The debate on ‘International Immigrants to Scotland’ held in the Scottish Parliament on 13 December was one of the many virtue-signalling events which have preoccupied this body recently. When I Ieft, it occurred to me this had been one of the most remarkable events I had observed in this momentous year. In having an uncritical view of the benefits of immigration, it showed just how antediluvian the Scottish elite was in a time of re-appraisal nearly everywhere else across the democratic West.

Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party (SNP) has been on a permanent war-footing since the vote was taken for all of Britain to leave the EU. It has little appetite for governing at the best of times but new legislation has been shelved in order to concentrate on sabotaging Britain’s exit from the EU with whatever weapons comes to hand.

Without much success, Nicola Sturgeon has tried to spread alarm among migrants living in Scotland that the British government is out to get them and only the SNP will protect them. That afternoon, with the support of the much depleted Labour ranks, the SNP offered a self-righteous exercise in moral purity.

The tone was set by Dr Alasdair Allan, the minister for International Development and Europe. He sits for the Western Isles, a seat where it is mainly folk tired of the rat race in the English conurbations who desire to settle. But he insisted on:

‘Scotland’s duty to offer a place of protection and safety to send a warm message of welcome to all those who choose to make Scotland their home. That message of welcome extends to everyone who comes to Scotland from other countries, whether they are seeking asylum and refuge, choosing to work or study here, or joining family’.

Scotland’s low population growth and skills shortages requires more immigration. In the air of benign utopian goodwill that hangs over the chamber nobody had the temerity to ask whether the sprawling Scottish bureaucracy would be more effective in handling immigration matters than it had been in its stewardship of the under-performing health and education sectors. Would it be immigrants with the right economic profile who would come? Would immigrants be spread across Scotland rather than packed into inner-city areas. Would attention be paid to the experience of English cities where large-scale immigration had not always been handled with foresight as was admitted even in official reports, notably the one by Dame Louise Casey released on 5 December.

There were MSPs who felt there was no room for prudence or forward planning. Sandra White, the SNP member for the seat taking in Glasgow University, insisted the rogue state Britain had to pay reparations for all the misery it had caused in the world. She said:

‘…most of the wars that the migrants are fleeing from have been caused by the West. The wars were begun not for the sake of the people but for oil riches and similar reasons. We have a responsibility to tell the truth about that and to take the migrants and refugees into our countries’.

Labour’s Anas Sarwar, who inherited his father’s Westminster seat only to lose it and was now languishing on the Holyrood benches, painted a picture of Glasgow as a cosmopolitan world city:

It ‘is a shining example of how to create a diverse and open community that welcomes people. It is a community that says that, when people arrive there—no matter their background, race or religion—they are part of the “one Glasgow” approach’.

He passed over the social crisis in the Govanhill area of the city where politically-connected local landlords have profited by packing several thousand Roma from Eastern Europe into rented flats. For a decade the Scottish government and city council has made little effort to ensure that the rules making urban living tolerable were followed.

Tens of millions of pounds of public money have been poured into Govanhill in recent years to empower community organizers and left-wing activist groups who see the areas problems squarely in terms of inequality and prejudice. If this area is a microcosm of how the SNP handles immigration in the future, then the process will be chaotic and driven by short-term expediency.

Govanhill’s simmering tensions have never been debated at Holyrood. No speaker dwelt on the fact that a low-grade approach to immigration was only likely to flood the labour market with surplus labour, depressing wages and spreading poverty. It would in effect be a tax on poorer people living in the inner city who would also experience a deterioration in services and their overall quality of life generally. For some years English Labour MPs such as Frank Field, John Cruddas and John Mann have spoken up for hard-pressed inner city dwellers but they had no counterparts that day on the Labour side.  When not laughing contemptuously at usually very moderate Tory contributions to the debate, Lewis MacDonald MSP threw his weight behind the idea emanating from Mayor Khan in London of  having a work permit scheme specific to particular urban regions.

A rare chink of light was provided by Tavish Scott, MSP for the Shetland islands. He admitted that ‘my most difficult conversation…in the run-up to the Scottish elections back in May was not about domestic politics. It was with two young working guys who took me to task on immigration when I was—supposedly—cheerfully canvassing on a building site. I was not very cheerful after I had had that conversation’.

Rarely do the views of building workers get a hearing at Holyrood but Scott left me with the impression that they were ones that needed to be confronted rather than listened to. Pauline McNeill, a Labour MSP, at least put on record that ‘49 per cent of people in Scotland want less immigration, which is the same as the proportion across the UK as a whole’.

But the tenor of the debate indicated that however numerous they were, Scots who failed to be as welcoming and optimistic about immigration as most of the MSPs, were hard-hearted and reactionary people.

The parliamentarians seemed to be in the grip of a dogma that required no critical examination. How should immigration be handled to ensure that the social fabric can be protected rather than damaged? If a Tory MSP had asked such a question, I suspect there would have been uproar in the chamber. The hubbub would have got worse if someone had asked whether Scotland had the attributes which had enabled  eventual progress to be made in integrating the Afro-Caribbean community  in different English cities.

A common British heritage, expressed in sport, education, and religion, helped ensure that today members of this community are assimilating fast.  In Scotland they had a near-counterpart, the Irish and their descendants who arrived in large numbers, also for economic reasons  from the 1840s onwards. But for 150 years, they remained at variance with much of the rest of the population for religious, cultural and economic reasons.

Only today is the enclave outlook retreating, and this may only be due to the fact that the ruling SNP has legitimised key aspects of the anti-British grievance culture,  which was a hallmark for sections of this community.

Currently, the SNP is trying to promote a new Scottish identity based not on cooperation with the rest of the Britain but rebelliousness, risk-taking, and celebrating differences. How will new arrivals be expected to assimilate when there is no ‘American Creed’ offering a route-map for upward mobility, and integration but instead an official culture revelling in fragmentation and division?

Politicians should proceed with caution and be open to a wide range of views on the downsides as well as the benefits of immigration. The noted US social scientist Robert Putnam has produced research indicating that the rapid onset of diversity in urban communities often leads to a decline in social trust.

Most people do not want to live in a highly-mobile cosmopolitan society, open to unlimited experimentation, and with no deep-seated loyalties or associations. Even in fast-paced America, most people live within 18 miles of their mothers.

The debate on immigration exposed a Scottish political elite with closed minds on the subject. The nationalists, in particular, are obsessed with promoting Scotland as a global brand open to all comers and ready to face down much of its own population if they resist schemes to rush ahead with a poorly-planned demographic transformation.

Even at the top of the EU, figures like the Council President Donald Tusk have admitted that the vision of endless globalisation is a utopian one which has run out of road. The SNP insists that Brexit must be opposed in order that Scotland can be saddled with a low-grade immigration strategy that has failed in too many other places. Hopefully, those who inform the Prime Minister about Scottish conditions will ensure that her Government listens to the views of the Scottish majority on the question of immigration.

Tom Gallagher is the author of Scotland Now: A Warning to the World, an updated version of which was published on Kindle this month.


  1. Nicola Sturgeon is a one-trick pony. She wants Scotland to come out of a union of 4 countries in which it is the second biggest so it can be in a union of 27 countries in which it will be the third smallest. Now that takes a special kind of stupid.

    If the immigrants start flooding to Scotland it’s time to start renovating Hadrian’s wall.

    • Large parts of Northumberland and Cumbria are above the wall ! What we need is the reintroduction of the Border Rievers.

          • Notrut wrote:

            What we need is English Votes for English Laws.

            That idea has been soundly scotched (forgive the pun) as a very bad idea. What we need is an English Parliament, at Westminster, with powers at least equal to that of Scotland as a precursor to complete dissolution of the now far from united ‘U’K.

          • London will eventually become a Fifth Nation within the UK.
            An English Parliament needs to be outside the M25 …

            Meanwhile, the Scottish hypocrites opposing EVEL are quite happy to have Scottish MPs sitting like Cuckoos in English constituencies.

            Examples …

            Yvette Cooper, Normanton, Pontefract & Castleford
            Andy Love, Edmonton
            Alex Cunningham, Stockton
            Pat McFadden, Wolverhampton
            George Mudie, Leeds East
            Jim Cunningham, Coventry South
            Anne Coffey, Southport
            Kate Hollern, Blackburn
            Jim Fitzpatrick, Poplar & Limehouse
            Denis (Matyjaszek) MacShane, Rotherham (Jail)
            Fiona Mactaggart, Slough
            Jim Dobbin, Heywood & Middleton (Deceased)
            Steve McCabe, Birmingham Hall Green
            Kate Green, Stretford & Urmston
            Paula Sherriff, Dewsbury
            Ruth Smeeth, Stoke-on-Trent North

            John Stevenson, Carlisle
            Anne McIntosh, Thirsk & Malton
            Fiona Bruce, Congleton
            Iain Stewart, Milton Keynes
            Rory Stewart, Penrith.
            Mark Menzies, Fylde.
            Michael Fallon, Sevenoaks
            Dr Fox, North Somerset
            IDS, Chingford
            Malcolm Rifkind, Kensington
            Stephen Crabb (Wales)


          • The ‘U’K will have ceased to exist long before inner London is abandoned as a dangerous multi-ethnic hell-hole.

            The M25 is not the perimeter of London

            None of those you’ve listed are Scotch MPs; they are, mainly, English MPs who are Scotch. The last time I could be bothered to look there were more than one hundred Jocks sitting in the ‘U’K parliament for English constituencies, a situation that I find alarming and unacceptable. Ending the party dominance of English politics could see the end of Scotch carpetbaggers flocking to England for well paid, publicly funded sinecures.

    • Or should that be a no trick donkey? Very many Scots are both embarrassed and irritated by the incessant braying.

    • Bik Byro wrote:

      If the immigrants start flooding to Scotland it’s time to start renovating Hadrian’s wall.

      Why do you wish to sacrifice most of Northumberland and the northernmost part of Cumbria? The people there are just as English as anyone from the South coast. Hadrian’s Wall has never been the border between England and Scotland, nor has the Tweed.

      • I don’t, the people of Northumberland and Cumbria don’t deserve to be on the northern side. Let’s relocate Hadrian’s wall as part of the renovation process.

  2. What a shame that the SNP leaders are ignorant of arithmetic, never mind demographic statistics. It is not difficult. If you have a lot of immigrants and a large proportion are young men within a limited age group then after not many years, depending on this and that, you have a sector of the population where the migrant part is a large part of that population. If this goes on for a number of years then it is possible that this will have a declining Scots minority.. By the way, whatever happened to the Picts?

    • Whatever happened to the Picts? I think they suffered irreconcilable artistic differences and decided to pursue solo projects.

    • The history of Scotland is very interesting. The Picts merged with the Dál Riatans (an Irish tribe that the Romans called the Scots) – in many historians’ opinions for mutual defence from the Vikings and the Angles (who took most of Lothian and the Borders from the British and held it for three hundred years). There were British remnants too, of course, in Strathclyde and Galloway, and they likely were swallowed by the Dál Riatans.

  3. Having been raised in the central belt I concur with Tom Gallagher on every point here. Scots are not massively in favour of immigration, or the EU. And they are beginning to tire of the poison dwarf. We’ll see big changes in the Scottish political discourse in 2017.

    • living in glasgow I’ve already seen some cracks in the snp dominance …

      the core are incompetent, tribal, vindictive, self centred and not very bright … these will continue banging independence and ‘freedom’ as a solution to everything.
      there are however a lot more folks, once believers that are now questioning just why more power to these mono-thought retards would be good when they have failed using the powers they already have.

  4. I wonder how long it will be before politicians and academics in ivory towers will start to admit that there is neither theory nor evidence to show that mass immigration and ever increasing population size contribute to greater economic and social success for everyone once the population has
    reached a certain minimum level in proportion to the land mass it occupies.

    Despite the decline in North Sea Oil, Scotland, with its many natural resources and wonderfully resilient and resourceful population, is well placed to thrive and play its own unique part in an independent United Kingdom. But it needs good leadership with a clear vision of how that can be done without binding itself into the sclerotic and despotic bureaucracy of the EU.

    Scotland is a beautiful and majestic part of these islands. It is a tragedy that its people remain bewitched by Nicola Sturgeon and her acolytes. Let us hope they finally free themselves from her small-minded spell and free themselves from the mind numbing psychology of resentment and victimhood which, under her influence, is destroying them as a wonderful and resourceful group within our UK population.

      • Obviously. You should see some of the eejits that turn up to political hustings. You really could not make it up. But they have votes and they have bought into the indycult. With Scotland’s media fully in SNP pockets it may be another decade before voters finally see sense.

    • Thank you for your last paragraph but this victimhood is a consequence of generations of socialism and its handout culture.

      Scots have always banded together in clans of one sort or another, having had to, for economic or political survival. This fits very well with socialist groupthink and braying from the sidelines. While ‘freedom’ may be the convenient rallying call for the stupid, very few Scots today possess the necessary courage or determination to strike out alone and our education system will not produce the brilliant minds of the past.

      It’s not “the English” that need to be defeated, or the EU that needs to be embraced, but a realisation that socialism has, and continues to, diminish us all, weakening not strengthening us, and its obliteration must be our goal.

      Unfortunately, if that realisation ever comes, it will be a long way away. In the meantime our best will flee to foreign climes as they’ve always done, leaving political pygmy’s to squabble over the dessicated bones.

  5. Sturgeon is a demented fishwife who has lost her grip on reality.

    Keep her in office as long as possible so the SNP splits into a Leave UK group and a Cooperate with UK group.

    Best to oder an independence referendum every year so they rapidly collapse.

      • Except that his prophetic words have the ring of truth borne out by bitter experience. He was right on mass immigration and the EU and the self interest of the US.

  6. If Scotland’s low population growth and skills shortages requires more immigration then lets address the question the SNP wants everyone to ignore.
    800,000 Scots live and work in England and Wales. In this body of people are some of the most talented, educated and industrious Scots. Globally there are another 1.5 million.
    Why could they not make a life for themselves at home?
    If Scotland needs more people why does it not try at least something to entice its people back? The reason is that very few of them indeed would ever vote for the SNP.

    • Renowned Nationalists like Sean & Ewan live anywhere but Scotland

      Alan Cummings’ attempt to secure a referendum vote by buying a flat in Edinburgh fell through, because his main residence is in New York.

      Dundee-born Brian Cox, who supports a “Yes” vote, believes the campaign for Scottish independence is “getting there slowly”.

      The actor – who does not get a referendum vote because he does not live in Scotland – said there was “still work to do”, but the polls were narrowing.

      What a pack of bastedos

    • You’re correct of course. There are probably more Scots in Canada, let alone America than there are in Scotland. Scotland hasn’t been really viable on its own for a very long time, if ever. The Act of Union was the best thing that ever happened to Scotland.

      • Very true, the wealth of Empire flooded back into Scotland for a hundred years and masked the low levels of good agricultural land and lack of natural resources. Scotlands greatest resource and indeed greatest export has always been people.

    • And what self-respecting ambitious migrant would want to settle in Scotland? They all want to go to London and the SE.

  7. “The parliamentarians seemed to be in the grip of a dogma that required no critical examination.”

    Yep. Thats the way they like it. They wouldnt have it any other way. Anyone who says otherwise is a right wing swivel eyed Tory fascist in their eyes.

  8. I am Scottish, born and bred, I now live in England. My wife (also Scottish) and I always intended to retire to Scotland but the fascist madness of the SNP has scuppered that plan, probably permanently.
    There is one glimmer of hope though; my brother, who still lives in Scotland, detects the signs of a Conservative renaissance, led by Ruth Davidson. He also reckons people are increasingly scunnered by the poisonous wee shrew.

    • From what I have seen, Ruth Davidson has the same approach as the poison dwarf.
      I have met many Scots who seemed willing to discuss the pros and cons of a situation without needing to hurl insults and shout down opposition in lieu of making a coherent argument. Are they in self-imposed exile because they are different?

      • Davidson is the plump lesbian dwarf version of Cameron. So close to the remainer eco-loon fraternity that their is barely any point to her. But any sane conservative has not got a chance due to 40 years of cultural poison infecting and indoctrinating every part of Scottish society.

        • Thanks for that insight, I don’t closely follow politics in the Scottish part of Britain. I do, however, dislike what I see of Sturgeon and her crew.

      • I am not “in self-imposed exile”. I was born British and I live in Britain. I merely used the term “Scottish” to indicate a geographic affinity to that part of Britain and to give emphasis to my points; it doesn’t say “Scottish” on my passport, there is no such nationality.

    • I wouldn’t put Davidson in charge of digging a ditch. Admittedly, that might be an improvement on the Shilpit Nyaff Party – who you so correctly describe as fascist. Still, the suggestion that Scottish Tories are remotely useful is a longway from the truth. Davidson is just another Remainder, and just as untrustworthy.

    • The SNP are not Fascists, they are neo-liberal, cultural Marxists. Krankie is a militant feminist who glories in mass immigration and gender-bending. Why would a fascist want anything to do with the EU whose manifesto is identical to the USSR? The Italian, Spinelli was a founding father of the EU. He was a Italian politician who joined the Italian Communist Party in the 1920s to fight Benito Mussolini’s fascist government, which ruled Italy at the
      time. The EU. like the Marxists, want to destroy the nation state and cultural identity, the polar opposite of what fascism stands for. Van Rompuy and his sister, Christine are both communists. José Manuel Barroso has a Maoist background.
      Why, even Mikhail Gorbachev, only recently, said the EU is nothing more than the USSR in Western clothing. Angela Merkel was in the STASI youth propaganda ministry for god’s sake.

      No wonder Krankie and her commissars have such an easy time crapping on Scotland, unhindered, when the dumbed down populace think they are ‘fascists’ Fascism is/was the nemesis of Marxism. If Krankie was the least bit right-wing she would be championing Farage, Trump, Orban, Wilders et al, but no, she despises anything even remotely right-leaning because she is a commie scab who wants to decimate Scotland’s identity.

      And can someone tell her to stop wearing those high-heels and false eyelashes, she puts me off my bloody din-dins.

      • If you take the 1930s fascist’s political, social, and economic policies they were actually left-wing. How can fascism be right-wing when the political right desire a small state, minimal government interference, and the rights of the individual? The exact opposite of fascism. No, the SNP is a fascist party. Change the words slightly and you get the National Socialist Party. Coincidence?

        • Yes, that’s right, and that’s why the Nazis were such good friends with the communist USSR. They Nazis were also really big on mass third-world immigration as well. I hear. Unbelievable leftist dross to try and put forth that the two ideologies that fought the biggest battle in human history, where upward of 60 million died really were kindred spirits. The SNP were nationalist in those days and that is why Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland to try and stop war between Britain and Germany. Those days are long gone and the SNP are only nationalist in name only today, they have long since been compromised. I tend to look a touch deeper than the superficiality of semantics, I much prefer to judge by the fruits.

          Here is a perfect example of the Communist, SNPs cultural Marxist agenda, toxic, leftist deviance at its finest. Nothing less than wholesale child abuse:

          • The animosity between the Nazis and the Communists was more attributable to the simple fact that they were rivals for the support of the German working class in their quests for absolute power. When it suited them they were prepared to work with each other. You might be surprised at the degree of military co-operation between the two regimes in the 1930s, if you took the trouble to inform yourself on the subject.

            Tyrants rarely bother themselves overly with shades of dogma unless they help the struggle for power, which is what politics is all about. Henry VIII once ordered a woman burned for refusing to accept that a biscuit could become the flesh of a dead man simply by mumbling some words over it. Six weeks afterwards he did as she had done in his struggle with the pope to be head of the church in England.

            Your sarcasm is misplaced and achieves no more than to suggest that you are neither well informed nor terribly bright. I would spend my time genning up on my GCSEs and less time on-line arguing with grown-ups on matters I know little about were I you.

      • Perhaps you have fallen prey to Soviet propaganda, which after their pact with Germany collapsed fascism became right wing. In truth, as Lenin remarked, “Fascism is the correct form of socialist revolution for Italy”. Mussolini, a socialist revolutionary, developed the Third Way and the New Deal beloved by leftists the world over.

        The SNP are truly fascist, they are nationalistic, they support the state’s right to subvert the role of parents, they are economic control freaks with an obvious anti-English racist bias. Furthermore their nationalism doesn’t preclude the desire to join with (and be subsumed by) anti-democratic totalitarian forces, in Brussels; a contradiction inherent in many hard left fascistic philosophies.

  9. The cynical SNP are attempting to grow a race of welfare-state Eloi while importing Morlocks to work and pay for it all with their tax.

  10. ‘Scottish National Party’ that wants to be run by the Marxist EU and flood Scotland with immigrants. I suppose superficial thinkers cannot see past the flag waving.

  11. If wee Burnie had actually insisted the rest of the UK got a vote in the independence referendum. She would even now be sitting in her Hollyrood bunker directing her own version of Downfall.
    Thanks to her pretty much everyone I know here in England wants to see the back of her. So if she’s having another vote or votes about it. Now she knows how to win this time.

    • As far as I’m concerned, they can go.

      In twelve month’s time there would be rioting in the streets and an emergency government elected who would be pleading to be re-admitted to the Kingdom. Sturgeon and Salmond are venal fools and their supporters are racists.

      • I think there is sufficient wealth in Scotland for them to burn through that it would be a decade before the final capitulation. By that time it really could be South American status. But with more windmills.

    • I would welcome an opportunity to vote for their independence. She would be very well advised to include the English in the next Indyref.

  12. I love the SNP and Scotland. At long last, on our own doorstep, we have the opportunity to safely let idiots have their way and test out all their ideas, secure in the knowledge that it won’t drag me down with them. Hell-holes like Venezuela just don’t do it, it might as much be on Mars for all the impact it has on us.

    Thus far the result has been entirely predictable; they can’t manage their way through anything and return compulsively to their addiction of whining about everyone else, especially the awful English who stop them creating Utopia.

    My main preference would be for a new Independence referendum, but this time in England. She’d win here independence by a landslide – but if you look closely it’s really the last thing she wants.

  13. Of course what really has to happen is that Devolution needs to be reformed and completed – England MUST have her own Parliament equal to Scotland’s. There also needs to be a radical reform of money. The Scottish Parliament should have control of expenditure the revenue for which is raised in Scotland – you vote for it, you pay for it. We need a clear and distinct financial arrangement. And secondly Scotland does not need a full-time Parliament. It could quite well sit once a month to transact the business required.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you on the need for an English Parliament with powers at least equal to that of Scotland’s and the importance of making the Jocks pay for their own party. Ultimately what I want is the complete dissolution of the ‘United’ Kingdom with The peoples of the little nations of the British Isles treated just like any other foreigner. One thing we must ensure, however, is that they cannot borrow limitlessly on the back of Sterling, which they would certainly do, in the knowledge that we should have to settle their debts or risk the destabilisation of our currency.

      • As I have stated before, the last thing we need is another layer of politicians with their parasitic bag carriers.
        Less Government is always the answer. We have a Parliament in Westminster. These regional talking shops should be closed, or let the people have the courage to vote for full Independence once and for all.

        • captainslugwash wrote:

          As I have stated before, the last thing we need is another layer of politicians … ‘

          As I have stated before, many, many times, though not for some time, we already have that layer; devolution created it but left a huge hole over England and filling that hole cannot create another layer. Creating an English Parliament is simple and does not require the creation of any more places at the trough; the existing England MPs can sit at Westminster on our behalf as their predecessors did before 1707.

          It is only necessary to set up some sort of ‘U’K grand council (ideally as an interim measure before full dissolution of our now far from united ‘United Kingdom), with seats allocated proportionally to population size, and we can boot the ‘Celts’ out of our ancient Parliament and let them drone on elsewhere.

          Less government is certainly the answer and the less government we need most is ‘British’, not English (we English have generally preferred conservative small government but have too often had to suffer ‘radical’ big government because of our attachment to the generally left voting little nations of the union, which are addicted to English subsidies and interference in our affairs). An English Parliament with powers at least equal to that of Scotland allows the reduction of British government business to a few core functions, such as defence, immigration, foreign affairs and so on.

          As I have stated before, the creation of an English Parliament does not entail the creation of another layer of politicians, merely using those who already represent us to fill the gaping hole in the layer created by devolution.

  14. My lad is an orthopedic surgeon in Aberdeen
    He is very mobile and the SNP will drive people like him away
    They already tax his income higher than in England

  15. In my patch-west coast town-very little sign of an appetite for another Neverendum:Sturgeon’s latest plans are showing signs of desperation and have little chance of success.
    I’m sick of the SNP’s pious posturing and their commitment to open borders mass migration is just bonkers, and also thoroughly irresponsible.
    People here don’t want it; they’ve seen what’s happened in England.
    I used to be an Immigration Officer, and have been saying for years that the fashionable promotion of unlimited immigration,diversity,multiculturalism and endless population growth is a Ponzi scheme which must be challenged and exposed for its past-its-sell by date ideology.
    If the SNP really believes that demographic transformation of Scotland in the cause of sticking it to the dastardly English will achieve their misguided utopia, they are living in la-la land.

    • Interesting to hear a fellow west coast perspective.

      Sturgeon in my view is only pretending to want another independence referendum, merely in order to keep the separatist show on the road. She couldn’t afford to lose such a referendum, and Scotland certainly couldn’t afford for her to win it. And the EU, on which the foolish creature placed so much hope, doesn’t want Scotland at all, unless it comes with a huge English dowry. So grandstanding and hypocritical posturing it will be, until the electorate sees sense and dumps the incompetent and corrupt SNP.

      At that point I should like to see the Edinburgh “parliament” close for good. It’s been quite useless (like the rest of the Blair legacy), and is irrelevant to Scotland’s needs – if there’s a case for devolution, then it is to local authorities, not to a dodgy Westminster-on-Forth.

      • Quite agree; I should like to see a federal model for the UK, and an end to this tiresome tribe’s endless grievance peddling.
        I can just imagine the Spanish government’s opinion on La Sturgeon’s latest initiative.

        • Accipiter67 wrote:

          ‘ … I should like to see a federal model for the UK

          Naturally you would, because that would give the 5.1 million people of Scotland (about the same number as the the population of the non existent region of Yorkshire and Humberside) even more power to distort democracy in England than you have already.

          I would like to see the dissolution of our laughably misnamed ‘United’ Kingdom and an to the endless trainloads of money sent from London to Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, with the peoples of the little nations treated like the hostile foreigners they are.

          • Done right, as ours originally was, if they want to do all this nonsense, they have to raise the money (by taxation of their own citizens) to do it. That’s why there was so much migration of responsibility for pay for this stuff to Washington here: less responsibility.

      • Yes Indeed – I have been saying for a very long time that if Sturgeon was faced with another referendum, she would have a heart attack.

        She would lose, as she very well knows, but win or lose, that would be the end of her career. Either result would do her in for good.

    • The SNP thought they could run their socialist, everything will be free, scam on oil money. Perhaps they should look to Venezuela and see how it worked out for those poor (literally) beggars.

    • Accipiter67 wrote:

      People here don’t want it; they’ve seen what’s happened in England. … ‘

      An interesting insight into your Scotch outlook. Scots always talk about the mess in England as though we English have done it to ourselves when what’s happened ‘in England’ hasn’t actually happened in England at all; it’s happened in the ‘United’ Kingdom, done by British governments dominated by Scotch and Welsh MPs, in the knowledge that the overwhelming bulk of the undesirable aliens they’ve encouraged to come here are highly unlikely to settle in their countries.

  16. Does she think the English really now give a toss about her miserable glorified county council?

    • I don’t think she has a moment to worry about that that these days. She is manning the trenches at the very beginning of what I think will be her last political battle in Scotland.

      When she is overthrown, as she will be, my money is on her moving to the USA and entering tribalist politics there.

      The money is good here too and I suspect this is a pretty important factor in her life as an unscrupulous opportunist chancer.

          • Go ahead.

            I really do not care how Scotland fares.

            I am concerned that today Sergeant Blackman has been denied bail. The Tory’s are worse than Labour. May is a weak conniving woman. People in England and Wales are usually fair and kind, but that is changing.

            Sturgeons whining will be insignificant in comparison.

          • May is another liberal minded Social Democrat on the Cameron driven German model.

            The conservative Party sopped being conservative the moment Cameron became PM.

            That Is not going to change for a very long time I fear.

          • She is simply another EU , Globalist placement.

            Any Tory that can explain to me the difference between her and Corbyn would be enlightening.

          • They were the first country I tried but they won’t have have her.

            One more home grown loon won’t make any noticeable difference I’m sure.

  17. Nicola’s continuous Anti-Brexit grandstanding is designed to disguise all the social problems that are currently festering in most cities with the exception of Edinburgh.

  18. Sturgeon and the SNP are a classic example of power without responsibility. Everything they do is based on the knowledge that they can pass us the bill when things go wrong. Let’s hope she’s heading, v soon, for a massive shyt storm.

  19. ‘Only today is the enclave outlook retreating, and this may only be due to the fact that the ruling SNP has legitimised key aspects of the anti-British grievance culture, which was a hallmark for sections of this community.’

    While it may be true that the Irish community (now mostly 3rd 4th & 5th generation) think the SNP have their back, there has been virtually no anti-British grievance culture among this community for decades, and that’s nothing to do with the SNP. Anti-Catholic sectarianism is alive and well in Scotland at levels of society which you might find surprising, but it is much less of a general problem than it was a couple of generations back.

    The SNP have nothing to offer except their dream of independence in which we would exchange ‘Tory austerity’ for honest Scots poverty – sorry I mean untold riches from the magic money tree. As for the Brexit plans you really have to laugh at the ignorance and wishful thinking of the SNP and most of the other MSPs. But the SNP will always need someone to blame for their incompetence, hence their support for the EU.

  20. This mantra of ‘skill shortages’ seems like just another ‘problem’ requiring the ‘expertise’ of Government as the apparent solution provider.

    We also have a supposed ‘housing shortage’ which appears to consume vast tax payer funded state efforts.

    In the private market there are never really such a thing as shortages, instead there is unsatisfied demand-meaning that some people are not prepared to pay the current cost of goods and services. It’s always interesting that the Keynesian state disciples quietly forget about demand led economic stimulation when it suits and begin talking supply side increases as the necessity. Suddenly we require a government policy of more immigrants and more houses, despite every bit of evidence pointing to the obvious problem with that faulty logic.

    If there are skills shortages then this is a result of the cost of that particular labour being too high for employers. The problem is a result of the Asian/Russian communist dam breaking which has released huge numbers of labourers prepared to work for less than the Western labour. The result has been a seismic shift in world power which has taken the western elite of by complete surprise.

    Generations of cronyism and socialism has deprived the western population of the ambition and the freedom to prosper. Globalism is world wide cronyism mixed with socialism. It is the return to a kind of feudalism under which western labour will be priced to match every other countries labour costs in a stagnant globalist economy in which a fabulously wealthy elite manage their feudal estates it through proxy governments. Just as the agricultural revolution matured and stagnated, so the industrial revolution is reaching that same point. Its the beginning of a new dark age with little freedom or advancement for the planets population.

  21. Its amazing that the Scottish people who are rightly so proud of their identity and heritage should be having diversity pushed onto them .It is bad enough in England.

    With non integration of many incomer groups and a high birth rate ,the Scots are in danger of losing the thing they hold dear. It won’t be a matter of independence but of survival.

    • When Muslim are the minority they demand minority rights. When Muslims are the majority their are no minority rights. That’s all you need to know about Muslims.

  22. The Scottish Nationalists have passed their high-water mark.
    It is easy to promise the world when you are not in power, but when you ARE in power, and have to deal with the world as it really is, you will be held accountable when you fail to deliver.

    • a bit like what has happened to the ilLiberal-unDemocrats south of the border. Had power and were found wanting.

  23. An independent Scottish People’s Party!

    Contest the Scottish Identity!

    Then we will crush Nationalism forever.

  24. There are few parts of Scotland where there is immigration of the type and on the scale seen in parts of England. Parts of Glasgow, mainly. It doesn’t affect most people, so many SNP members and voters can afford to be superior about it as they see no immigrants and they don’t affect their local schools and health services. So on the whole it is not a ‘doorstep’ issue (though Tavish Scott’s comment shows that isn’t always the case).
    Virtue signalling is easy when you don’t encounter the reality faced by other parts of Europe.

    • John have you noticed that all those who support open doors & mass uncontrolled immigration all have one thing in common, the BBC, Channel 4 news, the guardian, independent, the SNP and the Limp Dems to name a few, not a one of them are at risk of an immigrant taking their job or under cutting their wages.

  25. Sturgeon, Lord Wolffe and Baroness Kennedy are selling the Scots a lie.

    ‘Scots voted Remain’ they bleat, but …

    The difference between IN v OUT was only 643,084 votes in Scotland.
    But when you check the Scot diaspora, 708,872 Scots live in England.

    So how does Sturgeon know Scots voted Remain?
    Furthermore, only 75% of Scotland’s population were born in Scotland.
    1.4m of 5.8m were born outside Scotland.

    Smoke & Mirrors from Krankie.

  26. why does not anyone ever talk about improving the birth rate as opposed to increasing immigration? or the future when all these low skilled immigrants will find no jobs?

  27. Nicola Sturgeon has done Scotland a great disservice. Now that the Loch Ness Monster has revealed itself, all the mystique has gone. That’ll do wonders for tourism, I’ll bet.

  28. In most aspects of life we generally strive for commonality, such as common values and (a) common purpose, however, I have yet to hear what the reasoning and cultural benefits is in a policy of creating diversity? Can anyone explain?

  29. The SNP are just one big con, they can’t govern properly and look for anything to gripe about in order to deflect the scrutiny of the Scottish electorate. Their sole purpose is Independence by any means, democracy doesn’t play any part in their thinking.

  30. Are you: Low on intelligence? Lacking charisma? Devoid of talent?
    I suggest that you head for Scotland, you could make it big there.

  31. Mr Gallacher is admirably diplomatic about the effect of 19th century Irish Catholic immigration on Scotland where separate and rival cultures barely co-existed for generations afterwards.

    It’s an oddity that the consequences of 17th century Scottish Protestant emigraton to Catholic Northern Ireland and the later Irish Catholic emigration to west central Scotland have never figured in the overall debate in Britain about immigration although both have been text book laboratories for its pathologies (shared in England by Liverpool). It’s as if the post-1970 violence in Northern Ireland had never happened or had nothing to do with religion and that relations had been sweetness and light between the Protestant and Catholic working classes in Scotland.

    It would be interesting to know how strongly the Irish vote supported the SNP in the 2014 referendum and whether it brought the Union to the brink of destruction – the ultimate revenge for the undoubted wrongs done to Ireland.

    It would be equally interesting to know how both Scotland and Northern Ireland would have developed if their religious homogeneity had never been disrupted by a form of colonialism. Gallagher says that the two communities get on better in modern Scotland. But one would have thought that the experience would have given the SNP pause before encouraging another round of immigration by strangers.

    The other question is whether potential immigrants have any interest in moving to Scotland. The traffic is mostly the other way round – certainly among the better educated – and the anecdotal evidence provided by Syrian refugees sent to Scotland against their will is not encouraging.

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