBC’s own executive complaints unit could not see what it had done wrong.

Of course Jews are used to such irrationality and victim-blaming. But this type of ‘acceptable’ bigotry that Jews have over time and place have suffered is no longer exclusive to them. Increasingly white people, most specifically men and boys, are finding themselves on the receiving end. Why? Because the wokerati have decided that both Jews and white males are ‘privileged’ and therefore fair game for abuse and mocking derision.  

Just as the word ‘Jew’ has been an insult used by anti-Semites for millennia, the word ‘white’ has become a derogatory term. Phrases like ‘white privilege’ and ‘white supremacy’ are commonplace, rarely challenged and used to silence those who try to challenge this creeping racism, discrimination, prejudice and lying. Take this Sky News report from 2019, for example, which describes military chiefs as having the ‘pack mentality of white middle-aged men’. This is an ‘othering’ as well as misandry against white males taken uncritically up by the mainstream media, encouraging and institutionalising active discrimination against both in education and the workplace. 

Racism is racism, no matter what the colour of the victims’ skin. As with previous victims of racism, white men are taking on this definition of themselves – they have to concede to the definition or they will be called toxic. They can’t complain. As an immigrant and minority ethnic myself, married to a white British male, I deeply resent such irrational prejudice.

Thanks to Black Lives Matter (BLM) and their race-baiting, the anti-white movement in the West has accelerated over the last two years, visible in the imposition of its ‘neo Marxist wokery’ from the top down of the educational establishment. 

In just two years, bending the knee to BLM became all but compulsory with anyone disputing the practice treated as a pariah. A virtue-signalling badge of honour, worn by sportsmen, police, politicians and luvvies alike, unaware perhaps of the anti-white, Jew-hating, Marxist belief in the destruction of the family, and of the West, behind it.

Critical Race Theory (CRT), that other pillar of the new ‘anti-racism’ definition, is also enjoying a revival in Western academia. It is a pernicious theory which posits that race has been socially constructed to oppress people of colour, and that white people are inherently or by definition racist. According to CRT, no other form of racism exists than that directed against people of colour. And for the unthinking wokerati it justifies racism against whites, specifically white males again. It is taught in some British as well as American schools, white boys are being made to feel guilty about having ‘white privilege’ and are hectored about being ‘racists’ by virtue of the colour of their skin. 

The irony is that white, working-class boys have been suffering discrimination for a long time. There isn’t much ‘white privilege’ amongst this group of poverty-stricken, stigmatised children, despite what their indoctrinated teachers tell them. 

In fact it has become a stick to beat any male who dare dissent the current order, not least those brave Canadian truckers who stood up for our human rights against vaccine mandates and lockdowns and are now maligned as the ‘white pity party’.

Not so long ago the Left boasted that it stood for the white working classes. But according to wokedom this now constitutes a form of racism. Yet to protest against this is to be accused of racism or of ‘microaggressions’ by the very same people propagating hatred against white people, microaggressions that pale in comparison with the openly anti-white violence that this wokery may have encouraged.

Take the shooting of 23 commuters on a Brooklyn subway train last week by Frank James. His Facebook account has revealed his desire to kill white people and impose a new form of apartheid against them. 

 Six months ago, after stating on Twitter that he was going to kill white people, black supremacist Darrell Edward Brooks drove his car into a crowd at a Christmas parade in Wisconsin, killing six people and wounding 62 others.

It should worry everyone that a concept being taught in school is given as a justification by killers for their barbaric actions. This is retrogressive, not progressive. If society really wants to heal racial divides, following the path of the woke and endorsing their dislike of Jews and white men in the name of anti-racism is not the way to go.

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Karen Harradine
Karen Harradine
Karen is an anthropologist and freelance journalist. She writes on anti-Semitism, Israel and spirituality. She is @KarenH777on Twitter.

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