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Twenty-four reasons why Net Zero must be abandoned


1.    Carbon dioxide (CO2) does not cause global warming.

2.    There is no evidence that it does.

3.    It has never been shown by replicable scientific experiment that CO2 traps heat, either infra-red or any other wavelength.

4.    Heatwaves, floods and hurricanes are localised weather events. They have occurred throughout history and are not getting more frequent or more severe. They cannot be proved to be caused by CO2 so they are not evidence.

5.    Carbon dioxide is an invisible gas. Almost all of it in the atmosphere is natural. It is breathed out by humans and animals and absorbed by plants and trees which would die without it. It is also absorbed and outgassed by the oceans.

6.    The volume of CO2 in the atmosphere is approximately 420 parts per million, 0.04 per cent. Of this the whole of mankind’s amount from fossil fuel burning is one hundredth of 1 per cent

7.    Of this one hundredth of 1 per cent Britain produces about 1.5 per cent.

8.    If the whole world stopped emitting CO2, would that infinitesimally small reduction in the atmosphere’s CO2 have any effect on the climate? Of course not.

9.    Planet Earth has not warmed at all in the last ten years; shown by satellite and balloon data (the most accurate measures).

10.   Sea levels are not rising at any faster rate than they have for the past hundred years – approximately 3 millimetres per year.

11. Polar ice is not reducing, it just fluctuates around an average which has not changed in millennia. It has recently been discovered that Antarctic sea ice has gained 661 gigatons over the past decade.

12.  Coral is not suffering: for example the Great Barrier Reef is the strongest and healthiest it has been for many years.

13. CO2 is actually greening the planet.

14.  Mankind has always adapted to varying temperatures, with habitation flourishing from frozen Alaska to tropical Singapore.

The terrible consequences of Net Zero

15. All our beautiful views and landscapes despoiled by thousands of wind turbines which kill birds and bats and produce on average only 23 per cent of their nameplate capacity.

16.  Thousands of hectares of solar panels which remove land from food production and produce no electricity from dusk to dawn and almost none on cloudy days. So, largely useless in the British climate.

17.  The country smothered in a vast spider’s web of power lines and thousands of pylons distributing the electricity from dispersed wind and solar farms.

18.  Large lithium battery farms in many places which will provide backup electricity for just a few minutes.

19.  Thousands of people in the power-generating industry and its supporting industries rendered jobless, while just a handful are needed to service wind and solar farms.

20. No aeroplanes flying anywhere. No business or holiday air travel, nor air freight.

21.  Very little road travel because the limited and intermittent supply of electricity will make recharging electric vehicle batteries slow and costly.

22.  Frequent blackouts lasting hours, especially during wind droughts and sunless days.

23. Food shortages because battery-powered tractors will never be viable and food imports will have to be transported by wind-powered ships. (Picture large sailing ships without diesel engines being tugged into jetties by rowing boats).

24.  All of the above while computer use soars for data mining, storage and transmission, and server farms gobble ever more electricity to run and to be kept cool.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and all other so-called climate science organisations including the Met Office, the International Energy Agency and the Grantham Institute use selective data, spurious data, falsified data (outright lies) and garbage-in-garbage-out computer models to scare gullible politicians and the public about a non-existent impending climate catastrophe. They also, wickedly, prevent any sceptical or dissenting views, or empirical data which demolishes their claims, from being published or aired.

The mainstream media gleefully parrot it all.

Many so-called pundits would have us believe that batteries, hydrogen and biofuels will power the West into a fossil-fuel-free future; the ‘technology will solve all the problems’ mantra. Yet lithium batteries have been around for 30 years and have yet to be superseded by any better storage method. Green hydrogen requires around 30 per cent more electricity to produce than it generates when burned, is very low power-density and suffers from huge problems (and power consumption) to liquefy, store, transport (existing gas pipelines cannot be used because the hydrogen atom is so small it would escape), and regasify for burning in vehicles.

Man-made global warming fearmongering is a hoax, a scam, a fraud.

Come on, politicians and world leaders! Open your eyes and ears and apply common sense and leadership to provide reliable, affordable electricity which has, since the Industrial Revolution, been the sole source of the West’s wealth, health and quality of life.

Stop issuing permits for wind and solar farms; cancel existing permits which have not yet been started; incentivise coal mining, oil and gas exploration, fracking and the building of coal-fired power stations.

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David Wright
David Wright
David Wright is a former Royal Navy engineer officer, then an expatriate senior manager in the Far East for many years before running his own business in the UK. He now lives in Australia.

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