We have entered an era of state-instigated child abuse. I use that term for want of a stronger one. The transgender reforms of the Conservative leadership and the civil service are a full-on assault on the innocence and mental integrity of children; foolish in conception, lazy in design and wicked in result.

At the weekend the Sunday Times reported that Equality and Human Rights Commission would this past Monday issue a briefing on: ‘New guidelines, to be published by March, [which] will set out how to address and what pronouns to use for transgender pupils, as well as how to accommodate them in terms of changing rooms, sports teams, lavatories and uniforms. The guidelines will also deal with bullying, single-sex admissions and parental concerns.’

Who will it be briefing? Not schools nor teachers, and certainly not parents. Instead it has disclosed this information to ‘such activist groups as Mermaids, Gendered Intelligence, Gires, Stonewall and Press for Change’.

The determination to push gender confusion amongst small children is one of the most sinister government obsessions of our times. It is sustained by constant consultation with an echo-chamber of activists whose views are prioritised over those of the people it will most profoundly affect.

Will the new reforms demand that boys are admitted to girls’ changing rooms and toilets? Will they demand that teachers use the wrong pronouns to affirm an erroneous and harmful idea in the mind of a child who instead requires their wisdom and guidance? Will they demand that boys may request to be moved on to girls’ sports teams where their larger size will increase the likelihood of injury?

I cannot tell you as I do not work for Mermaids, but given the present direction of travel it would be a welcome surprise if these were not the case.

To see how damaging a policy of affirmation could be to the child concerned, consider anorexia. Like transgenderism it is a mental disorder in which a person makes an incorrect assessment of their body. Like transgenderism it can lead to severe physical changes as a result of misconceived action taken correctively – chemical castration and genital mutilation in the case of transgenderism. We do not ‘affirm’ anorexics, and because of this many recover. We must be similarly courageous when helping the transgendered.

No chance. Already the Government’s new relationship education proposals will ensure that from 2019, pre-pubescent children will be instructed in transgenderism and ordered to accept it with no parental right of withdrawal.

These reforms go beyond affirmation to promotion, presenting transgenderism as though from a menu of equally interesting and desirable life options to children as young as five.

And when these children reach the age of majority, there will be a new law waiting for them.

Earlier this year Justine Greening proposed that the Government ‘de-medicalise’ transgenderism by allowing anyone to change gender without consulting a doctor.
To do so would remove the only check in the system against bad faith. Changing gender will no longer require a medical alteration, a consultation or even a reason.
Such a policy buys social media sanctity for politicians at the price of the safety of women and children.

One academic study from Oxford University recently found that doctors refused permission for a small minority of patients to change gender because they stated that as paedophiles they believed that it would be easier for them to get closer to children if they appeared to be women. These paedophiles will meet no obstruction in this respect in future.

The state has already put a male rapist who has not undergone castration into a women’s prison because he says he is female. He has now had to be segregated from the rest of the inmates for making unwanted sexual approaches. So popular has locking together foxes and hens proven amongst rapists that eleven male sex offenders in a single high-risk prison are now all awaiting similar transfers to women’s jails. They will soon be able to make this change without the inconvenience of convincing a doctor of their probity first.

Running through this legislative frenzy is a common idea: that the greatest burdens, under the new regime, must be borne by those least able to carry them. This might be the abused woman who finds men in the domestic violence shelter or the rape crisis centre, or the NHS patient whose operation funding is absorbed by the transgender womb operations being proposed by experts in the weekend papers.

This burden is particularly heavy for children. The determination to target the young and innocent, to sexualise them before puberty, to desensitise them to extremes of adult sexual behaviour, to corrupt them, is in my view evil.

Children find sights like this, a ‘satanic drag queen’ at work in an American library, terrifying because they thrive on familiarity and routine. The adults in charge of your children find them so inspirational that a London nursery network is importing the ‘drag queen story time’ wholesale from the States. They are mad, or worse.
There are enough bad people in the world for parents to worry about. They should not need to be in constant fear of bad government too.


  1. Another trivial article aimed as clickbait for the colonel blimps who are going to come frothing along in a minute.
    They will still be frothing in busy distraction when Jeremy Corbyn strolls into Downing Street with a grin on his face, happy that people were so easily distracted.

    • I understand where you are coming from but we live in an age of state funded economic and historical ignorance. Appealing to reason and fact will not win the next election because we are losing the culture war where we are dying by a thousand cuts.

      • I think the biggest threat to culture is that the younger generation really don’t feel like they have to try too hard at anything anymore because they’ve got it cushy already. And in any case, the government will always look after everything so there’s no need to take personal responsibility any more either. Nobody dreams of being an astronaut or entrepreneur it seems; everyone just wants to be a famous singer. When Kim Kardashian has more followers on social media than Buzz Aldrin, you really get to feel that ambition in this country is seriously misplaced.

        • Societies rise in hobnail boots and descend in silk slippers.
          We are at the stage of apathy soon to cycle into totalitarianism.

    • Says the contributor who feels he must froth at others comments.

      What is this obsession with Corbyn? You have repeated it, ad nauseam. Corby MIGHT be a temporary problem, though you may be assured that if he is P.M., we’ll get even more of this stuff which even in its current state is a concern to the majority and will have lasting impact if we don’t call a halt to it.

      • If you believe that Corbyn in a temporary problem then that is your right. I disagree, I think we’ll be living with the impact for decades.

        And I’m not talking about “more of this stuff” which frankly is a distracting sideshow that I couldn’t give two hoots about. I’m concerned about :

        relaxed immigration that lets anybody and everybody in
        “friends” with terrorism
        paying for a whole generation’s useless mickey mouse degrees
        the abolition of our nuclear deterrent
        strengthened union barons
        a weakened brexit
        more relaxed benefits to people who regard unemployment as a lifestyle choice

        and every moment spent pointlessly bickering over how to rearrange the transgender deckchairs is a moment not spent making sure that Semtex Jez, Lady Nugee and Abbott do not get to run this country into the ground.

    • Then don’t click on it.

      I think you overestimate the influence of CW if you to think that reading a single blog post is going to put Corbyn in Downing street.

      I long ago submitted to the idea that someone like Corbyn could end up there. The Conservative Party of course has brought it on itself, as no one can support it after its shift towards the left.

      • I just think it’s a shame that some are so easily distracted rearranging the transgender deckchairs whilst at the same time the most terrifying government-in-waiting is gaining in the polls and felt moved to comment.

        • It’s not distracting, though it is clearly beginning to distract you. We can be aware of all sorts of other issues whilst still reading posts on transgender politics.

          Ignore the posts, all you are doing is adding to the traffic that keeps the hits coming and advertising revenue.

        • Oh I wrote all this yesterday, about the trivial when they are missing the really important, but it seems that this is an issue they aren’t going to drop.

          • They’ve probably come to the conclusion that clickbait which fires up the blimps is good for traffic and therefore good for advertising revenue. Hope they can live with themselves when we’re living under Corbyn, Nugee and Abbott.

  2. Bravo! Someone had to say it.

    The age of childhood has come to an end. A person is only a child because they are separated from the adult world. But no longer.

  3. Unfortunately your article is full of errors. Being transgender is a ‘dysphoria’ not a ‘disorder’ which means that it is not comparable to anorexia nor is it body dysmorphia. It is rather an innate sense of gender that is not of conscious choice.

    Equally like many ‘conservative’ writers you fall into the trap that the GRA gives rights that are already enshrined in the 2010 Equality act which allows for an individual to declare their gender and consequently alter their paperwork and use their gender appropriate toilet with no Doctor’s input.

    All the GRC does is enable the provision of a birth certificate to be issued in the correct gender and allows the holder to remove their original name from their credit history.

    For hormones, surgery and general healthcare a Doctor is required whether an individual decides to go private or via the NHS.

    As for children being robbed of their childhood you are quite correct. There are thousands of trans children who were robbed of their childhoods having been forced to conform to rules forced upon them by people like yourself.

        • SOME grow up to be trans adults. MORE grow up to be lesbian or gay adults. A FEW throw off dysphoria entirely and grow up to be straight adults. Both sides are projecting their own experiences onto everyone else. The problem is that government is only listening to one side – the side that advocates serious and often irreversible medical interventions on minors and one-sided education for minors. Given that minors cannot consent, this is something we all have an interest in. Affirmative-only therapy is a political choice and one that risks some serious future consequences.

          It’s not ALL about the children who will grow up to be trans. It’s also about the children who won’t.

          • What they need is sympathy, understanding and time to work through it, and then come to a conclusion about gender and/or sexuality.

            What they don’t need is a mob of loony thugs whose sole interest is increasing their political power at any cost.

          • Well, quite. I’m most certainly not a Conservative. I support – celebrate, actually – all adults who wish to lead gender non-conforming lives, and I support legal protections for them to do that. I support access to healthcare and medical/surgical transition on the NHS for adults. What I don’t support is drastic medical intervention on children based on blind faith affirmation of whatever they say or adults identifying into the legal protections of a protected class (women) based on nothing more than downloading a form off the internet.

          • The GRC is evidence driven and even if you removed the two Doctor’s reports the bulk would deter all but the most determined. A £140 fee plus the submission of ‘gender’ relevant documentation that spans a minimum of two years and includes deed poll, electoral register, tax documents, driving licence, passport, NHS registration and utility bills.

            There is a lot more to it than people lead you to believe.

          • Nobody is talking about the current position. Stop being disingenuous. What is being talked about are proposed developments: changes to the GRA to make it self-ID only; changes to PSHE education in schools to enshrine Gender Identity Theory as established fact (I consider GIT to be a religious faith, unlike dysphoria which I accept as real and devastating); changes to therapeutic interventions in minors to make them affirmation-only.

          • But there has been no proffered evidence of your ‘downloading a form’ as being the shape of things to come. It seems there are many people who wish it to believed but until the proposal is presented it is mere hearsay.

            I think it far more likely that the medical evidence section will be removed as I stated above thus ensuring rigidity.

            In fact tampering with the GRA has negative implications for many trans patients as it is used as a second opinion by surgeons. In de-medicalising it those seeking surgery will need a second Doctor to approve surgery thus actually increasing their diagnosis time.

          • The GRC is a monstrosity in that it maintains records of every trans person who obtains one.

            Pre War France had a similar register of Jews which they claimed was quite innocent and would not be used for any ill intent, which was all true until the Nazi’s invaded and got their hands on it ………..

          • Agreed, and having had the ‘Fascist’ label thrown at me I am reminded how Magnus Hirschfeld’s work was used by the Nazis to ’round people up’.

          • support – celebrate, actually – all adults who wish to lead gender non-conforming lives, and I support legal protections for them to do that

            Then you are a perverted and disgustingly evil-minded promoter of sheer and utter sexual deviations.

          • What they don’t need is a mob of loony thugs whose sole interest is increasing their political power at any cost

            Well, that excludes you anyway from any part of the debate …

          • I never advocated for either side, I merely pointed out a skewed writing viewpoint. You are quite correct many children grow up to be cis gendered, gay, and transgendered. That is the point. Children grow up and express who they are.

            The current medical system merely listens to the child and offers intervention that is deemed relevant to an individual case. There is no blanket policy as everyone is different and no treatment is required at all until puberty by which time most trans individuals are sure of their identity.

            The majority of cases are merely the enabling of the child to know that self-expression is not a negative thing, nor is deciding to pursue their cis gender life if that is what they eventually choose to do.

            It is about telling a child it’s ok to feel this way and it’s ok to grow out of it, but it is also about telling those that don’t grow out of it that society cares for them too.

          • Would that be the same as the medical system that was at the centre of the false or recovered abuse memory debacle where innocent parents where lynched and children’s lives destroyed because of the agenda of the medical system at the time?

          • I’m sorry Lisa Cis gendered clearly identifies you as a Fascist as no trans person would use such a ridiculous term.

            It started off as a joke based on the seven hills of Rome, by some female to male TS who was horrified it was taken up by the Fascists as a tool of oppression. The use of that tells me all I need to know about you.

            As a totalitarian thug yourself your ideas are the opposite of what the country needs to do, & are in direct contradiction to the interests of trans people.

            Self expression can be an enormously damaging thing when done without clear thought, as its effects can last a lifetime.

          • No cis merely shows I am student of language.




            adjective: cis-gender

            denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.

            I’m sorry you view me as a totalitarian thug for understanding the English language.

          • The problem with this new language is that it equates being ‘cisgender’ with any other ‘gender’. However, ‘cisgender’ is the norm while the others are abnormalities. You do need to understand how the English language is being used to promote lies.

          • It’s not the English language though, as I have been able to demonstrate it’s a made up word, done as a joke, taken up as a weapon by Fascists. There is no ‘cis’ prefix in the English language, Trans means ‘across’.

            This is not an understanding of the English language when you make up words to bully others with.

          • Do you deny there are thousands of transgender adults in this country? All transgender adults were transgender children. I would have thought that logical statement was apparent.

          • I have no idea how many transgender adults there are in this country. When I am out and about, I see people who are dressed like men and people who are dressed like women. Maybe I see one or two a year, maximum, who are clearly dressed as one sex whilst being the other.

            If there are thousands, what has gone wrong in the evolutionary process to cause this to happen? How does such a characteristic benefit the human race?

            That is not a logical statement at all. Adults who need an ego boost (for whatever reason), or are not prepared to take responsibility for their actions, may well find a cop-out by becoming trans; in the short term, it’s a great way to attract resources and get special treatment.

          • Well you are clearly pursuing an argument of your own and if you believe trans people receive ‘special treatment’ you clearly have never considered how hard life is for a trans person.

            But then why would you? Why would anyone?

            As to what causes people to be transgender it is still unknown but as it is in every race, creed and nationality it is clear it is a very human condition that affects both genders.

            Yes, there are trans men as well as trans women and not all are visible as you think. Many work hard to ensure they receive the least abuse possible.

            The current UK population of transgendered people is estimated at between 300 – 500,000.

          • It’s a defect of nature, like homosexuality, eight billion people on earth is bound to produce such. As for your estimate of 300-500 thousand, can you state your source so we may check?

          • At present, there is no official estimate of the trans population. The England/Wales Census and Scottish Census have not asked if people identify as trans and do not plan to include such a question in 2010. GIRES, in their Home Office funded study estimate the number of trans people in the UK to be between 300,000 – 500,000, defined as ‘..a large reservoir of transgender people who experience some degree of gender variance’

            I know it is an estimate but then there is no reward in honesty.

          • Life is hard – full stop.

            Yes, trans people do receive special treatment because they may no longer be ‘discriminated against’; so it is easier for trans people to get employment than for non-trans people.

            If it is a very human condition, why hasn’t it disappeared of its own accord, as it is not conducive to species survival?

          • I think you’ll find they are still discriminated against. As to why haven’t they died out? Well, obviously trans people are being born everyday. Now there’s something for you to think about.

          • Really? Baby humans are born every day and the first thing everyone wants to know is whether it’s a boy or a girl.

          • how hard life is for a trans person

            attempting to violate the very principles of biology will never be “easy”, no …

            And ?

            So what ?

            The current UK population of transgendered people is estimated at between 300 – 500,000

            half a million ???? you’re insane

          • Do you deny there are thousands of transgender adults in this country?


            This is because I believe in reality, not fantasy.

        • No they do not. Statistics show that of children who are confused about their sex 80% fully accept their sex at puberty. Post puberty is the time to address these issues.

      • I would agree there is no evidence that there are ‘thousands’ and worse than that there are in reality thousands of children who thought they might have been trans, who post puberty were not, where is the consideration for the wrecked childhood which were avoided?

        It seems to me the ultimate selfishness of Fascism that the needs of the few are placed above the needs of the many.
        80% of those kids who identify as trans when young are not, and they are simply discarded like so much rubbish.

        • It would seem that the presence of ‘thousands’ of transgender adults just appeared and did not experience a transgender childhood in your opinion This is sadly not the case. Transgender adults of all ages experienced a transgender childhood but were never able to express that as society refused to accept their reality.

          I see nothing particularly fascist in enabling any child to believe society was inclusive rather the reverse.

          • Are you transgender Lisa?

            It is Fascist, and just because you don’t know what Fascism is doesn’t change this.

            Yet again you demonstrate a total selfishness and lack of concern for the vast majority of children who claim to be trans while a child but who do not go on to be trans post puberty.
            The majority of trans people have treatment post puberty after much soul searching and psychiatric input. The consequences of getting this wrong are so dire that it is far better that someone trans does not transition that someone who is not trans does and then later regrets it.

            In addition there are other mental health conditions which can mimic trans conditions and should not be treated as such.

            This is not some playground whim, but a serious medical issue, I suggest you treat it as such and stop behaving as some kind of SJW know all.

          • I have a female birth certificate if that is relevant.

            I completely agree with you that being trans is a serious issue which is why we as a society ought to support the relevant organisations to help people rather vilify them. In attacking them we risk more harm by alienating parents with very real concerns for their child’s wellbeing.

            As a child I was taught there were children that were different to me, that did not make me believe I was the same as them or ought to pursue a path that copied them. I was always able to understand empathy even if I did not know the word.

            As a onetime historian Fascism has very real political meaning which this debate does not in anyway represent.

          • that’s pretty obvious actually — well ; this particularly vicious and persistent multi-sockpuppet troll is most likely Canadian rather than “American” as such.

          • You appear to have had one of those liberal upbringings; it explains a lot. Why will you not say you were born a female and are a female? You skirt – no pun intended – around the matter.

          • Actually I am the daughter of a Royal Navy serviceman and it wasn’t a particularly liberal upbringing. I was , however, taught to speak with respect and listen to others opinions which I hope I have done today.

            Does knowing I’ve experienced the menopause help you define me?

          • The whole notion of a ‘transgender childhood’ is a lie. Children do not have a ‘gender’ – they do not have any ‘sexuality’ – they are genuinely shocked when they discover how they were conceived.

          • gender




            the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones).

            I’m sure you’d agree children have ‘gender’.

          • No, I don’t.

            Children have biological differences and are either male or female. The extent to which those male and female characteristics reach their full potential in adulthood is probably influenced by the social and cultural conditions in which they are enabled to flourish…… or otherwise.

          • >”Children have biological differences and are either male or female.”
            i.e. their gender is male or female.

            If you have a penis, your gender is male. If you have a vagina, your gender is female. Simple.

            >”The extent to which those male and female characteristics reach their full potential in adulthood”
            The extent to which a penis or a vagina reaches its “full potential” has nothing to do with social and cultural conditions, unless those social conditions include chopping bits of it off.

          • Get with the times. Don’t you realise that when people talk about ‘gender’ nowadays it means anything but male or female?

            Social and cultural conditions do have a bearing on whether or not human beings reproduce, and to what extent.

          • You miss the point. Busy Mum and I have taken the decision not to accept the word “gender”. The reality is that there are two human forms – male and female, with a tiny 0.1% being born intersex.
            Gender is a word which originates in Queer Theory dreamt up in California in the 1970’s. Gender is fluid in this theory and you can change through your mind.
            Social conditions are very important in how children grow up. Having a mother and father living together is shown to be the best for the outcome of the child.

          • I was using the word gender its original sense, i.e. its true meaning before it was contorted by the feminist movement.

          • p.s. don’t trans people ultimately chop bits off anyway? At least other cultures which do this do not actually sterilise their victims.

            Which is worse – a culture in which people choose to mutilate the bodies of others or a culture in which people choose to be mutilated by others? Discuss.

          • No they don’t all ultimately chop bits off, that’s the really disturbing and puzzling aspect – wants to be a woman with a willy. Even if they do, they still mostly look like men – look at what has just been elected in Virgina, it’s a bloke, looks like a bloke, and, no doubt like the jenner creature, still sound like one.

          • The sexes are male and female. The genders are masculine and feminine. The former relate to the body, the latter to language. Is there some sleight of hand in extending the use of “gender”? Is it done in order to suggest that somebody’s sex is not objectively real but is a matter of choice and language?

      • There are not. The number of children referred each year is in just a few hundred. Out of a child population in this country of over 11 million.

        This is an incredibly tiny, tiny issue. According to the statistics, you have a higher probability of having an un-natural premature death caused by falling off the toilet than you have of being transgender.

        There are massive issues to be concerned about right now (terrorism, brexit, the economy, overcrowding, defence, the list goes on) but despite what the conservative woman might want you to think, this really isn’t one of them.

          • Your link rather proves my point – you linked to an article about yet another body that has blown this issue out of all proportion.

            There is enough on with people left right and centre blowing this issue out of sensible proportion without this site adding to it as well.

          • But surely it is good that this site and others are trying to fight against these bodies blowing it out of proportion?

          • So you think we should just stand by whilst abnormal people, who either exclude themselves from producing, or are hard-wired by nature not to produce the next generation, take over the education of the next generation?

          • I think you should learn to prioritise. Every minute on a misuscule, trivial issue is a minute not spent on something more important.
            In private industry you face a thousand issues every day, but you learn in business to prioritise on sinking the enemy aircraft carriers not the rubber dinghies.

          • Tomorrow, school teachers will be your biggest enemy aircraft carrier. The day after tomorrow, the archbishop of Canterbury will be your biggest enemy aircraft carrier. The day after that, your biggest enemy aircraft carrier will be same sex marriage.
            Your biggest enemy aircraft carrier changes on a daily basis. You flit from triviality to triviality like a butterfly with no sense of what is really, really important. That’s why you would be utterly useless in private industry.

        • My Lord, you made a comment without mentioning Corbyn – get out the bunting.

          ‘The Conservative Woman’ can think what it wants, it doesn’t influence my thinking, it merely reflects it; I, and many others, view this as a serious assault on normality – and before you chip in with the obvious, if you have to ask what that is, you probably aren’t – and will make room to deal with it alongside the other matters you mentioned.

          • The conservative Woman can think what it wants. As can I. Specifically, that I think you are a complete jizz-trumpeting c0ckwomble.

    • There aren’t thousands of trans children. There are thousands of confused children that Tranny thugs want to appropriate for political reasons.

      I agree with the author ; it’s child abuse.

      • Tone it down Paul, your hate is as bad as the Fascist Left and it means you opinion can be easily discarded as ‘bigoted’ because it is.

        There are an enormous number of kids who would perhaps like to be the opposite gender, but that doesn’t mean they are trans nor should they be allowed to behave as such. They are not ‘confused’, it’s just a part of growing up for some.
        Again there are no ‘Tranny thugs’ and mislabelling the target makes it easy for the Fascists to carry this through without serious challenge. Perhaps you could identify these ‘tranny thugs’ for us?

        The reality is that trans people are being used as a tool by Fascist leftists, and stupid bigoted conservatives are too dim to see that it is not the trans people doing this.

        Unless you tone down the hate and the bigotry they win – I expect this is the course you actually prefer in the longer run.

        • It may surprise people but trans individuals actually come in all political shades. They can be right wing, left wing, or non political.

          It is interesting in that these opinions often alienate ‘conservative’ trans people.

          • I don’t know what that means as I’m not privy to your ‘political dialect’. Think of me as someone engaged in gauging the concerns of all sides.

          • Gauge this: we don’t want it, we dont like it, I, for one, will never accept it. We are going to be pushed too far with this stuff and there will be a almighty backlash, one day.

          • With a view to what? Setting yourself up as a transgender expert presumably with shed loads of public money heading your way when you start ‘advising’ public bodies. Thank goodness my children are too old to be caught up in this utter nonsense.

          • No, no expert I. I will be honest and declare I have participated on a consultation or two but only in relation to adult services.

    • Hands off our children! Children are children – they do not cross the road without holding the hand of an adult – they certainly do not have the competence to decide they are other than the reality of their body. Parents wake up to these evil people who seek to get to your children.

      • I know, doesn’t she/he/it go on and on, and on and on… Someone, somewhere will always start a movement for anything, no matter how odd, perverse, or repugnant to the general public. then the social engineers, or the scientists, or the medical profession, get involved, and then we arrive at this.

    • ‘There are thousands of trans children who were robbed of their childhoods….’ should read: ‘For my own perverse reasons, I like to think (while I can cite no evidence to support this) that there are thousands of trans children who were robbed of their childhoods………..’

      • If there are thousands of trans adults then they were once trans children etc. This is simply a logical postulation whereas your response is not. It is ’emotive’ responses like this that harm your cause.

        I merely pointed out from the start that the article was flawed yet have been accused of being things I am not.

        It seems you wish to lose by perpetuating myths and slights that cost you your most adept allies.

        • As as Busy Mum pointed out: “there is no such thing as a trans child”. Children are just children – they are not sexual beings.
          They deserve a childhood where they can develop into young men and women in accordance with their biological and physical reality and not to be confused and given drugs to deny that reality.

          • You make a presumption to speak for them rather than to allow them to speak for themselves. ‘Brought up by hand’ I believe Dickens referred to this method of parenting.

            There are no drugs offered until puberty and then only in the most limited number of cases.

          • “Let them speak for themselves” – I remind you again – they are children. They do not choose when to eat, when to go to bed, whether they can play out, whether they can smoke, whether they can drive, they cannot vote and they have to have a responsible adult (as opposed to an irresponsible adult) to live with them. A child does not have the cognitive capacity to make a life changing decision. A responsible adult works with the child to help them understand the world around them and assists them in growing up. A responsible adult should not be fostering ideas in a child’s mind that it is possible to change sex. The rate of suicide did not decrease in a survey done of those having sex change operations. There are many who now regret those changes. The John Hopkins Hospital in America stopped doing the operations because of these findings.

          • Actually John Hopkins have restarted. In fact they are making heavy investment in this field to catch up.

            There are many things you can not change a child’s mind on(much to a parent’s consternation) and their innate sense of ‘Self’ is one of them. There are some children who will be transgender. That is a simple fact that is proven by the existence of adult trans people who were trans children or ‘non gender conforming’ children if you prefer with no positive input from their parents.

            Yes, agreed many people pursue transition and regret those choices but the numbers are small and in general they are people who self-medicated or avoided ‘official’ methods of treatment.

            In these days of instant internet gratification perhaps it is beholden on us more than ever to listen and provide adequate medical responses to something that may end up with many dangerously ‘dabbling’ with drugs illicitly obtained.

          • Numbers are small at the moment, but this is a form of mass hysteria and ideological novelty and the casualties will multiply and each one is an individual life.
            Children should certainly not be involved in this. If an adult makes these choices they have the cognitive ability to do so.

          • Numbers will increase and that is due to ‘information ‘ being available. It will then only ever be a tiny percentage of the population until science discovers the key to what makes trans people.

            There is a presumption that very young children are being forced to adopt irreversible medication which is not the case. The NHS has very rigid guidelines which were enforced when one Doctor decided to break those guidelines and was brought before the GMC.

            The core age group that seek medical help are teenagers and even then medical intervention is slow and very limited. In fact it is not until a patient is transferred to Adult Services do they really join a pathway where they are the age of majority and can make their own decisions.

            It is a complex process that is naturally cautious in approach with adequate thinking time to ensure measured responses.

          • Very young children are being given ideologically driven information which bears no basis in reality. They are being forced to conform to state sponsored cultural change, which will result in mental health problems and sensible parents will home school to avoid this.
            Children are the responsibility of their parents not the state.
            I wish I shared your confidence in the pathway of so called medical experts, but history does not teach us that these departures from sanity work out well in the long term. I suppose Dr Mengele was an expert in his field.

          • I wish I could believe children were the responsibility of parents rather than the State but I see their being some tacit connection between both from before birth as one is within a State paid system of healthcare and education.

            The systems are robust and where they fail is due to parents and trans people avoiding them in pursuit of ‘easy options’ and ‘quick solutions’.

          • I wonder if this will prove to be another transitional fashion, rather like the witch craze of the 17th century.

          • CR Milne suffered from his mother putting him in girls dresses for her own weird reasons, together with a father who didn’t particularly care. He was in no way transgender, but was emotionally messed-up for life. Just think how much worse it will be when it is the whole medical profession assisting in messing-up children.

            “Hush, hush, whisper who dares.
            Christopher Robin is saying his prayers”.

        • You can call your supposition any fancy name you like but you still haven’t cited any evidence for your assumption. Be honest – it’s wishful thinking on your part.

          • Actually I have elsewhere. It was a Home Office sponsored investigation. I do, however, accept that there are no true numbers, nor do I ever expect there to be as people will not be honest even when asked.

  4. Fortunately this still only effects a tiny minority of the population so most will never come across it.
    However I feel this is just part of the lefts agenda to push themselves into the sexual lives of children at younger and younger ages. It is no surprise that many on the left advocate for lowering the age of consent, this is just forcing the issue from the other end.
    Just watch as they try to normalise pederasty and paedophilia and how that then dovetails into the agenda of their bedfellows and ardent supporters in the Islamic community.
    How long before we allow underage marriage for cultural reasons as has been done in Germany?

    • “Most will never come across it”. Don’t kid yourself. Just like the books on 2 mummies and 2 daddies, there are books ready to indoctrinate our children.
      You only need one activist family to really set it alight in a school. Look at the Isle of Wight Vhurch of England school – they are only interested in assisting the one child – they are not interested in the mental health of the majority.

      • True, I was referring more to the actual physical manifestation of a child going through this at school. Children can be quite accepting of difference and just build it into there world view without much fuss. Some will bully making it difficult for the child in question, others will just accept.
        Adult reactions to these things are usually more dramatic and can cause problems where none exists.
        The problem comes when you have political activists who use this as a weapon to further their own agendas irrespective of the damage they cause BAMN. All that is needed is strict bullying codes and allowing the person to blend in rather than stand out, which, forcing people to conform to PC speech codes and thoughts will only make worse.
        It is the same in the gay community and all identity groups. The story was always “we just want to be accepted in society and treated like everyone else” , when that began to happen and they were not special anymore and not receiving special treatment the cry becomes “we want to be noticed”. But was it actually the groups that wanted that or the progressive left and the activists that fed off those groups?

        • The major problem is the confusion of children. Children like security – they innately know right from wrong, as a child will look guilty and its easy to see they have been up to no good.
          What this push for transgender does is it forces all the other children in the school to collaborate in a lie. There will be punishment for those who speak the truth and pint out that the specific child is what they actually are. Children like play and make believe, but they need reality to make them feel safe. There have already been instances of children coming home from school upset and asking if they are going to suddenly turn into a boy or girl.

          • I agree that when the adults force the agenda down their throats this makes them confused. If they just left the children to themselves and just enforced bullying codes of practice and ignored the transgender kids I doubt if any of the children would care. They don’t come running home thinking they are going to change colour or become disabled.
            Again it is the adults and activists creating this issue.
            I would think most transgender people want to be just accepted as human beings for what they are and treated like everyone else. The activist wants you to acknowledge them and treat them differently to advance an agenda.

  5. Until she was about eleven my sister was always moaning about not being a boy and wishing that she was a boy. This was based on her belief that boys did far more interesting things such as playing football, catch tadpole in the local stream, climbing trees, etc., whereas girls had to learn to sew and knit and help at home. It all ended when she went to Grammar School and met the boys from the boys’ school next door.
    But I dread to think what would happen to someone like her these days.

  6. So desperately sad to see a so-called Conservative government jumping on to this bandwagon to try and be trendy and gain votes. I quite agree with this article that imposing the adult ideology of transgenderism on young children is indeed child abuse, and of the worst sort. All children go through stages of liking one thing or another, including at puberty having “crushes” as they used to be called, on someone of the same sex, and trying to emulate them. If left alone, the vast majority come through this as normal adults. I get so angry at wchools being used to indoctrinate children in ideas that are way too soon for them to understand, and wish that teachers would get back to doing what they have always been supposed to do, i.e teach reading, writing, maths etc properly.

  7. I ano longer convinced that aliens are not amongst us. This stuff, and much else undesirable, just seems to have exploded this past few couple of years, from seemingly nowhere, and the manner in which politicians eagerly seize upon it, despite the majority being repelled by it, is very disconcerting.

  8. It is mind boggling to think we have Conservative ministers who believe this stuff and hundreds of civil servants hell bent (if this word is allowable) on implementation. The Cabinet Office has a unit advertising for a transgender nudger at the moment. In order to get the job it must be essential to have a grasp of the new language. My favourite word is ‘aromantic’ which is not someone who tries to pull using too much aftershave but a person who is not very romantic, like most British and Australian men. Just google- Transgender terminology. Even Devon and Cornwall police have a website with instructions on how not to upset a trannie. Wasn’t it Avon and Somerset police who were painting their fingernails recently while being siily as described in the other article about abuse and priorities today.


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