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Turning off the tumble dryer won’t stop Economic Armageddon


I’VE heard Tory MPs are giving out cooking tips on how to beat the cost of living crisis, God help us all. This comes hot on the heels of yet more weekend lifestyle pieces telling me to stop using my tumble dryer and bulk buy in Costco. Here was another one: ‘Spa-quality fluffy towels at home are totemic of the era of cheap energy when the living was easy. That time has passed. Washing a towel on a full cycle and tumble drying can add up to £1 a time.’ They are literally telling you that the time of easy living has passed. 

Now, we have talked about the War on Tumble Dryers before, have we not, dear reader? 

These ‘money saving tips’ might be OK if you are a baby boomer with a massive garden in which to line dry the towels and have a cellar or laundry room (yes, an actual laundry room) where you can stack the 500 toilet rolls, litres of maple syrup or whatever it is you can bulk buy in Costco. But try that when you live in a small flat with two kids. How do you think that will work out?

If children’s mental health hasn’t been damaged enough by lockdown and shutting their school, it seems the MSM are now aiming for their respiratory systems. Covid was no threat to them, but they still had their lives turned upside down. You wait until you have to string out the wet sheets and towels all over the flat – that sets off the mould which will actually damage their lungs, and if the mould doesn’t get them, I am sure the 500 loo rolls would create quite a trip hazard. 

Do the MSM really think it is feasible for a family to keep gargantuan amounts of disinfectant and bleach around the flat for the toddler to chew on just because you can save some pounds and bulk-buy? Think, people, think! Just like not everyone had a garden to chillax in when you got the lockdown the MSM demanded, not everyone has a garden to put out the washing or a cellar to stock the bulk-buy cleaning products. 

It’s all nonsense anyway. The cookery classes that will see you make a healthy meal for 30p, the bulk-buy claptrap, the ban on tumble dryers and all the rest of it, none of this is going to protect you from the Economic Armageddon that is about to hit Middle England. What will happen to working-class England, God help them all come autumn and winter?

To sum that up again, as Economic Armageddon approaches, caused by these Economic Terrorists, all the MSM has to offer is – turn off the tumble dryer. All the Tories have is, let them eat 30p meals. Very few questions are asked about why, after nearly 12 years of Tory-led government we are fast approaching Economic Armageddon. 

Let’s just remind ourselves who had been in charge of this place since Gordon Brown left office in 2010. There was the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government, 2010-15; Tory government under David Cameron 2015-16; Tory government under Theresa May 2016-19, and Tory government under Boris Johnson with a whopping 80-seat majority since 2019. 

And what have we got to show for it, dear reader? Why, it’s prizes for everyone: the Office for Budget Responsibility has predicted that living standards are set to fall more than any single year since 1956, and the average person is losing around £552 a year as price rises outstrip wage increases. Interest rates are going to climb, with the real risk that Middle England, already squeezed, will not be able to afford them.

That’s the finances of Middle England. How are the finances of UK plc shaping up? Well, UK general government gross debt was £2,224.5billion at the end of financial year ending March 2021, equivalent to 106 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP).

UK general government gross debt was 13.1 percentage points above the average of the 27 European Union member states at the same point in time.

UK general government deficit (or net borrowing) was £304billion in the financial year ending March 2021, equivalent to 14.5 per cent of GDP.

UK general government deficit was 0.6 percentage points above the average of the 27 EU member states in the same period.

But Laura, I hear you say, we had The Evil Labour Government who wrecked the finances. Don’t forget that, don’t forget The Note they left. You remember The Note, right, it’s all Cameron and Clegg ever talked about when they were holding hands in the Rose Garden. 

And then, sure, there was The Brexit and The Covid and now the Russkis are up to their old tricks, what is a Tory Prime Minister to do? Yes, there is always some excuse, dear reader, there is always something. 

How about the markets, how are the markets doing? Why, just on Thursday, reported on Friday, the FTSE 100 fell after figures showed that the UK economy shrank in March as households cut spending in face of rising prices. 

And the tax burden – remind me about those ‘tax slashing’ Tories again? Well, it’s funny you ask about that, dear reader, because it turns out that this year the tax burden reached its highest level in 70 years at a time when households are facing the biggest squeeze in living standards since the 1950s, and that one in five workers will be paying higher or top-rate tax by the next general election, according to an analysis based on official figures. 

The Times says: ‘An estimated 2.5million more taxpayers will be dragged into rates of 40 per cent or 45 per cent due to a combination of fast-growing wages and a freeze in the point at which workers start paying higher levels of tax.’

This is a particularly nasty stealth tax, as historically the point at which taxpayers move into a higher band has often risen in line with inflation each year. But in the Tory budget of March 2021, Rishi Sunak said the income tax thresholds would be frozen for five years. This comes at a time when ‘the Treasury is braced for the consumer prices index measure of inflation, currently 7 per cent, to hit a 40-year high and rise by up to two percentage points this week’. That’s a massive tax bonus for the Treasury. 

But Laura, you say, someone has to pay for the furlough scheme (aka lockdown bribery support scheme), business support (lockdown bribery support scheme) testing and tracing (criminal burn-billions-on-a-bonfire scheme) and vaccination (transfer huge amounts of wealth from the middle class to Big Pharma scheme). That is indeed true, dear reader, someone has to pay for it. And it certainly won’t be Rishi Sunak and the lads. 

At least £100billion was spent on furlough. That is where this Tory government borrowed billions from future generations to pay this generation of mostly healthy people to stay at home and watch Netflix and sunbathe because the lunatics at Imperial told them the plague was upon us and the media demanded a lockdown. Instead of Johnson holding firm and telling everyone that destroying the country as we know it was not an option, he caved in after about two  minutes. 

Let’s take ‘Test and Trace’ which, remember, was used to trace healthy people and pay them to stay at home because someone near them might have had The Covid. This cost £37billion. That is £37,000,000,000. It failed to stop lockdowns two and three, and in fact, ‘there was still no clear evidence of its effectiveness in driving down Covid-19 infection rates’.

Then there are the vaccines that don’t stop transmission or people getting The Covid, but ‘might reduce your chance of serious illness and death’. The total cost of purchasing, manufacturing and deploying vaccines, and investing in global efforts to buy vaccines, to the UK taxpayer was estimated to be up to £11.7billion.

So many billions. Need I go on? 

But sure, it’s all Putin’s fault. In fact, as TCW has been warning (see here, here and here). Britain is now staring down the barrel of a recession. It almost makes you long for the days of Build Back Better.  

So, this is what 12 years of Tory-led rule have given us: out-of-control inflation, the biggest tax burden in 70 years, government debt and deficit figures that most people don’t even understand, all leading to a collapse in living standards. And Economic Armageddon. 

These jokers were supposed to do one thing, they had one job: get the financial house in order after the 2008 crash. They have utterly failed in this and in fact have made things spectacularly worse. 

But don’t worry – at least we have gay marriage. I’m sure you will agree it was worth it. 

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