The official affirmation of individuals’ distorted self-images has already led to some bizarre linguistic contortions, such as referring to ‘pregnant people’ and a ‘man’ having ‘his’ breasts removed, but Public Health England has outdone itself by not offering ‘trans men’ (i.e. women who believe they are men) routine screening for breast and cervical cancer in case it offends them, while offering ‘trans women’ (i.e. men who believe they are women) smear tests in case it offends them to be ‘excluded’.

While offering a test to people who do not need it and not offering it to people who do need it for fear of causing offence, PHE is causing a great deal of offence to those who are constantly told that there is not enough money to run a basic service, but are nevertheless being forced to pay for such politically correct nonsense.

The framers of the 2010 Equality Act clearly believed that equality is something that can be imposed from above, but Mother Nature, in her ignorance of equality legislation, never thought to equip each human being with the reproductive organs pertaining to both sexes. The trans campaigners are attempting to re-mould nature in the image of their own distorted worldview, but ideally they would like to abolish it altogether, along with anything that acts as an uncomfortable reminder of the truth.

Even the PHE video accompanying its booklet – which states that a trans man, born a woman, who registers with a GP as a male will not be sent an invitation for breast or cervical screening – attempts to explain in contorted fashion that the smear test could be uncomfortable for trans men, because it was ‘often a procedure designed for women’. Not merely uncomfortable, but positively dangerous. However, the offer of such a test to ‘trans women’ might have the helpful effect of concentrating their minds, leading them to the discovery that they are, after all, men.


  1. Dunno how it fits exactly, but tests done/not done, offered/not offered, in contravention of all good sense and sound medical judgement because of some delusion on the part of the patient, is not unlike Luke 5:31: “And Jesus answered, ‘it is not the well who need the physician, but rather, the sick’.” Far be it from me to alter the point the Good Book was making, but it seems that the “well,” as far as in terms of the impossibility of certain ailments, ought not be humoured, and ought to be taken in hand and told about the tests they SHOULD have that fit their chromosomes.

    One test that SHOULD be employed is the Duck Test, to wit (and appropriately paraphrased), “If it walks like a drake and it talks like a drake, it’s a drake.”

    • I think there is some sort of competition going on among these buggers to see who can implement the most surreal ‘policy’.

      • It reminds me of modern art and the critics who applaud it. They all know its utter bollocks, but they’re competing to see who can be ever more outrageous, knowing that the others must do theri best to surpass them to keep their place at the table.

  2. It surprises me how few people are unaware of how the Equalities Act is one of the most Orwelllian pieces of legislation there is and there are more than a few. Under the Act, people fall into ‘protected characteristics’ based on race, religion, gender and sexuality. So those with protected characteristics are treated more equally than those without. It really is the most important thing Orwell said that how some animals are more equal than others. It’s a piece of legislation to purposefully discriminate against the majority and has been really effective in housing meaning that the British come last for social housing and a contributory factor to why there are so many homeless men as there is little duty under the Act.

  3. Official instructions for zoo keepers:

    You should ensure your tigers are fed raw meat regularly.

    Also ensure your giraffes are fed leaves regularly.

    For tigers identifying as giraffes, a diet of leaves may not be appropriate. You may have to continue to feed them with meat. Be sure to be guided by the individual preference of each trans giraffe.

    For giraffes identifying as tigers, a diet of meat may not be appropriate. You may have to continue to feed them with leaves. Be sure to be guided by the individual preference of each trans tiger.

    Inevitably the above will mean that some of your tigers will be stripy and eating meat, and some will be blotchy, with very tall necks, and eating leaves. The same will be true of your giraffes. Remember this is a great step forward towards equality and the ending of discrimination, and needs to be welcomed and celebrated. Steps are in hand to amend all future textbooks on the subject of tigers and giraffes, to ensure that they are described accurately with particular recognition that their respective definitions now include much more fluidity.

    Please await further instructions on how all your tigers and giraffes are to be properly integrated into the same enclosure.

  4. Repeal of the Equalities Act cannot come soon enough.

    Also the wording of smear tests as “often a procedure designed for women” is bizarre, surely it was only ever designed for women just as procedures to check for testicular cancer were only designed for men?

    The British state has gone utterly mad.

    • Yes, we have achieved the age of irrationality, where powerful minorities can enforce pseudo-scientific unrealities on the rest of us by government decree. Not only do we have fiat currency, we have fiat facts.

    • How long will it be before our government and the institutions of the state notice that quite often pregnant people identify as women?

  5. Well said Ann, and thank you.
    We need to repeal the Equalities Act which, as feared, is producing the most crazy, irrational and distorted results, which are an insult to anyone with a genuine sense of fair play. This manufactured ‘equality’, is in fact irrational and futile, as it ignores science, true justice and reality. It must be shown to be the nonsense that it truly is.

  6. Surely offering ‘trans women’ screening tests cannot in all honesty be described as a burden on the NHS?

    After all, a mouth swab, skin wipe or urine sample could easily be collected by a receptionist, a nearby office cleaner, or maybe a convenient passer-by.

    Then, when the ‘trans woman’ has left the clinic, the swab, wipe or sample is dumped in the nearest waste bin, and the ‘trans woman’s medical notes are updated to record that the test was all clear.


    • Of course it is a burden. There is the waste if admin time making the appointment etc and there is the waste if clinic appointment time, which could be taken by a real woman.

  7. “In her ignorance of equality legislation, never thought to equip each human being with the reproductive organs pertaining to both sexes. ”

    That’s true for the most part, but unfortunately mother nature creates abnormal cellular divisions all the time – our white cells (killer NK cells) normally zap them, but those which mutate and are not killed, end up in the form of cancer (basically a compromised immune system), and again unfortunately our reproductive cells are not immune to such behavior, and there are children do develop as hermaphrodite, (along with other rare disorders) and it is those whose gender was chosen for them at birth, which has given rise to the current trend of treating everyone as agender/asexual.

    • No it has not. Intersex is very rare – approx 0.1% and is distressing for those affected. It certainly has nothing to do with men like Bruce Jenner, who father 4 children and then go on to claim they are women! And gain celebrity for doing so. It is becoming a form of mass hysteria and delusion.

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