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This week’s reading list starts at the National Review and another excellent piece by David French, There Is a Profound Difference Between Justice and Identity Politics.

As the Democrats push for more women to run for office, French asks, ‘Is it really the case that membership in any of these [particular identity] groups renders a person more qualified for public office? Can we presume that more women in politics will mean a better government and better nation? Do we presume that the victimization of some women makes all women’s voices more valuable?’

French hits the nail on the head when it comes to the poison that is identity politics, which he says ‘exploits suffering for the sake of power’. In fact, identity politics exploits the suffering of others for the sake of power. If you can hitch your wagon to an exploited group, then you are worthier of power than your opponent, even if you yourself come from a very privileged background.

This is why we see privileged middle-class women in the media, who can turn down a £45,000 pay rise, acting as if they are an exploited cash-out girl on zero contract hours.

This is an important piece, considering the obsession during the week with who made it to Theresa May’s Cabinet and what decisions were based on sex and race etc.

French again: ‘Identity politics rejects all these realities. It’s built on a series of fundamental untruths – that membership in particular demographic groups equates with victimization, victimization produces wisdom, and this wisdom is progressive and uniform across each and every marginalized victim group. The result is toxic. Because it flies in the face of reality, identity politics can only be maintained through tribalism and bullying. Dissenters are punished. Diversity of thought is suppressed. The virtue of accountability is transformed in short order into the vice of group blame.’

I relied on the piece extensively during a late-night tweeting session. Many thanks once again, David French.

Next is Mollie Hemingway at the Federalist, who calls out the media attempt to oust Donald Trump via the 25th Amendment for what it is: a coup. She summarises the disgraceful attempt to delegitimise the election as follows:

‘Since his surprise win, the country has been subjected to attempts to delegitimize Trump’s election by blaming “fake news” for tricking voters into supporting him, or a year-long obsession, still noticeably unsubstantiated, with the idea that he conspired with Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. We’ve heard people desperately attempt to keep the Electoral College from voting for him, been told that damaging information from intelligence agencies would keep him from being inaugurated, and that the cabinet should pull a “24”-style move and oust him via the 25th Amendment.’

This is a year-long campaign against democracy itself.

Hemingway concludes: ‘Talk of mental health and a 25th Amendment removal, “by force if necessary”, is talk of a coup, just as it was in the TV show “24”. Responsible parties should consider how this is perceived by the part of the electorate they rarely speak to and cease.’

Finally, the Jesuits have a piece on America’s farmworkers. This is not my usual sort of read, but it is thoughtful.



  1. When one resorts to identity politics, one must somehow cobble together a most tenuous coalition, many of whose component blocs’ grievances are a whole batch of “cobblers,” if you will, and one which, at bottom, ends up being held together by the rallying cry,”Shut up and keep aiming to your right.” How does one, for example, square the circle of “fighting for the rights of the LGBTPDQSTFUGTFOH community” at the same time as “fighting for the rights of fundamentalist Islamists,” who, given the chance, would engage in their national pastime of “poofs off roofs”?

    It is clear to see that ID-pol is nowt but hatred of the normal for being the normal, hatred of the Western for being the Western, etc. etc. down the line, and the question being posed to the fractious elements in that coalition must be, “Whom do you hate more?” Led, of course, by those who MIGHT tick off some of the wrong boxes, but those oh-so-earnest campaigners for “justice” of the “social” variety want you to know they hate having to be white, male, heterosexual, UK-born, and given their druthers, they’d as soon chuck all of that privilege in, the better to be an “ally.”

    I once heard ” ‘Social justice’ is to justice as ‘socialized medicine’ is to medicine,” and I cannot argue against that. “It all sounded like a good idea at the time” is how failed ideas are later eulogized. Of course, the solution would be to point out why that “good idea” wasn’t so good in the first place, but nobody willingly calls out naked emperors when they think they’ve got all to lose by doing so.

      • Henry of Wales, to give him his correct moniker (mustn’t offend “Li’l Red” now, as he might claim “gingerphobia” or something!) is set farther and farther from the throne with every child the Cambridges have, and you just need to hope the Duchess will remain fertile for a while yet, and that the someday-King still is randy often enough.

  2. All of a sudden, in the United States, there is supposedly a movement to propel Oprah Winfrey into the White House in 2020. Perhaps, alarmed by Trump’s tweets against Kim Jong-un and fearful that the world is teetering on the edge of WWIII, old-timers recall the “Ripping Yarns” episode, “Winfrey’s Last Case”, in which the eponymous hero (yes, the BBC did heroes, back then – comic ones, anyway) is sent to prevent Jerry from starting the Great War a year early.

    In the meantime, as Mutti Merkel kicks off Armageddon in her own fashion, Oprah positions herself as the intersectional candidate. She’s a she! She’s black! She’s been on the goggle-box a lot! That last one was supposed to disqualify Trump, but becomes an advantage, when you can trump Trump by ticking other boxes.

    Bestest friend of Harvey Weinstein? Tricky, but Hillary is actually married to Bill and that barely made a dent in her campaign. Oprah can vacuum up all the plaudits and contributions from the Hollywood elite, who are just relieved that they have escaped, tangentopoli-style, with their careers intact, now that the brief storm is blowing over, so that they can go back to business as usual.

    All that was needed was the perfect victim to place herself at the head of the MeToo parade. As a putative victim, Oprah almost almost outdoes the sharia-feminist Sarsour in the satirists’-biggest-gift stakes. Vastly wealthy Oprah would struggle to explain how she is a victim of anything, but she won’t have to. She has the political boxes ticked. The real victims of Weinstein and others are already, once again, unpersons in Hollywood. We can but hope that the MV Tinseltown is heading for an iceberg.

  3. All should have a look at the class action lawsuit lead by James Damore against Google because other their anti white, male, conservative culture and practices.
    We are at a point in history now where the anti discrimination laws written 40-50 years ago will now protect white men.
    The left will be hung by their own petard.

    • Could you please explain a little more how “the anti-discrimination laws …. will now protect white men”. I hope you are right.

      • This is a class action (means it covers all similar aggrieved parties) initiated by 2 white conservative males who claim (rightly, by what I’ve seen) that they were discriminated against (fired, in fact) because the were conservative white males. Frankly those laws are (and always were, stupid) but much damage has been done by them, and so to attempt to regain some of what has been lost in the courts in the courts, begins. We’ll see, it’s Federal court, but in California, which often makes London look conservative, and then on to the 9th Circus. Gonna take a fair amount of time, but an excellent shot over the bows, in any case.

  4. Does it really need saying ? I suspect at least 17.4 million people no longer listen to this liberalist rubbish. I can imagine 34.8 million eye rolls at the antics of those who think identity politics appeals to the mainstream. There are statistically 8.7 million women within the total voting to punch the elite where it hurts. Those women I suspect, have no understanding of these groups who are supposed to be representing them, they live in an entirely different world to the liberal classes.

    Culturally, the Marxists are losing ground fast, indeed, Brexit and Trump have inspired an equal and opposite reaction from a growing number of mysogenist and biggots who are emboldened by the current direction of travel.

    What isn’t over is the economics. Faux economists like Pikkety are still pedalling their minimum wage laws and soaking the rich. They have traction because no one is arguing the moral case for capitalism. It is why the Labour shadow chancellor is able to challenge today’s ‘model’ of capitalism with impunity. Instead we have Theresa May joining Corbyn in praising the failing NHS and falling over herself to praise the Conservative introduction of higher minimum wages.

  5. For some fascinating insight into what is going on with regard to the anti Trump coup and the possible roles of the FBI and the DOJ in “weaponising” their offices in order to support those with whom they have ideological ties see the website The Conservative Tree House. There is very detailed analysis and research about the inquiries taking place into what he calls the greatest political scandal in US recent history.
    How The FBI and DOJ Intelligence Units Were Weaponized Around Congressional Oversight…
    A Political Battle Over Dossiers, FISA Warrants and Surveillance, Clouds A Much Bigger Story…
    “…As many of you are aware we have been chasing and researching the fact-trail of this story for over a year. In my opinion this is the biggest story in our lifetime as it relates to government
    officials, specifically DOJ and FBI leadership, weaponizing their offices to retain political power for their ideological allies.

    Additionally, in the downstream aftermath, there are two political forces facing off amid the aggregate “Russian Election/Collusion Story”. One side is trying to find out the details behind
    the origin therein; the other side is trying to hide the origin therein. When we look at the reason for hiding the origin of the Russian narrative, we enter the rabbit hole of previous intelligence community activity and their weaponization of government…..”

  6. Notable today that, despite the insistence of most of the media that Trump’s tax bill would resulting in mass starvation of the poor and so on, Walmart has increased its minimum wage and staff benefits and is giving all staff a one-off bonus as a result.

    • Lot of that going on, quite a few of the Fortune 100 have declared bonuses, not to mention are hiring. The stock market is over 25000 for the first time ever (it may be a bit too high). Capital is coming home, plants retooling, all those good things. America is entering a boom to compare with the 80s, perhaps better.

      People wonder why we mostly ignore the media, other than to laugh at them.

      • I hope it turns out the same here but we currently have a political scene dominated by tax and spend parties 🙁

        • Here’s a secret – so do we. We found a way around it, and got a President who isn’t. “Cometh the hour, cometh the man.” I’d guess you’ll find one too. The systems are different enough that I don’t have a clue how that happens there, and I didn’t expect it here, for that matter.

          I should have added that unemployment is at (at least) 10 year low, and black unemployment a forty (I think it was) year low. We’re starting to talk about rising interest rates (that’s why the caveat on the stock market) and inflation.

          • Unfortunately it requires one (or both) of our existing political parties to split really since the Prime Minister is part of the legislature and thus part of the Party clique.

  7. Trump is an idiot. For example: The POTUS has decided NOT to visit the UK next month to open the new American embassy because he disagrees with Obama’s decision to sell the former centrally located embassy cheaply and spend so much building the new one elsewhere as a less salubrious address.

    Trouble is: Barak Obama DIDN’T make that decision or initiate the project! In reality George Walker Bush took that decision, made those commitments, and got the ball rolling while he was president and still tenant of the White House.

    What a complete and utter putz!

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