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The war on the family 3: Sex, sex, sex


Frank Wright’s ‘War on the family’ series continues today with his analysis of the battle waged against the notion of biological sex – separation of sex from procreation, the feminists’ de-feminisation of women and the neutering of procreation. You can read Part 1 of the series on the war of attrition waged socially, economically and politically so successfully over the last 40 years that today the married nuclear family is the exception not the rule here and Part 2 on the  failure of both fatherless and dual-worker ‘families’ as workable economic or social models here. 

THE Enlightenment currents which promoted individual liberty to the apex of human aspiration have resulted in a disordered state of affairs. Expectations which seem natural and normal are routinely contradicted by a culture which refuses to define what a woman is and celebrates a child-free lifestyle as the pinnacle of aspiration. This is not the better future we wanted for our children, who are made increasingly unwelcome in it by the kind of people who call their dogs and cats ‘furbabies’, or who replace the commitment to the family with a lifestyle of unlimited sexual indulgence.

The matter of sex is fundamental to the family, of course, and its separation from the generation of children is an obvious aim of the war on the family. Where women can be persuaded to eschew the production of children, they can be enticed into a hypersexualised culture of no-strings hookups facilitated by contraception, dating apps and services prompting mothers to have an affair. The war on the family is a war on womanhood.

This phenomenon goes hand in glove with the moral inversion resulting from the destruction of traditional, or normal, values and the rejection of genuinely meaningful customs and institutions, accumulated over centuries. We have reached a point where the preference for novelty has exhausted every option but the outlandish. For example, the highest virtue for a woman these days is the refusal to reproduce at all.

This benchmark of civilisational decline replaces the recent high-water mark of female liberation: to celebrate the murder of your own offspring. This is typical of an ideology which must by nature be ever more extreme. What began with the campaign for votes for women has transformed into a movement which defends their replacement in female spaces by men dressed up as parodies of them. It is borderline criminal to point out that these imposters can never give birth. Perhaps this uncomfortable fact explains in part the enthusiasm for the detachment of womanhood from motherhood.

Women have been ’emancipated’ from any meaningful definition of womanhood. Feminism has de-feminised them, making the most basic female act, the bearing and rearing of children, a horrendous crime against the planet. Movements such as Birthstrike have emerged to join the anti-natalist miserabilism of those who consider life unworthy of being lived. The seeking of such causes, which range from environmental doom to the beatification of criminals, are infused with an intense moral fervour. 

The term ‘chestfeeding’ reinforces the perception that ideology is changing reality in accordance with its own extremist goals, seeking to diminish into nonsense the most natural and healthiest means of nourishing infant children. It is a position which treats natural womanhood as morally dubious, for its exclusion of people whose obsession with resembling them was formerly characterised as a sexual fetish.

The growth of ‘raunch culture’ in the 1990s, as a kind of Girl Power riposte to the lads’ magazines of that era, seems tame compared to the pornographication of everyday life we now inhabit. Pornography is evil and it is everywhere. It is addictive. It promotes vicious behaviours upon which young people model their liberalised sexual behaviour, and it destroys marriages. Of course it is also described as a means of female empowerment, an argument frequently made for digital prostitution.

The alternative to motherhood as fundamental to femininity is not liberation but often sexual objectification. The male mimesis of women known as transgenderism relies on the adoption of feminine tropes such as elaborate wigs, makeup, fake breasts and high heels which Second Wave feminism did so much to discard as female signifiers. The destruction of the family and the central role of motherhood literally denudes the female experience, resulting in a narrative of empowering sexuality which often resembles degradation to the lifelong status of an object of desire.

Our digital pleasure island of Tinder and OnlyFans offers the replacement of commitment and love with the tantalising promise of sexual adventure. It is one aspect of a culture oriented away from the durable rewards of family life and towards a sensationalised cult of the self. Love is love, we are told, but it this modern truism is a vile false equivalence. It is a means to make synonymous a capricious and disposable lust, having no product but its own repetition, with a deep-seated loyalty and precious tenderness. Love for one’s children is so fierce that it burns, and to demean the concept and the word by this elision with unbridled and commodified lust degrades it beyond meaning. 

The new cult of the self, reinforced by changes in legislation and the symbiosis of technology with modern behaviour, is one which rejects any dimension larger than itself. It cherishes a freedom defined as flight from the past, and from any restraint upon the individual, including the hitherto uncontested category of biological facts. 

Sex for itself is insatiable, a continuum of chased sensation, and it is an obsession that permeates everything. Children’s books, cartoons and education are no longer safe from the results of the act being detached from its function, the creation of children. In this disorderly state, children are sexualised and adults infantilised, a strange paradox as neotenous childless kidults collect toys and style their playful lives in opposition to ‘adulting’.

Such forces combine with the no-fault divorce laws and the horrifying experience of family courts to discourage men from getting married at all. The MGTOW movement is an internet phenomenon which encourages Men Going Their Own Way to eschew the perceived trap of long-term commitment to a woman and instead to seek their own satisfaction. It is bolstered by stories of men whose wives have left them for some sexual dalliance, taking their children and most of their money with them. The war on the family is a war on manhood.

Men Going Their Own Way argue that the state they inhabit is a misandrist one, where the chips are stacked against them. Their choice is therefore not to play. It has been branded as yet another example of ‘toxic masculinity’ by a culture whose valid options for men appear to be ‘manchild’ or ‘drag queen’. The war on the family is a war on masculine and feminine alike. It separates each from itself and detaches them from productive union, reducing male/female relations and identity to a transaction.

Next: How our mass scale media culture has fostered an environment inimical to the family.

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Frank Wright
Frank Wright
Frank Wright is a writer from the North East of England. He lives in Hampshire with his wife and young family. Follow him on Substack at .

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