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The real racism afflicting us all is anti-white bigotry


ANYONE paying attention can see that our dominant new-left culture promulgates the idea that the West and white Westerners in particular are uniquely responsible for all the world’s ills, past and present. This messaging is clear in TV shows and films and in how the mainstream news media decides what stories it will cover and the ideological prism through which those stories will be presented to the public. 

This obsession is historically myopic in that it fails to account for Arab-Islamic imperialism which spread out from Arabia across the Middle East and into Asia as well as Ottoman-Islamic imperialism, both of which were far more brutal and enduring than European imperialism. It offers no explanation for the fact that Africans kept each other as slaves long before Europeans turned up, and that black Africans continued this vile trade with the Arab and Ottoman world into the 20th century, long after Europeans and Americans had outlawed it. There is also the ignored issue of the enslavement of white Europeans as highlighted by the distinguished black American writer Dr Thomas Sowell: ‘More whites were brought as slaves to North Africa than blacks brought as slaves to the United States or to the 13 colonies from which it was formed. White slaves were still being bought and sold in the Ottoman Empire, decades after blacks were freed in the United States.’

It’s not just the media and entertainment industry that push this narrative but also many universities which are little more than Neo-Marxist indoctrination camps churning out legions of radicalised young adults who despise western civilisation and their own countries. 

Western leftists like to lay the blame for much of the Middle East’s problems on idiotic neo-conservative military interventions. However, Donald Rumsfeld and the neo-cons of the Clinton and Bush eras are not responsible for the barbaric Islamist religious culture which sees gays hanged or apostates and blasphemers murdered by mobs and some governments throughout the Islamic world. These practices have been occurring to varying degrees since the ninth century AD. Ah, but the retort of every leftist is: ‘What about the hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths caused by the Iraq war which radicalised many young Muslims around the globe?’ In fact the civilian deaths which leftists attribute to coalition forces were mostly due to internecine slaughter by rival Shia and Sunni Islamist groups. After the removal of the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein, the Iraqis could have instantly opted for a pluralist democratic order. Instead, enough of them opted for bloody and vicious sectarian strife which allowed ISIS to take hold and turned large parts of their country into a living hell. 

I’d be interested to hear leftist apologists for Islamist extremism explain how the Pakistani Muslim rape gangs epidemic in Britain, which targeted mostly white British girls and some British Sikh girls, had anything to do with western foreign policy. It was clearly motivated by anti-white racism towards so-called infidels. However, this didn’t fit our cultural and political establishment’s biased template that racism is practised solely by whites and exclusively inflicted upon black and brown people.

When the media eventually reported the decades-long rape-gangs scandal and the negligence of the authorities, the racial angle they took emphasised the intentions of the police and social services in wanting to avoid racism directed at Pakistanis. In this way, the focus is on hypothetical racism against Pakistanis and not the actual sexually violent racism perpetrated by large groups of Pakistani men against white British girls. Whether this was done intentionally or not, it serves the purpose of not discussing the visceral race hate that motivated these odious child rapists.   

Contrast this continuing scandal with the media facilitating an ongoing discussion of why it’s racist to ask a black Briton in African clothing, with an affected African name, who runs a charity which  serves only people of African descent, if she has origins outside Britain.

Anti-western, anti-white leftists not only fail to acknowledge and explain the historical wrongs of non-western cultures, but they also blame any social pathologies in non-western and non-white communities in the west which occur in the present era on whites. This is nothing but the repackaging of the widely discredited 18th and 19th century ‘noble savage’ myth which treats all non-white people as an exotic homogeneous blob incapable of any wrongdoing unless somehow corrupted by the evil white European. This is insulting to both whites and non-whites. These are the same people who like to lecture about the evils of ‘othering’ ethnic minorities. How can it be equal treatment when whites are held to an absurdly different standard? Whites are not only responsible for their own behavioural shortcomings but also those of non-whites, not to mention the sins of long-since-dead European imperialists. This is the real white man’s burden in the 21st century.

This racially discriminatory mindset allows any problems in Africa to be blamed solely on the legacy of white European imperialism instead of focusing on indigenous political and cultural factors in the here and now. It leads to rampant knife crime and its concomitant gang culture which predominantly affects black British communities with higher levels of incarceration rates for young black British men being attributed to ‘structural racism’ rather than focusing on why a minority of black British males willingly engage in crime and violent crime. 

Other social pathologies which exist almost exclusively among some sections of non-white communities in Britain and the wider west such as forced marriage and the brutal practice of female genital mutilation have been imported here from cultures which existed long before the first fleets of European imperialists left their ports. 

Meanwhile, those brave black Britons who don’t view every social issue through the prism of historical racial injustice and who present evidence that problems within today’s black British communities aren’t due to the failings of the majority white population are publicly excoriated.

Do any of the west’s cultural and political elites who are promoting this Neo-Marxist white-oppressor-versus-non-white-oppressed narrative ever consider how utterly inimical this is to social cohesion in multi-ethnic societies? Do those who promote the cultural Balkanisation of Britain and other western countries ever sit down and read the very bloody outcome of recent Balkan history? For multi-ethnic societies to be socially cohesive they must foster a sense of citizenship based on shared values and encourage integration. Very worryingly, the path we are on now is heading in the very opposite direction. 

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Andrew Devine
Andrew Devine
Andrew Devine is an Orwell Prize winning writer & blogger

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