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The tide is turning against the wokesters


IT WAS uplifting to see leading members of the luvvie fraternity turn on their own, the British comedian Ricky Gervais during the Golden Globes and the distinguished British actor Laurence Fox during a recent BBC Question Time. 

Highlighting the ignorance of the assembled Hollywood elite of ‘the real world’, Gervais, the impresario-in-chief, warned the thespians not to use their acceptance speeches to promote woke causes, given, as he put it, ‘most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg’. It was enough to make you choke on your tofu. Worse was to come when a few days later, Laurence Fox ripped strips off the woke Question Time panel when he ridiculed everything from the millionaire climate hypocrites who make up for their huge carbon footprint by preaching to everyone else on how to reduce theirs, to the identity politics of race and gender. How priceless was the look on the face of fellow panellist and self-arrogated custodian of our non-freedoms Shami Chakrabarti, when her usual supercilious expression was displaced by a mixture of annoyance at Fox’s dismantling of her absurd ideological position on gender and angst at the consequences his attack might have for its public legitimacy. Of course he was speaking from a position of ‘white privilege’, whined from the audience in automaton-esque fashion a mixed-race lecturer on ethnicity after he rebuffed as ‘boring’ her claim that the media circus surrounding the Sussexes was racially motivated.

The backlash was predictable and immediate from the usual Guardianista cliques, with the actors’ union Equity topping the bill by declaring Fox, in Soviet style, to be a ‘disgrace’ for daring to ‘berate and bully women of colour attempting to discuss issues of race and gender discrimination’. It was a fracas too appealing for the self-styled justice warrior Lily Allen not to enter with her regular quintessential inanity, announcing to the world that she was ‘sick to death of luvvies forcing their opinions on everybody else’ and advising Fox to ‘stick to acting instead of ranting about things you know nothing about’. Doubtless she failed to see the irony of her words. They don’t like it when the vegan leather boot is on the other foot.

Beyond the moderate entertainment value of the cringeworthy reactions of the wokesters, what Gervais and Fox did was to expose the fragile foundations upon which the hitherto cultural dominance of the political and cultural elites rests. Refreshing interventions indeed, in an atmosphere in which even the slightest ‘microaggression’ against the ever-increasing array of victim groups and self-righteous causes provokes howls of collective Leftist outrage that demands dismissals, blacklisting and worse. It’s a pity Roger Federer didn’t respond in similar vein to the baiting of the teenage climate wokester, Greta Thunberg, who demanded he sever his ties with the bank Credit Suisse for its investments in fossil fuels, or the Davos billionaires who entertained her childish claptrap at their annual jamboree.

This was but the latest instalment in the long-standing cultural war, hidden behind PC niceties, that seeks to replace the Western Judeo-Christian heritage with a Communist Utopia where anything goes. Underpinning this mission has been an elaborate entryist plan to ‘capture’ all public and private institutions from within, which has given activists platforms from which to intimidate and silence opponents with tactics reminiscent of Maoist anti-rightist campaigns and struggle sessions. No aspect of Western public (and increasingly private) life has escaped unmolested from these wokesters, churned out by the conveyor belts of the captured educational institutions.

But for all the gloom of the conservative lament, there is resistance is in the air. Notwithstanding the untoward nature of the Gervais-Fox double act that went off script, the band of articulate and distinguished people who are both willing and able to call out the absurdities of the PC blueprint and who cannot be readily dismissed as racist thugs is growing rapidly. Whether it’s Jordan Peterson’s demolition of Channel 4’s Cathy Newman, the erudition of Douglas Murray, the cutting cross-examination techniques of Julia Hartley-Brewer and Tucker Carlson or the plentiful quality online sources that dismantle woke arguments with embarrassing regularity, the tide is certainly turning.

The succession of populist triumphs across the Western world, from Trump and Brexit and the recent Johnson victory to those sweeping across Europe, have doubtless engendered confidence where hitherto fear prevailed. While once it was easy for establishment elites and their media allies to dismiss, for instance, anti-immigration sentiment as bigoted and misguided, they now need to tread carefully, having had their programme exposed as intellectually and morally bankrupt. ‘Safe spaces’, snowflake tantrums, diversity directives, celebration of abortion infanticide, groupthink echo chambers, foolish political posturing, violent assaults and the unending invention of victimhood language hold little appeal outside MSM urban cosmopolitan elite and celebrity bubbles. One by one the hallowed causes fall. Diminishing ratings for the Oscars ceremony and its Leftist virtue-signalling message, successive cinematic flops and collapsing audience figures for Leftist news outlets are all signs that things are a-changing. When the backlash is felt even among Left-liberal quarters, albeit the more sensible ones, or among long-standing race activists such as Trevor Phillips, you know that the pernicious Cultural Marxist project is in trouble.

Watching the mounting alarm on the faces of wokesters is reminiscent of the scene that confronted the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in December 1989 during his last rambling speech in Bucharest’s Palace Square when he knew the game was up.  

Expecting the same robot-like approval of his absurd platitudes that his terror machine had hitherto ensured, his expression grew increasingly aghast at the crowd’s anger that would go on to sweep him from office and shortly after from this world with summary execution . . .

The robots are rebelling and civilisation may well yet be saved.

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Dr Gregory Slysz
Dr Gregory Slysz
Dr Gregory Slysz writes and lectures on history and current affairs. He is currently working on his second book, ‘The bigger picture and the case for Christendom’.

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