Despite the relaxation of the one-child policy, China’s birth rate is reportedly continuing to fall. The decrease is blamed on a declining population of women of child-bearing age and the decision by couples not to marry and have children until later in life.

These two factors are directly connected, because the horrifying destruction of unborn baby girls has so badly skewed the birth ratios that China is now missing millions of women from its population – hence the difficulties of Chinese men in finding someone to marry.

Despite Western feminists complaining about inequality, sexual harassment and assorted infringements of their dignity, the terrible abuses against Chinese girls and women have escaped their notice. One would have thought that even those obsessed with the ‘right to choose’ abortion would be concerned about the forced abortions suffered by Chinese women, but the silence has been deafening.

The one-child policy has indeed been relaxed, but the two-child policy is enforced with equal zeal. China, with its communistic repression of human rights, especially the right to have a family, has provided the perfect large-scale laboratory experiment for population control. Even the Chinese rulers’ new enthusiasm for (state) capitalism and consumerism has not included the right to a family. And now the experiment is showing the ghastly reality of population control: it is much easier to force down the birth rate than to increase it. The West is following a similar pattern. It is time to consign the ‘overpopulation’ scare to the historical dustbin of failed ideas and accept that we must do something to address the problem of under-population before it is too late.

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