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This time last year on TCW


SO FAR in this series, the articles from exactly one year ago have shown how far ahead of the pack we were on Covid and the so-called vaccines. This week we are featuring a polemic by FREDERICK EDWARD on the decline of British institutions. He concluded: ‘The rest of the world will one day look back and wonder what became of that once formidable country of Great Britain.’ This is even more true today than a year ago.

THE United Kingdom is no longer a serious country. If not already convinced of this, the first few days of March 2021 ought to have been enough to tip the most ardently optimistic patriot into a black chasm of doubt. What a dismal few weeks it has been.

Firstly, we have the sheer nonsense surrounding Meghan Markle and her dough-headed, simpleton prince. With Harry watching idly by – the occasional collision of his two brain cells resulting in momentary approximations of speech – our straight-to-video princess was busy slandering the monarchy, accusing them of the most heinous of modern-day crimes.

Haven’t you heard? Everything I dislike is racist!!! Don’t agree? You’re literally Hitler!

Continuing, she deliberately put about lies in an attempt to enhance her world-beating status as diamond-encrusted victim-in-chief. Questioning her blatant lies resulted only in further tedious accusations of racism.

Listening to the ten-a-penny commentators across British media, you would imagine even the grass and trees in our green and pleasant land to be racist, the foliage busily exploiting the soil beneath its roots.

Similarly race-baiting hucksters leach the body politic of its cohesion and unity as they hoover up endless diversity and inclusion funding, whilst painting every unfortunate whitey and everything British as indelibly marked with the original sin of racism.

Yeah, yeah, we get it by now. One can only imagine how easy a life it must be to counter every difficult question with the riposte of ‘yeah, but, racism’.

You are, in the modern world, not allowed even to question remarks made by a non-white person. After all, Piers Morgan decided to quit after refusing to apologise for not believing that the teary-eyed sentimentalisms of an attention-seeking, manipulative failed actress-cum-princess were anything other than 100 per cent true. 

Although there are dozens – nay, hundreds – of reasons to loathe the pontificating prat Piers, he was at least right in this.

Following hotly on from this we have the revolting reaction to a rare tragedy: the killing of Sarah Everard.

I am a conservative of theflog ’em and hang ’em variety, as they say. For whoever is found guilty of such a crime, a swift hanging, drawing and quartering would be too kind a fate.

Of course, the media has already been feasting on every salacious morsel, undermining any chance of a fair trial. Splashed across every website, every newspaper and every TV channel, the wheels of mob justice have rolled into action.

Innocent until proven guilty, apparently. At least that was the idea.

The burden of proving guilt has diminished somewhat in recent years, supposedly. And now, suddenly, collective guilt is all the rage. Some dumbo Green suggested that every man should be liable for a 6pm curfew regardless of whether having committed a crime or not.

Bear in mind that such a precedent no longer seems overly far-fetched when we have already imprisoned the entire population for a year.

Naturally, this all raises more questions than it answers. The killing of seven-year-old Emily Jones by an Albanian woman last year led to very few calls for all Albanians to be locked up in their houses, lest more children fall victim. The prevalence of inner-city knife crime among black youths is rarely – please correct me if I am wrong – accompanied by a clamour for mass internment of black urban youths. Dare I even mention our Mohammedan friends?

Yet when it is a white man who is arrested for this most heinous of crimes, anything can be suggested. Moreover, it is doubtful that claims of ‘mental illness’ would do much to dampen the fervour of those who see momentary political opportunity in such a disgusting crime.

That the discussion about curfews was had – even given a second’s credence in the public square – is a manifest sign of a society that has lost all touch with reality, wandering aimlessly around the plains of poisoned identity politics.

That said, whether you are fully subject to lockdown measures depends largely on who you are and why you’re committing the sin of being outside without the express permission of Oberleutnant Whitty. Want to run your business? Not so bloody fast. Part of a race riot? Nothing to see here: let the Old Bill get on one knee. Part of a peaceful vigil against female violence? Where’s my truncheon?

I for one am not in the least surprised by what took place on Clapham Common. In fact, there is something sweetly naïve in the public’s shocked reaction to the police’s heavy-handedness. Firstly in the seeming lack of awareness that we have become a police state under Covid. Perhaps our fundamental liberties shouldn’t have been offered up the instant an aggressive form of the sniffles was released in Wuhan, after all.

‘First they came for the lockdown sceptics . . .’

Secondly in the lack of understanding of the blatant and unforgivable politicisation of British policing, which now operates a wholly two-tier system. It was remiss of vigil attendees not to carry BLM posters or to start chanting ‘I can’t breathe’: that would have kept them safe.

Instead, busy destroying their reputation built over the course of 170 years, the police now happily beat the cr*p out of the non-violent – i.e.women posing zero danger – and retreat in cowardly disgrace from those who present even a modicum of threat during ‘largely peaceful demonstrations’.

Nevertheless, surely the icing on the maggot-infested cake of early March 2021 comes from north of the border. With Scotland’s ‘hate crime’ bill, any opinion which strays outside the orthodoxy is in effect illegal. Were I Scottish, I would certainly soon be heading to one of Sturgeon’s soon-to-be-opened gulags.

Humza Haroon Yousaf, Scotland’s minister of justice (interestingly, Pakistan’s justice minister is a certain Wee Willy Weeman McTavish) will soon be hauling people into court for having opinions that do not conform to the totalitarian, intolerant Left. Freedom of speech is dead in Scotland, all in the name of preventing ‘hate’. It surely will not be long until this octopus’s tentacles are strangling the last vestiges of free speech across the whole United Kingdom.

It is somewhat ironic that those drafting the legislation do so to protect from ‘hate’. Firstly, because few crimes are committed with love in one’s heart. Secondly, because these people uniformly hate the country they govern, along with its culture and traditions.

I won’t dress up my language. I hate what is being done to my country. I won’t bend my words to accommodate those who refuse to accept the facts of life and who seek to cover their personal failings by claiming the status of perpetual victim.

The governing class of the United Kingdom is a laughing stock. As we slowly succumb to infighting, watched over by our greedy, useless, myopic leaders, the rest of the world will one day look back and wonder what became of that once formidable country of Great Britain.

The only hope we have left is that the entire edifice will collapse in on itself sooner rather than later, before the damage is truly irrevocable. 

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Edited by Kathy Gyngell

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