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2021 top posts: ‘This untested vaccine should never have been released’


We are re-running the 25 most-read posts of 2021. This is at No 20, and was first published on June 15. 

THE Covid vaccine should never have been released to the public because of its experimental nature, and it is giving rise to such serious complications and concerns over future risks that the rollout should be stopped immediately.

So says Dr Roger Hodkinson, a highly experienced retired pathologist who chairs an American biotechnology company which both sells a Covid test and is developing tests for early diagnosis of cancer.  

His warning comes as the UK’s regulator is being urged to declare the Covid vaccines ‘unsafe for use in humans’ because of the high number of vaccine-attributed deaths (1,253) and adverse reactions (888,196, with 256,224 individual reports) over the five months to May 26. Hodkinson describes this report, by Dr Tess Lawrie, as ‘a devastating analysis of the whole mess’. 

In a hard-hitting interview with former BBC and ITV journalist Anna Brees, Dr Hodkinson says a ‘vast number’ of physicians do not buy into the ‘idiocy’ of the global vaccination campaign, but are reluctant to speak out because they fear for their jobs. Pressure to conform has come from politicians, mass media, and the medical colleges. 

 You can watch the interview here.

Hodkinson came under intense criticism last year after likening Covid to ‘a bad flu season’ when trying to counter what he called the ‘utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians’.

Brees has also faced censorship for what she calls her ‘citizen journalism’. She was blasted by TV presenter Piers Morgan as a ‘conspiracy-theory-spewing imbecile’ when she challenged his support for last Christmas’s lockdown.

Hodkinson tells her in the new interview: ‘This is not just another news story. This is the biggest story of our times. It’s a tragedy that journalists at large are not following your example.’

He assures her that he is not a lone voice, but part of an international group of doctors who are working to try to end the vaccine rollout, which they regard as a tragic betrayal of medical ethics. 

In an appeal directed to politicians, Hodkinson says the evidence of harm from the Covid vaccines ‘is so overwhelming that now is the time for a leader to put his or her standard in the ground and say, “I was wrong. I was led astray by my advisers, who had given me terrible information to act upon”. If you take that brave step, many people will forgive you for honesty, and your star can actually rise for the next election.’

Of the vaccine, he says: ‘This is of course an experimental vaccine. It should never have been released. It was never an emergency which predicated the development of the vaccine. And as with all vaccines, there are complications, which were predictable, with time. But there was never enough time given for the clinical trial, which only lasted 4-6 months. 

‘In particular, complications are now coming out which are very disturbing. The latest, over the last few days, starting off in Israel, is the frequency of myocarditis in young adult males. And getting worse the younger they are, in teenagers. 

‘Myocarditis is a medical term for inflammation of the heart. It is never mild, as they are describing it – meaning not terribly significant. The heart cells that make up the heart muscles never regenerate. It’s not like the liver, or the kidney, that regenerates. When a heart muscle dies, it’s dead. And it’s never replaced. So muscle cells in the heart will be dying. The number is hard to determine, because the person is still alive. 

‘But I can tell you with categorical certainty that myocarditis is totally unpredictable in terms of its long-term consequences. It may only present 20 years later because of the reserve of the heart having been destroyed. We are talking here about cardiac arrhythmias, abnormal heartbeats, heart failure and so on. This is a most worrying development. And it’s exactly the kind of complication that would have come out of a normal clinical trial for a vaccine, which typically takes a number of years.’

Brees commented: ‘There must be thousands of thousands of doctors who completely disagree with you. Or is there something to keep them quiet? Why should we listen to you?’

Hodkinson replied: ‘Let me assure you that the statistics – when the books are written – will be exactly the other way round. I suspect – and it’s impossible to confirm, because of the intimidation that [medical] colleges across the world are putting on individual physicians – including me – there is a vast number of physicians who do not buy into this idiocy. Physicians who are well trained can see through this immediately as so transparently stupid. It’s medical idiocy of the most grotesque degree that’s going on.

‘The bottom line is that this vaccination of everybody should stop immediately. 

‘The predicate for all these vaccines was the statement that this was a medical emergency on a most sinister global scale. Well, it never was, by any definition. If you take away that underpinning requirement, if you take away the emergency, there was absolutely no reason for the development of a vaccine that contravened all the normal safeguards for the introduction of something on such a global scale. 

‘There’s never, ever, in medical history, been a vaccination programme on this scale, involving billions of people, with the most minor attention to long-term consequences.

‘The story is not yet over. Look, the last time I checked, pregnancy takes nine months. You cannot conceivably check for fertility issues if you are only doing a clinical trial for 4-6 months, that never even included pregnant women other than those that got pregnant during the trial. And there were only 40 of them. There are very serious scientific possibilities here for long-term infertility. The studies have not been done. 

‘We do know for a fact that the placenta and the testis have a very heavy expression of the receptor for the spike protein which is being produced in large amounts by the vaccines. We also know that during a SARS epidemic, which was a very similar organism, there were a small number of reports – but it was a small number of people who came down with it – of orchitis, a medical term for inflammation of the testis. So on the male side of fertility, there are serious scientific grounds for worry. 

‘On the female side there’s equal concern, because it comes out of the obscure Pfizer submission to the Japanese regulatory authority that the vaccine particles – the tiny lipid nano-particles that are part of the vaccine – locate very heavily in the ovary. This was a rat study, but it still showed, most unexpectedly, heavy localisation of these particles in the ovary. If that is in the literature, it needs to be excluded as a possible long-term complication. And you can’t do that unless you check fertility issues over a number of years.

‘I’m telling you that this is a very serious problem. I don’t mean you, Anna Brees. I mean you, the general public, the politicians, the people driving the bus: GET A GRIP ON YOURSELVES! This is serious medical science. And you’re mucking around with billions of people’s health, for the most tenuous of reasons. And it’s totally and utterly unacceptable. 

‘When it comes to injecting this stuff into the arms of children, I call that state-sanctioned child abuse, on the most monstrous scale. It is utterly unacceptable, and it should stop immediately.’     

Last week, in an interview with Real America’s Voice, Dr Mike Yeadon, former vice-president for research with the Pfizer drug company, warned that children are 50 times more likely to be killed by the Covid vaccines than by the virus itself. You can watch the interview here.

Brees, who has a 12-year-old child, told Hodkinson that she had seen doctors on the BBC Newsround children’s programme saying the vaccine is safe, and encouraging its use. He said: ‘They are culpable of extreme medical malpractice.*

‘There are two underpinning ethics. First, do no harm – and we are seeing that playing out in spades now, with all these complications. The second one, with respect to vaccination, is informed consent. There is no informed consent, because people are not being told this is UNSAFE. The billboards say one, four-letter word: SAFE. That’s a contortion of medical language. It’s Orwellian.’

In a blistering criticism of medical colleges which act as ‘enforcers’ of vaccination programmes, Hodkinson said: ‘It is medical negligence of the highest order to be agreeing with something the government wants you to do that you know is harmful.’

But, Brees asked, with all the censorship taking place, do they know it’s harmful?

Hodkinson replied: ‘The worst censorship is with physicians. That’s the ultimate resource of trust and reliable information for the public. 

‘But the other two sources are being equally censored, in a brutal fashion. The mainstream media is not running anything. [TCW has suggested that one reason for this is the amount of government advertising.]  Of course, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, do you? And social media is censoring everything that is not palatable to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.’  

He concluded: ‘I do think the truth will out. There will be books being written as we speak that condemn in the strongest possible terms this entire mad episode in human history. And heads will roll. There will be blood in the gutter. And that is going to happen, in my opinion, very, very soon. Because something so crazy as this, something so gigantically mad, cannot be suppressed.’

Hodkinson believes that when this happens, the medical colleges will be ‘massively changed in terms of how they address their obligations to the public.

‘Politicians, regulatory bodies, media, individual physicians, so many are culpable of the most terrible crime ever committed on humanity.  It’s on that scale.  It’s absolutely tragic.’

* A complaint about this programme was made by a TCW reader who tweeted the response here. 

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Neville Hodgkinson
Neville Hodgkinson
Neville Hodgkinson is the former Sunday Times medical and science correspondent who created an international storm by reporting a scientific challenge to the ‘HIV’ theory of Aids. His new book, How HIV/Aids Set the Stage for the Covid Crisis, is an expanded and updated version of his previous book on the controversy. It is available here.

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