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Vaccine damage is now indisputable, say top scientists


USE of the gene-based Covid vaccines should be halted pending a detailed investigation of where the jab’s products travel in the body and for how long they last, a multinational team of scientists has declared in a report out this month.

The appeal comes from a group of ten scientists, including the top American cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough, who have reviewed evidence of the mechanisms through which they believe millions may have been harmed.

Their highly referenced paper has received minimal attention. The language is technical, but it implies a strong possibility of long-lasting damage from the jabs, and caution over such claims is understandable. Nevertheless the paper makes much sense in the light of warnings from many other scientists, and may be one of the most important to date.

Pfizer, Moderna, Oxford AstraZeneca and Janssen injections all transmit code instructing our body cells to manufacture the toxic spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the microbe that causes Covid. The hope was that our immune system would respond to the jab by forming life-saving protection against the actual virus. But this was ‘the drug development miscalculation of all time’, McCullough says in a blog drawing attention to the review findings. 

There is now solid evidence, the authors say, of an unintended effect from the vaccines on many different body tissues, including the heart and brain. The immune system sees spike-producing cells as foreign, and starts to attack them. Inflammation caused by this autoimmune process is the likely mechanism behind heart problems linked to the jab, seen especially among young people.  

‘Considering that every cell that synthesises viral proteins is perceived as a threat by the immune system and killed, it becomes crucial to determine the exact bio-distribution of the genetic vaccines within the organism,’ the researchers say.

Regulators would normally insist on such tests for safety and effectiveness with new drugs, but because the novel gene products were designated as ‘vaccines’, appropriate checks were bypassed.

The researchers, from Italy, Greece, Germany, Japan and the US, review a range of studies supporting their case that the genetic vaccines work in a completely different way from traditional ones.  Based on inactivated or killed microbes, the latter are generally seen as safe because they trigger immunity by infecting only a small number of cells.

But the vaccine-associated gene products stay in the bloodstream for at least two weeks following injection, and sometimes much longer.  Blood samples from children and young adults who developed heart inflammation after the jab have revealed freely circulating spike protein.

A Pfizer study on rats showed that minuscule fat particles, used in the jabs to carry the mRNA code into the body, accumulate beyond the injection site, mainly in the liver, adrenal glands, spleen, ovaries and other tissues. The study was submitted to drug regulatory agencies but became public only through a freedom of information request in Japan.

(It was highlighted more than 18 months ago by former Pfizer senior scientist Dr Mike Yeadon as being of particular concern to women of child-bearing age. His warnings were ignored, with serious consequences for reproductive health, as TCW reported this week.)

The review paper states that other studies have implicated human cell products known as exosomes in taking up the genetic code for spike protein and delivering it to different parts of the body.  These particles travel through the bloodstream, lymph system and nerve fibres.

Exosomes have been detected in blood two weeks after vaccination and the effect increases after the booster dose, lasting at least four months. This prolonged exposure may be one of the means by which the spike can reach tissues such as the heart and brain, the researchers say. It has even been found in secretions such as breast milk. Animal studies have shown that exosomes also transmit genetic material to reproductive tissues such as the testes, so that the spike protein gene may be passed to offspring, potentially compromising fertility. 

During the pandemic, many countries discouraged autopsies on those who died after the jab, ‘ostensibly’ to limit viral transmission, the authors say. However, evidence from biopsies and autopsies now carried out confirms that tissues which take up the genetic code do also produce the spike protein.

In one study, vaccine-derived protein was found in heart muscle cells of nine out of 15 patients with cardiac inflammation. The tissues were negative for the Covid virus, and the nature of the inflammation was such as to suggest it was caused mainly by an autoimmune reaction.

In a growing number of studies, autopsies have proved that conditions induced or made worse by the vaccine were the cause of death. 

The review cites numerous studies reporting autoimmune reactions after Covid vaccination, including neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis. The evidence is now ‘indisputable’ that this is a cause-and-effect relationship, the researchers say. The jabs instruct body cells to synthesise the spike protein, and the protein triggers an inflammatory reaction. The resulting loss of cells can prove disabling, and in some instances lethal.  

They say the potential risks can only be assessed through detailed studies of what happens in the body when the jabs are injected, studies which the manufacturers never performed. 

Many medical doctors and scientists currently recommending the vaccines are ignoring these fundamental immunological mechanisms, and underestimating the potential autoimmune consequences, the review states.  

‘Our article aims to draw the attention of the scientific and regulatory communities on the critical need of biodistribution studies for the genetic vaccines against Covid-19, as well as rational harm-benefit assessments by age group.

‘As a result of the spread of SARS-CoV-2, a global pandemic was declared by the WHO [World Health Organisation]. The worldwide response to the outbreak was strong and monolithic, focused on mass and indiscriminate vaccination using novel genetic platforms.

‘Invoking emergency regulatory pathways to expedite market introduction, and the inherent public trust in traditional vaccines . . . facilitated the used of lowered regulatory standards of safety and efficacy.

‘Thus, billions of people were vaccinated despite a paucity of data regarding biodistribution or bio-persistence in humans, which only emerged from independent research or freedom of information disclosures after the administration of billions of doses. 

‘The speed at which the genetic vaccines were developed, manufactured and released was presented to the public as an achievement made possible by the scientific prowess of the pharmaceutical industry working in partnership with global governments for the greater good.

‘However, in the words of the recently retired head of vaccine research and development at Pfizer, Dr Kathrin Jansen: “We flew the aeroplane while we were still building it.”

‘This “achievement” involved scientific imprudence that must be subject to increased scrutiny as mounting safety signals, negative vaccine efficacy [vaccinated people becoming more at risk of infection than the unvaccinated] and immune escape [when the immune system cannot eliminate a pathogen] continue to accumulate.’

Another US author of the review is Dr Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who has published two highly referenced works (see here and here) urging regulators to do much more to track adverse events in people receiving the Covid jabs.

The urgency of this call is brought home by figures from many Western countries showing unexpectedly high death rates (see here and here) especially among young people, despite falls in Covid deaths everywhere. 

In his commentary on the review, McCullough says both the genetic material injected through the jabs and the spike protein itself last months to years in the body, long enough to cause a permanent autoimmune syndrome.

In a further blog entry, posted this week (March 21), he additionally warns that kidney failure requiring hospitalisation or dialysis has occurred many times after Covid mRNA injections. This side effect is not listed in any consent form or package insert for the genetic products, he writes. ‘I wonder how many patients have gone into renal failure, were hospitalised and/or died after mRNA vaccination with no recognition that vaccination could have triggered the catastrophe?’

Despite his distinguished medical pedigree, McCullough – like the rebel MP Andrew Bridgen – has become a fiercely criticised figure.  Wikipedia, the supposedly reliable source of information whose entries are now frequently manipulated by those with vested interests, describes him as having promoted misinformation during the Covid pandemic about the virus, its treatments, and the vaccines.

Yet both McCullough and Bridgen, who trained in biology, base their arguments on published research, while their critics often fall back on abuse and marginalisation. Is this because many public figures, and especially medical professionals, cannot bear to contemplate the harm being done by the Covid jabs that they so vigorously promoted?  

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Neville Hodgkinson
Neville Hodgkinson
Neville Hodgkinson is the former Sunday Times medical and science correspondent who created an international storm by reporting a scientific challenge to the ‘HIV’ theory of Aids. His new book, How HIV/Aids Set the Stage for the Covid Crisis, is an expanded and updated version of his previous book on the controversy. It is available here.

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