He’s done it again – caused a storm of protest, howls of ‘racist’, demands that he apologise and a general meltdown of the liberal Left. The Guardian reckons that this time he has caused ‘global shock’.

The UN said it was impossible to describe his remarks as anything other than racist, while the Vatican decried his words as ‘particularly harsh and offensive’.

Last Thursday, President Trump said something many felt was inappropriate about countries whose people flee to America at the first opportunity hoping to find a better life. It is claimed that he referred to some of the worst places on earth using terms which most of those howling with outrage have used themselves.

The meltdown is not because Trump is an ill-educated, narcissistic boor, lacking culture and a sense of decorum. That is accepted by all. The meltdown is because progressives are afraid of him and lash out wildly at the slightest provocation. Trump has the temerity to say what everyone else is thinking but hesitates to articulate. Others might be emboldened, and if people begin to speak out the progressive applecart will be well and truly overturned.

If Trump did say these things it was crude, it was inappropriate, it was unworthy of a President of the USA; it was also said in private amongst politicians, a group not renowned for genteel conversation, and it was accurate.

Once upon a time it was standard practice for journalists to question the veracity of their sources. No longer: if it is an accusation against Trump, no matter how wild, it is automatically believed as gospel truth.

A quick check would have revealed that Democratic Minority Whip Senator Dick Durbin, who with great anguish announced to the world what a dreadful thing Trump had done, is no stranger to false accusations against Republican opponents.

Durbin has form. In 2013 he was caught lying, alleging that one Republican congressional leader said to President Obama: ‘I can’t even stand to look at you.’ Durbin also claimed in a Facebook post that Republican leaders were so disrespectful it was practically impossible to have a conversation with them. Both the White House and House Speaker’s office denied his claims. Obama White House press secretary Jay Carney said: ‘I looked into this and spoke with somebody who was in that meeting and it did not happen.’

Durbin’s latest allegations have been denied, and not just by Trump. Republican Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue, who were also at last week’s private meeting with Trump, said in a statement: ‘President Trump brought everyone to the table this week and listened to both sides. But regrettably it seems that not everyone is committed to negotiating in good faith.’

They continued: ‘In regards to Senator Durbin’s accusation, we do not recall the President saying these comments specifically but what he did call out was the imbalance in our current immigration system, which does not protect American workers and our national interest.’

The outraged progressive establishment ascribed racist motives to Trump. To do otherwise would have been to admit the truth of what he said. There are some truly awful places in the world run by horribly corrupt and brutal governments, places where our progressive elites would not wish to live. The word Trump is accused of using for them is a mild description. Hell on earth would be a better description for countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Somalia and Eritrea.

Few enlightened Western progressives are interested in making these countries their homes. The immigration traffic is all one way; residents of these nations know all too well that they are sh*tholes.

To claim that Trump is racist for saying so is in itself racist. Trump mentioned states in Africa and Asia, and said nothing about race. It was the progressive puritans who pounced and shouted racism, making the assumption that these states are as they are because of the race of the inhabitants.

These countries are not as they are because of the colour of their people, but because they are dominated by bad ideas; their kleptocratic governments are corrupt, their religion is oppressive and their culture is unable to adapt.

There is also a limit to who can, and should, be admitted to the West to live, work and possibly become citizens. That idea is declared racist, not because Trump supposedly used a vulgarity in the Oval Office, but because liberals, in and out of the media, simply declared it to be.

These progressives, who love open borders, proclaimed their outrage over Trump’s remark and ascribed racist motives to it because admitting the truth of what he said wouldn’t advance their amnesty narrative. Trump’s words were deliberately construed as an attack on immigrants, not criticism of their countries.

Progressives proclaim inanely ‘Diversity is our strength’. Diversity is a cosmetic irrelevance. What matters is not the skin colour on the outside of an individual but what is inside that individual. In this Trump was right: an immigrant from Norway is much more likely to integrate successfully in America than one from Eritrea, not because of skin colour but culture.

For progressives, diversity is a political tool. Diversity divides people into victim and interest groups and enables the Left to play the role of understanding saviour whilst garnering votes and staying in power.

We can only hope this episode teaches Trump a number of lessons, chief amongst which is that you can’t trust progressives.


  1. Says a lot that the progressives, the elite, antifa, momentum, altleft, all jumped on the allegation before it was verified. I am surprised Trump hasn’t nuked the west for the constant barracking he gets

    • Which is also a tactic. They will not take the statement back, they will just move onto the next scandal. True or not, it is now in the minds of the public and it will be used by them when making decisions. I have lost count of the amount of rubbish that some of my acquaintances spout about Trump.

  2. I think that |Trump is already aware of the untrustworthiness of our so-called progressives , he simply doesn’t care very much about what they think of him . This infuriates them and they don’t understand how he can be so “stupid”. In fact , he has got them taped and they are worried . Perhaps other “right of centre” politicians should take note .

    • It has been reported that when Donald Trump decided to run for the Presidency, he said and I paraphrase ” I’m going to suck all the oxygen out of the room. I know how to work the media and in a way that they are never going to take the lights off me”.

      The media and our ‘elites’ don’t know that they are being played and that Donald Trump is way ahead of them all the time. Take the interrogation of his doctor yesterday during the WH press briefing – it was hilarious and he had outfoxed them when he willingly underwent the Cognitive test and they were reduced to asking about whether he wore dentures or not!!!

      He has also said that when they punch you, you punch back twice as hard.

      BTW The Fake News Awards are being released today. I do hope that the “another beauty” the BBC receives an award.

  3. I wish our ‘snowflake’ bunch would grow up and call a spade a spade. What income stream are our progressives locked onto to behave as they do?

    • The EU is the income stream for progressives of every hue, as it has been since MacMillan and Heath sniffed backpocket readies on the morning air back in the ‘50s.

  4. “Trump has the temerity to say what everyone else is thinking but hesitates to articulate.”

    If everyone thought similarly to Trump surely there would have been less fuss in respect to his impoliteness and ignorance? Personally I do not believe that Trump is a racialist no matter that former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, has opined so. Trump is an embarrassment, yes; philistine, yes; unfit for office? undoubtedly; but racialist, only if and when he thinks that appearing to be so might help keep his flagging “base” onside.

    Trump isn’t racialist unless absolutely necessary.

      • Of course, Colonel, as are ALL other opinions aired on this public forum no matter how daft.

        I thank you for your concern.

        • I’m not concerned but it is a generous admission to acknowledge that your opinions are daft. I would have said smug, pompous, sneering and condescending but I’m happy to add daft if you insist.

          • No, Colonel, I meant that you and every other person has every right to believe and assert implicity that Donald Trump IS racialist. (Which I think is a daft accusation in his case based on his past behaviour.) You have every right to disagree with me on Trump, or any other issue, and I commend you for doing so.

            A pleasure as always. Have a nice day!

          • Coming from an officer and a gentleman would you expect less? I wouldn’t. The Colonel’s measured sagacity is exactly what I anticipated. I take comfort in the knowledge that some things remain constant in a rapidly changing world.

    • Ah yes sneaking in that old chestnut the KKK! Why not mention how Hilary Clinton has spoken lovingly of her mentor Senator Byrd, a KKK member – Lyndon B Johnson was also once a member of the KKK – Al Gore’s father was a member of the KKK! In fact the KKK were so aligned with the Democrat Party their Party conference of 1924 had that procession of KKK members famously known as the Klanbake! Look it up!

      • If Hillary Clinton had been elected president and endorsed by David Duke, I absolutely would be saying much the same thing about her. Without a doubt.

    • You appear to confuse the opinions of the small cliques called the political class with the population at large.

  5. Why can’t blacks run an African country that other blacks would want to migrate to?
    If no African country is as bad as allegedly described then there is no reason to describe and accept any of their citizens as refugees.
    But Shareeza May is about to meet French leader Macron to arrange to get him out of a hole by accepting all the African refugees currently clogging Calais’s streets, which he finds a problem.

    • Watch this space. Any meeting of May with a foreign leader seems to end up bad for Britain. And this one is with creepy, came from nowhere Macron, the leaders leader. The Bayeux Tapestry will probably be the flourish distracting from the small print.

      • They will not be feted and welcomed as refugees. They will be at the bottom of the heap in a country filled with poor people, made poorer and vulnerable by being of the wrong tribe in the wrong place. Zimbabweans are not popular anywhere in Africa, except in the minds of western progressives.

        • I admit that I meant that more as a dig at Zimbabwe than as any kind of praise for South Africa. One might have some hope for an improvement in conditions in Zimbabwe.

        • The Zimbabweans are, I am told, the best educated but are pushed to the bottom of the pile in South Africa for tribal reasons.

    • Botswana has such a problem and is a well-run country with a no-nonsense and excellent president in Ian Kharma. And guess what, Batswana are not very keen on these immigrants causing crime in an otherwise peaceful nation.

  6. “To claim that Trump is racist for saying so is in itself racist.” Quite so. This right-on racial politics is disgraceful.

  7. I have no idea if Trump will prove to be a successful president by any objective standard. He may yet emerge in triumph or be condemned and slung out on his ear. But one thing he has achieved already for which I give him full marks. He is consistently getting right up the noses of all those arrogant, bigoted and hypocritical a**holes in the erstwhile comfortable political and media elite who have long since regarded themselves as superior to everyone else, and have dominated the narrative with their PC smugness. They have been sitting up and begging for something big and painful to be inserted up their nasal orifices, and now Trump is obliging on behalf of the rest of us.

    Wonderful. More power to his elbow.

    • The problem the MSM /politicos/elites has is that in their desperate attempts to demonise Trump they, as they did when he retweeted Britain First’s tweet, is that they shoot the messenger and ignore the message, quite an effective way to deflect from the actual message.

      I believe the greater public, and judging from the BTL comments in various newspapers including the MailOnLine that the actual message is beginning to resonate with readers.

      Not everyone is suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  8. “The UN said it was impossible to describe his remarks as anything other than racist, ”

    But fails to explain what the imaginary word ‘racism’ actually is or means, because there’s no such thing!
    Trump never mentioned anyones race, there was no allusion to race, and yet we are now told by the Fascist left that Racism doesn’t actually have anything to do with race !

    Racism is as real as the bogey man. It used to mean something along the lines of someone who believed one race to be superior to another. That definition long since went out the window.

    Today racism can mean anything the user wants it to mean even criticism of Muslims can be classed as racism, and when it’s pointed out that Muslims don’t form a racial group, the people pointing it out are described as ‘racists’.

    Perhaps it’s best summed up by Conservative economist (and demi God) Thomas Sowell who said “racism is like ketchup, you can put it on anything, and when you ask them what it is, they call you a racist” !

    • There’s nothing at all wrong with saying that one race is superior to another, is better than other, is more worthy than another, has contributed more to progress and development than another, has beliefs and practices that are superior to another.

      If some people need to label that as “racism”, then so be it.
      Others with more sense would say it is nothing but stating reality.

      So many countries in Africa and the Middle East are extremely rich in resources, far richer than many other countries in Europe and elsewhere. Yet those countries remain backward and often have and defend beliefs and practices which cause that very backwardness. They then refuse to adopt the different and better practice that would drag them out of that backwardness.

      Is it “racist” to point this out? Races DO become superior because of their cultures, beliefs and practices. Other races remain inferior because of theirs. This is something that needs to be said, to be said loud and clear, to be said repeatedly.

      Superiority in races DOES exist and is something to be proud of, not something shameful to be denied.

  9. Trump is not uneducated and he is not a boor. When people continually put this guy down with such verbal insults, they show themselves as not understanding why he is so popular and they insult the voting public. The majority of citizens in every single country, outside their political classes, talk like Mr Trump. They see the world in the same way as Mr Trump. Mr Trump has run highly successful businesses around the world. He deals with people from all walks of life. Politicians do not. They travel in their bubble boxes. They listen to their echo chambers.

    If Mr Trump was such a buffoon he would not be stonking rich with world experience. He would not have been elected. He is actually turning America around but no one in the leftwing press throughout Europe or USA is reporting this. They have become a gossip fest and the fast moving world beyond is laughing at them.

    Trump has played the winning card at every turn. He has created a whirlwind of chatter, whilst he gets on with the real politics. He has shown the leftwing progressives to be unintelligent, angry, bullies. We are now seeing, through the Russia farce that it is in fact the Clintons and Obama who have to be investigated. He very cleverly allowed the noise around Russia hacking to lead to the truth. How are the progressives going to square this and how are they going to deal with the fact that Weinstein and Bill Clinton have been shown up as the true perverts and abusers of women. I think Mr Trump is the only man in high office within the western world who is truly voting for us deplorables

  10. Ben Bradley did it as well. Perhaps the vasectomies bit was harsh but surely questioning the wisdom of unemployed people having four or five kids is what most thinking people would, well, think. Cue the predictable screeching from the left today.

    • Basic evolutionary theory – if you arrange through some effort for individuals of a species to survive and breed when they would normally be killed by their environment, you will inevitably promote traits that weaken the species overall.

      The welfare state is the acceptable face of eugenics

  11. The left always proclaim ‘community’ and building ‘strong communities’ and then, is the paradox – only the left do paradox and antithesis and are then blind to the contradiction.

    The exact opposites of building societal cohesion are promoting the idea of mass immigration and destroy communities through advocating Multiculti.

    All Mr. Trump does, is to point this out.

    • George Orwell was very perceptive with War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength. It perfectly encapsulates the constant doublethink of the left that is required for their demented ideological goals to succeed.

  12. Unfortunately the left have descended to the state of ideologues.
    To an ideologue the ends always justifies the means which is why many of them subscribe to BAMN and why you cannot believe a word any of them say.

  13. The media and leftists shout “racism” as a way of trying to shut down the conversation. They’ve been doing it for years unchallenged to the point that they shout racism at pretty much everything. It lost its effect.In any event, if he said it, it was a private conversation. Some presidents (Richard Nixon) used to swear every other word. And the left’s blessed Obama swore a lot by his own admission. But they analyse every word Donald Trump says, or allegedly, says. It’s tiresome and now they don’t believe the medical examination because it goes against their narrative.

  14. Seems to me that the scales have started to tip.
    Accusations of racism have become devalued to the point where they have no impact
    Same for sexism, fascism, genderism and religious fervour.

    No impact any more, they are dried up.

    People demand actual reasoned arguments these days not simple emotion.

    • Reasoned arguments? For that you need people receptive to reason, and they are not. Anyway, I don’t believe many people do change their minds, reasoned arguments or not, especially in the area of political ideology, not even when presented with overwhelming evidence. at 59, I’d be happy to go ‘out’ in a ‘political’ war and take as many of the ‘ism, ist, phobia’ fanatics with me as I can.

      • So far so pessimistic
        But happily I think you are wrong
        And the reason is that it is just boring to keep banging on mindlessly

        Everyone has free access to both mindless ravings and logical (or illogical)arguments .

        Which do they prefer ? Surprise !! Just being told what to think (BBC?) is boring.

        Everyone is growing up at last

        • You see pessimism, I see realism borne of long empirical experience. The evidence that “everyone is growing up, at last” is where, exactly? Despite more readily available access to information than at any time in history, I would suggest the reality is otherwise and that received opinion is the norm for most. How many comments on here, or any forum, anywhere, have begun: ‘Yes, your reasoned argument has changed my mind’? I believe many form opinions on limited knowledge or received opinions – the BBC is a good example – and it stops there, after that they simply defend their status quo.

  15. “The meltdown is not because Trump is an ill-educated, narcissistic boor, lacking culture and a sense of decorum. That is accepted by all.”

    It really isn’t, Dr Campbell-Jack, and your virtue-signalling does nothing to endear you to your conservative audience.

    Donald Trump is an utter genius and the left (and you) constantly underestimate him and take him at face value. His “rudeness and boorishness” is not just an attack upon the politically correct prison the left have constructed over the past forty years, nor is it simply a breath of fresh air in today’s strait-jacketed times; it is a diversionary tactic. While the left obsess over him, his administration quietly get on with the real job – just look at his achievements in just over a year as President. As you state, look at how he’s draining the swamp – and I’m not just talking Obama or Clinton, because I believe the storm around Weinstein et al, all lefties with no morals, is all down to him.

    Oh for a conservative MP who has the intelligence, shrewdness and sheer cojones that President Trump has.

    • “That is accepted by all.” I took Dr Campbell-Jack to be speaking mischievously when he said that, not being a boring virtue-signaller.

  16. American Presidents both Republican and Democrat have always used such language in private .Such language was part of service life which most men in the 20th century had experienced .It was not used in polite society and journalists would not have dreamt of printing any overheard comments using it.LBJ for example was instrumental in pushing through the Civil Rights Act but nonetheless constantly used the N word in private which by the 60s had become taboo in public.Trumps language shocks those who have led a sheltered middle class life but does not have the same effect on those of us who have a different background and have had some experience of a blue collar working environment such as factory or a building site.

  17. Thank you, Dr Campbell-Jack, because it is important to continually point out the hypocrisy of the progressives. I’m always amused by their righteous anger and annoyance as they graze around from one “offensive” comment to another.
    I’d like here to quote the marvellous Mark Steyn who’s recently been writing nervously about the likelihood that President Trump didn’t actually say that word, as it’s hugely popular with a huge and growing number of people:

    “At this stage, there would be disappointment if it turned out he hadn’t said it; the lack of s**t would hit the fans, badly.”

    Younger readers may like to google what the Watergate tapes revealed of President Nixon’s concern for the Italian lira….

  18. Another good article against the tidal wave of anti-trump MSM. Also worth reading is James Delingpole’s analysis of the s**thole tweet on Breitbart.

  19. ‘Progressive puritans’? I think ‘liberal fascists’ is better, they are very dangerous. And just look at what is now happening to those who have criticised ‘metoo’.

  20. I do not consider that President Donald Trump is an ” ill-educated , narcissistic boor, lacking in culture and decorum ” . This is NOT ” accepted by all”.
    He is far superior to the second raters ( with a few exceptions ) currently inhabiting the Palace of Westminster .

  21. he understands his base is pro usa and heritage,for better or worse like regan.he is adding a bit of support because of the booming economy.then add the people who wont admit supporting him (like thatcher). hence, if he stands he is going to be hard to beat in 2020.

  22. Under anything like normal circumstances, Chelsea Manning would be a hugely problematic candidate. But these are nothing like normal circumstances. Ben Cardin is up to his eyes in the Russiagate gibberish. All paleoconservatives and libertarians in Maryland should join the entire Left there and register as Democrats in order to vote to nominate Manning. Indeed, not only the 2.9 per cent who voted for Gary Johnson and the 1.3 per cent who voted for Jill Stein should do so. But all of the 33.9 per cent who voted for Donald Trump should also do so. Register as Democrats. Nominate Chelsea Manning. And elect Chelsea Manning.

  23. “These countries are not as they are because of the colour of their people, but because they are dominated by bad ideas; their kleptocratic governments are corrupt, their religion is oppressive and their culture is unable to adapt.”

    But why are they “… dominated by bad ideas… [etc]”? Could it perhaps be because of the race of their people (not the color per se, of course)? The contrary is not proven.

  24. “Trump has the temerity to say what everyone else is thinking…”

    Well, no, Trump says what about 20% of any given population is thinking. If that’s “everyone” to you folks, you need to get out more. It’ll soon be gone. It’s a percentage that’s shrinking a little every single day.

    • The only person you’re trying to convince is yourself. Everybody else thinks the same way as Trump but dare not say so.

    • How do you arrive at 20%? I believe Trump will succeed again in 2020 precisely because more and more are thinking what he says, it is now okay for those who don’t toe the liberal neo-Marxist line to stick their heads over the parapet again.

  25. “an immigrant from Norway is much more likely to integrate successfully in America than one from Eritrea, not because of skin colour but culture.”

    Sorry folks, no one’s immigrating to America from Norway. Seriously. It’s on their list of shithole countries. Look up the numbers. You keep wishing though.

    • Norwegians do move to the United States just like Americans move to Britain and vice versa. Ever heard of the brain drain? The numbers are naturally small, the people usually well-qualified, and the cultural differences small. Such movements do not cause any problems.

  26. How easily Trump controls you. If the left say it, then automatically it must be ignored, even if there is sense in what they say it is passed over because of the nonesense that goes along with it.

    It is not racist to call a country a ‘s/hole’ country, but it is racist to think that those who are prepared to leave those countries-setting aside criminals and those seeking handouts-are somehow culturally disadvantaged making them difficult to integrate. That’s BS. The USA and the U.K. has an indigenous population, many of whom don’t integrate despite having lived here for many generations. On hand the article correctly waives aside the cosmetics of skin colour, but then goes on to say that the very fact that they come from a s/hole collective makes them unsuitable-that’s just subtle racism, but it’s still racism. Look beyond the skin and the culture.

    • I have a simple test for those who espouse multiculturalism and unfettered immigration from ‘shithole’ countries: How many black or Asian mates, or Muslims have you as friends who regularly come round to dinner, or with whom you attend functions or events, or are Godparents to your children? The answer is overwhelmingly ‘none’.

      I don’t see this mass integration, mixing, neither here nor in the States where I lived for a few years. One can point to areas – down to clusters of streets – in towns and cities here and in the States where specific identities proliferate, be they Asian Hindus, Somalians, or any other. They don’t integrate because they don’t want to and can’t, such a thing calls for either the host or incoming culture to be denuded, frankly, I am not interested in their integrating, I much prefer to live amongst my own kind in ‘cultural comfort’. The truth is, at best we simply ‘rub along’ but it does not take much for tensions, simmering or otherwise, to erupt into something nasty and as this country fills ever more to the brim with these disparities, “I see the Tiber, etc., etc.,

      • I’m not espousing multiculturalism or unfettered immigration (funny how that sounds exactly like those who use the slur ‘unfettered capitalism’). I suggest controlled immigration and proper integration.

        They don’t integrate because of ‘diversity’ -which means that any culture is encouraged to retain its identity because ‘difference’ is good.

        • I didn’t write that you espouse multi- culturalism or unfettered immigration, I wrote, “For those who (do)…” They don’t need diversity or the left as a excuse to allow them to be insular, that is the default position for non-white, and often non-Christian, peoples who are here in sufficient numbers. I have witnessed this attitude first hand on several occasions, and the proof is in their geographical concentrated dispositions: in essence, they are power bases.

          Did you read about the police who were told by Kurds in Nottingham that they were ‘not welcome’ because it was a ‘Kurdish street’? That is the attitude of many immigrants, and of Muslims, in particular – ‘we’ are not wanted in Muslim areas, our law is not wanted – Sharia is, our culture is not wanted. We have a serious problem in this country and it is not going to end well.

          • Because we don’t demand integration, because we have sold ourselves a story that western civilisation is the result of altruism.

          • In case you missed it, I, for one, don’t want integration. I never asked for it, voted for it, nor need it, and I believe that is the view of a good many in this country. This situation has been forced on us, presented as a ‘fait accompli’ by a continuous roll-over of approximately 650 men and women (voted into governmental power by as few as 20-25% of the voting population) who decided it was a good idea – I disagree. I may have to endure the results, but I will never participate in promoting it further by insisting on a integration of which I don’t approve and which would not in any case be forthcoming.

          • Thats a pity. One step at a time. Can you accept that some of the people who might wish to come here, actually want to be part of something. That, as dirty as the lens is, Britain still represents a beacon on the hill. That the culture they are currently suffering is not what they believe in, they want the same freedoms as you do.

          • Why is it a pity? That suggests that the desired state is full integration, and in my 41 adult years years of travel and living in all points of the compass in this country, I have never experienced a widespread appetite for that at all. What do you mean by ‘one step at a time?” That comes across as patronising, whether you intended it, or not. I would rather the many stayed and fought to better their own countries, as our forefathers did for us through civil wars, civil unrest, trades unions, pioneering campaigners, and world wars; we haven’t fashioned this country just for the multitudes to waltz in and reap the benefits. Let me put it another way: if tomorrow this country was suddenly taken over by a Mugabe, or worse, or we were plunged into a ‘left versus right’ civil war, I’d not run away to some foreign ‘beacon on the hill’ I’d fight tooth and claw to establish the country/society I want.

          • One step at a time because you are jumping the gun. We have a political system called a mixed economy which is not ideal and it’s been getting increasingly burdensome, whilst our individual rights have been infringed upon. That means a flood of immigration has been pretty disasterous for some areas of the country. I would give many of these areas the same title as Trump used ‘s/hole areas’ -high crime, low standard of living, poor housing, poor employment prospects, crumbling infrastructure, lack of opportunists, poor health, poor educational standard. Now they are over run with the culturally alien who are often intolerant, wear clothing more appropriate to the afghan foothills and don’t even share our language and many are seemingly working towards establishing Islamic totalitarianism right here in Britain.

            Put all that aside. Most of us can see it doesn’t work, that it’s gone wrong. The idea I want to scotch is that ALL people from oppressive regions of the world are in some way defined entirely by their circumstances (determinism). For the moment this is all -forget them all migrating here. Do people have free-will or not ? That’s the only question for now.

      • True, even here like hangs around with like. Although northern Europeans mix pretty well, and pretty much all can, as the military has proved. But in general, we tend to live with our own, even if we are scattered amongst others, whom we usually get along with, they just don’t become close friends. The one exception a good part of the time these days is working class whites and blacks in the old south, while they’ve never really mixed they’ve often been friendly.

        • I agree that wherever northern Europeans are found that we mix quite well, and I am convinced that is, initially, solely because of one immediately identifying factor – we are white; immediately, a ‘bond’ – historical, cultural, linguistic – is suggested; that is not racism, it is human nature.

          I have travelled widely and extensively, I can think of no-one I have not got along with regardless of race, creed, or colour, but that is a specific circumstance and of limited time and exposure, trying to replicate that connection with a mass of people who have settled in one’s country is another matter, the whole dynamic changes on both sides, and not for the better.

          • I mostly agree, and yet we (at least here) have not mixed nearly as well with southern Europeans, or even until lately, eastern Europeans. Part of that is probably religion, but not all, a good part is different legal heritage, our debt to Rome is far more diffused and we have other sources as well, compared to the southerners.

    • Look beyond the skin and the culture? To what? Those two attributes define people, both how they view the world, the new culture they are entering into, and how the world/new culture views them. We are not, en masse, minded to see under a person’s skin, we prefer more tangible aspects – it is human nature. Note, we are not trying too hard to change incomers’ cultures, but they are doing their darndest to influence and change ours.

      • As John F Baker FRS remarked, ‘The question arises , why so many people say or imply that the races only differ in skin colour, when this is obviously untrue…(they) appear unwittingly to admit that recognition of the more fundamental differences that actually exist might affect people’s views on the ethnic problem; for it might be regarded as unlikely that such differences could coexist with exact similarity in the parts of the body concerned with thought and feeling.’ (1981 p182)

        • Indeed. I am from the north where attitudes and culture differ from the south, even today; the great north/south divide. We cannot seem to get past that as a country, what hope when a alien culture, colour, language, is thrown into the mix? I challenge anyone to point me towards a example where wholesale integration has been achieved. It hasn’t, even those blacks who are now fourth/fifth generation rarely admit to feeling ‘Britsh’ and we know from experience tensions are often simmering underneath, barely repressed. It is difficult for many to understand or acknowledge, but part of being British is being white and with a historical antecedence that is passed, literally, through genes, attitudes, and culture.

          • I agree. People from the North have a certain look about them even now after around 1500 years. Lancashire people differ in looks from others. There is a certain acidic quality about the Northern Irish,

            Suffolk people are not like Essex folk due south of them, who stem from a different Germanic tribe.

            The people of Gloucester have less than approving views of the inhabitants of the Forest of Dean, just across the River from the city, and this has been the case at least since the Middle Ages.

            The Welsh dislike the English and vice versa, while the sentiments which fuel the Scots Nats are to, be blunt, gut dislike of the English. The latter often do not reciprocate, but their affection and amusement merely increases the Scots’ dislike of them.

            And so on.

            We have a monarchy which traces its legitimacy to a conquest In 1066, and an aristocracy which prides itself on an ancestor who ‘came over with the conqueror’.

            The idea that a huge invasion of ethnic aliens, far more different from those already here than any the country has ever had before, will settle down and be accepted overnight is the purest fantasy.

          • Very good points and, overall, I agree, but I must take issue with generalisations that the ‘English dislike the Welsh’ and vice-versa. Not all Welsh/Scottish dislike the English; I find that is a working class attitude (my background, but ‘aspirationally’ I ‘became’ middle class) but I am someone who ‘treats as I find’; I was warned before my first visit to North Wales in the late 70s that I would encounter hostility – I did not. I lived near Glasgow for a while, again, no hostility was shown. Now, here’s a thing: the town in which I grew up was ‘hated’ by the youth of two small towns and a medium-sized city that encompassed us; mere mention or recognition one was from that town was enough to ensure a fight, be it in a club, football match, or coffee bar. These are the subtleties, for want of a better term, that are rife in our country that ‘incomers’ have no conception of, and even less understanding. G.B. and its people are a complex, highly evolved organism we instinctively understand; to immigrants, G.B. is little more than a idea, made flesh.

          • True enough. When we had large numbers over there, even though it was clearly understood that we were not staying, and that we spent a goodly amount of time and treasure training our people in the ways of the English, who are essentially our cousins anyway, we still had a certain amount of trouble getting along. Probably the British forces would have found it so in the US as well.

            With goodwill, we can get along, without it and with cultures far different from our own, not so much. But even here, with an ethos that has always been welcoming (sort of) to immigration (if not always the immigrant) it usually took two or three generations, and was usually thought the kids and the schools. Which is why it works better in small towns that in cities.

      • That’s untrue. This is a racist perspective. It suggest determinism and not free-will. It’s natural to prefer people that look and sound similar. I’m not suggesting blank acceptance. Immigrants don’t get a free pass and may have to work harder to gain trust and acceptance.

        • I don’t care if you view it as a racist perspective. I am tired of people like you determining that this is what our country must become. What if white people in sufficient numbers don’t want wholesale integration, because in my experience that is the reality, they know it means acceptance of alien ways and culture at the expense of their own – would you accept and respect their wishes or still bleat ‘racism’ and that integration must be achieved at whatever cost to the indigenous population?

          • What do you mean ‘this is what our country should become’ ? And ‘at whatever cost’ ?
            There are several issues:
            1. A foreign policy which has encouraged Islamic totalitarianism.
            2. A welfare system encouraging people to come here for hand outs.
            3. No attempt to demand integration, language culture, or to weed out sharia etc.

            However, as I said before, I’m picking up on your implied racism, which is a belief in determinism. Interestingly, this kind of thinking is exactly the communist view, that people are victims of circumstance and hence those who were ‘lucky’ must be cut down and those who are ‘unlucky’ should be lifted up.

            Let’s keep this in perspective. At present, drowning the country in immigrants is a disaster. What I’m arguing here is for you to change your mind about the belief that immigrants from whatever culture are not just people, that, like you or me, are capable of changing their minds and having a very different view to the country they are leaving.

          • By ‘should become’ I mean forced into accepting integration, at whatever cost to the desires, sensibilities, wants and needs of White English, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish people who don’t want it.

            I do wish you would stop banging on about racism, implied or otherwise; simply wanting to live amongst your own, with the comfort of your own culture in your own country and not wanting to be surrounded by hordes of ‘others’ does not make one a racist – or does it, in your opinion?

            We agree that drowning this country in immigrants is a disaster, and that is where the argument ends for me. We are forced to look for solutions to a problem not of the ordinary citizens making and then are accused of racism if we deviate from anything other than viewing it as a good idea.

            If I understand your final paragraph correctly, I agree individuals who who are prepared to fit in can succeed – but only up to a point; the problem is we are not talking about individuals but masses of people who, understandably, seek to band together for that very identification and ‘cultural comfort’ of which I wrote, and once that has been established, the more politically militant among them then look for ways they can superimpose their ways on ours, have their ways take priority over ours, eventually have their ways supplant ours: I cite the Muslim Parliament, the establishment of Sharia courts, the practice and acceptance of FGM, witchcraft, and other practices and customs that are all contrary to our laws, our culture. They will never recind them.

            If they can ‘change’, en masse, as you suggest, why have they not?

          • Ok, here you have agreed with conditions ‘I agree, individuals who are prepared to fit in can succeed’.

            That’s the only argument I’m interested in.

            The rest of your argument is asking why it’s gone wrong, but thats not something that’s easy to put right. For now we need to reduce immigration.

    • Alas for you there’s no such thing as ‘racism’ and if you think I’m wrong then tell me what it is.
      I can guarantee you won’t be able to do this and even if you manage some kind of cursory definition it will be wrong.

      • It’s most primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage—the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterological traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry. Which means, in practice, that a man is to be judged, not by his own character and actions, but by the characters and actions of a collective of ancestors.

        Leftist tribalism is the same trait but inverted. Here, it is the fault of the good for being the good and hence all good must be cut down to the lowest tribal denominator. The right sees nothing but good in its tribe, even when it’s bad, yet cannot see the good for being the good within the immigrant community.

        It takes an enlightened person to overcome this crude collectivism-to judge moral, social or political values objectively. It’s fear that clouds the mind and stops men reasoning.

        • Human beings haven’t got the time to assess each individual they come across. They view them according to what experience has taught them about persons having the same perceived genetic inheritance &/ or other characteristics

          This is called ‘prejudice’ but it is actually quite a scientific approach. People have a theory about a group based on observation and they test this theory with individuals, amending it as necessary.

          As it happens, genetic inheritance has a far greater influence on individual characteristics than does the environment.

          This has been demonstrated by hundreds of studies such as the Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart (MISTRA).

          This study showed that identical twins Reared apart tend to have strikingly similar attitudes on political and social issues. They have similar personalities and share a whole catalogue of behavioural idiosyncrasies. They have similar artistic tastes, watch the same TV programmes and if criminally inclined, tend to commit the same crimes.

          Members of a race of course cannot be as closely related as are identical twins. Nevertheless, taking the average, they are more closely related than they are with members of other races.

          It ought to follow that individuals from these separate races are on average more alike in terms of personality intelligence and so forth than they are with other races. And broadly it does follow.

          Individuals are equal and have dignity as equally loved Children of God. They are not equal in any other way .

          Atheistic leftism denies this doctrine of equality and so it must find equality in other ways. So it asserts actual equality in individuals and racial groups, either by denying the validity of the hundreds of studies which prove inequality or resorting to relativism.

          • It doesn’t matter that people judge according to certain characteristics, it’s about what is true about those people-can they change their minds, can they choose ? The answer is yes, they have free will, they have the same lump of brain, the same kind of consciousness, they have, like everyone else to conform to reality.

            Atheistic leftism, isn’t atheism, it’s as religious as any other kind of mysticism, it only differs in that it is muscle mysticism instead of spiritual. Instead of a God it places ‘society’ or ‘the state representing society’ as its God. The commonality with traditional spiritual religion is the primacy of consciousness-Christians accept this as the individual and God; the left a collective social consciousness.

      • I thought another seperate reply would be in order because, thinking about it, you might have a point.

        Racist/racism has been appropriated by the left as an anti-concept. In other word it’s a slur against anyone that questions their view of tribalism is a good. In fact racism has a genuine definition as I have outlined in the previous post. We should not allow the lefts anti-conceptual slur destroy the original definition. By destroying the definition, the result has been an actual racist backlash from the right who now, like you, deny the lefts anti-concept (quite correct) but are convinced racism isn’t even a legitimate concept at all.

        One poster has mentioned that preferring people that look like us would be considered racism-however, I hold, only the left would see it that way. A rational man views all other men as potentially beneficial/dangerous until he can discover their values and principles. The point is that we can choose to apply rational judgement here, or we can make the decision that discovering those values is too risky-but we must know this the way we work, it isn’t racism at that point, we simply walk away. It is only racism when we consider that our tribe is naturally superior, or another’s is naturally inferior.

      • ‘’Racism’ is a Trotskyite invention defined as prejudice plus power.

        Since according to Cultural Marxist ideology minorities have no power in a white society but white people do by virtue of being a majority and the fact that they are said to exercise cultural ‘hegemony’, only white people can be ‘racist’.

        This leaves minorities de facto free to say and do what they want with impunity while white people are pretty much condemned for being white.

        This is a wonderful, self serving idea and means for destroying a nation and a culture, which is of course the intention in the first place

  27. I just love the way the lefties screech and howl at Trump the media lap it up!! What would they fill their papers with if there was no Mr Trump. Its refreshing not to have a career politician as a western leader – I wish we didnt have such a wet as ours!

  28. All this ‘who actually thinks what’ in private was amply illustrated by Gordon Brown and his ‘bigot’ comment about a Labour voter who was rghtly concerned – along with millions of others – about excessive immigration. I worked with a Home Secretary many years ago – no names, no pack drill – who, upon a black man being assigned to his team, asked: “Why do I have to have the token black?”. He was correct in asking this because those of us who worked with the said black man knew it was just that, a token appointment to satisfy diversity and show willing. He was actually quite useless at the job and a few months later was quietly moved out. Personally, I am so fed up with being told what to think, who and what I should accept, that I am being forced ever rightwards, politically, and welcome Trump – I feel I can breathe a little easier for his being elected.

  29. Um, if “everyone” you know thinks of poorer countries as “shitholes”, you’re hanging with some real dicks. Get better friends.

  30. Compare President Trump to Theresa May and her so called Conservatives who are putting the welfare of migrants above that of indigenous British citizens in just the same way as Labour did under Tony Blair. May’s decision to capitulate again to the EU on 10,000 “unaccompanied minors” (whose ages were accepted without proof last time) and their anchor “relatives” to come show she isn’t fit to run a church bazaar (read: “2030: your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” by David Vincent, Amazon and Kindle). As the Muslim population increases our cowardly politicians will fall over themselves to appease potential Muslim voters with promises of all things Islam. We can see it already in London, with a Muslim population of 15% now and doubling every decade. There are now no indigenous Londoners (cockneys) left in London and soon there will be no Jews and then no Christians, this is no exaggeration. In 2015 the Muslim Council of Britain published a report showing that Muslim children were one in ten of all live births and that by 2030 the Muslim birthrate would eclipse that of Christian children. This was the cause of much rejoicing in Islamic circles, the implications for the rest of us are terrifying. Trump won on the only issue that matters now immigration and the insanity of open borders, he listened to Americans instead of the cultural Marxists and he must stick to his guns to save America from the fate that has already engulfed Europe.

    • Quite. Well you may have noticed that our government is essentially shut down since last Friday. Why? Because our Democrats find it more important to have illegal immigrants than provide food for poor American children, or to pay our Border Patrol, not to mention our military. Well there’s a hashtag for that #Schumer Shutdown.

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