‘I’m just going to say this one more time so it penetrates,’ shrieked transgender woman India Willoughby to his assembled female companions in the Celebrity Big Brother house. ‘I am a woman!’

It’s quite something to see a biological male attempting to use verbal violence and aggression to bully, hector and ‘penetrate’ a group of women into accepting that he is exactly the same as they are, despite the fact that he was born with a full set of male genitalia and is the father of a teenage son.

Watching this man browbeat a group of women into silence by shouting at them, insisting that he is the victim and demanding that they ‘respect’ him by uncritically accepting that he is a woman who happened by some inexplicable and cruel trick of Mother Nature to be trapped in the wrong body for fifty years, one could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the feminists do have a point about the patriarchy.

While I haven’t watched much of Celebrity Big Brother, what has struck me is that every time the women have been on the verge of a fascinating discussion, such as the Catholic sex abuse scandal, along comes India Willoughby to close the subject down –‘Ladies, this isn’t Panorama’ (don’t trouble your feeble brains) – and make the conversation all about him and his victimhood.

Interesting, too, that the two targets Willoughby has focused his aggression upon, 82-year-old lesbian actress Amanda Barrie and 70-year-old former politician Ann Widdecombe, are the two women who without his presence would be the undoubted matriarchs of the group. Both are highly intelligent, sharp, witty and experienced women of the world, with plenty of experience when it comes to telling men to take a hike. No wonder his fragile ego can’t cope with the slightest suggestion that he could be male. Even when Barrie and Widdecombe apologise for inadvertently ‘misgendering’ India and calling him by male pronouns, it is not enough. They must be intimidated into seeing the error of their ways.

Sadly, Willoughby is just the latest cuckoo in the nest. This month’s Vogue has included the transgender activist Paris Lees as one of seven ‘women’ who are supposedly the suffragettes of twenty-first century Britain.

Now while you may splutter at the notion that any of the other six listed have come close to achieving anything which puts them in the league of the suffragettes, who were willing to risk life and liberty to secure the same rights for every woman, no matter how lowly their station, they are at least women.

When it comes to Paris Lees, I’m sorry but this individual is not a woman and the only flourishing he promotes is that of men who wish to appropriate femininity. Lees believes that women should learn to accept men cat-calling and wolf-whistling at them in the street as a compliment and states that men are ‘brave’ for paying such ‘compliments’. Of course he would think that. Lees was born a male, was socialised as a male, does not have the same fear of male sexual violence as women and would probably be much more of a physical match for any potential assailant. It makes sense that someone who bases their entire identity around what they look like, and needs perpetual reassurance that they do indeed resemble a woman, would appreciate the validation that they can pass muster and are physically desirable. The rest of us, however, find that being reduced to a sex object at whom strangers holler their ‘appreciation’ is tiresome, vulgar and very often intimidating.

I didn’t particularly appreciate my good fortune or the man’s bravery when a trucker hooted at me, pulled over, beckoned me into his cab and then followed me a few months ago. But Paris Lees, that modern suffragette, thinks it’s harmless fun and a compliment. This former male prostitute is also quite happy promoting female prostitution as a career choice, referring to women as ‘slags’ and ‘sluts’ with ‘lady lumps’ and telling them what to do in bed.

Far from being emancipators of women, the likes of Lees and Willoughby are the public faces of a movement which actively seeks to degenerate and erode the quality of everyday life for women. Take for example the case of the woman who was faced with an obvious bloke to perform her smear test, despite having requested a woman.

On hearing that the NHS had rightly apologised, a trans activist whom I’d previously thought was reasonable declared that, had they been the trans nurse involved, they would be seeking to take the NHS trust to court. According to this commentator, who is employed by the NHS to advise on diversity, it is illegal for the NHS to discriminate against someone on the grounds of their transgender status. Therefore even if a woman feels uncomfortable with an unaccompanied male rummaging around her intimate areas, she should just drop her kecks, shut her mouth and be grateful for the fact that she has access to a smear test in the first place.

Indeed this chilling lack of empathy was pretty much the consensus from a number of trans activists and their soi-disant ‘feminist’ allies on social media. It doesn’t matter if you are a victim of rape, sexual assault, a member of a religious or cultural minority or if you have strong objections to a man performing an intimate examination of you, if that man feels that he is a woman on the inside, you should respect him and you are a whiny bigot! Your objection is no better than racism. Same goes if that man wants to share your changing room or your public lavatories.

If he thinks or says he’s a woman, you have to suck it up, sister. Not only that, but you need to accept that you can no longer use words such as ‘mother’ or refer to breast-feeding and menstruation as being female functions. You must educate your daughters that their feminine duty is compassionate silence and acquiescence when faced with men who want to wear your clothes, buy your eggs, rent your womb or better still have you donate it to them, trample all over your boundaries, and disregard your lived experience.

That’s not female suffrage, it’s bondage. Pankhurst would be spinning.


    • Then I guess you also support your fellow men being more likely to be convicted of sexual assaults, especially of young children, and getting away with it because they are trans.

        • If transgenderism is good because it brings down feminism, then it gives men license to appropriate everything female. Fathers can say they are ‘mothers’ to their daughters and sons. Mothers are completely erased.

          It’s like praising a haemorhaggic fever over a malignant tumour.

          • You are mistaken, because I am not a man. The original poster stated that transgenderism was good because it ‘brings down feminism’. You also make the assumption that I am a feminist; for the record, I am against both movements, but I regard transgenderism as particularly heinous.

    • Oh, I don’t know about that, Timmy. As a trans girl I too would like equal pay for doing exactly the same job as a male colleague some time;)

  1. 4thwavenow has gone against Paris Lees for months. He is nothing but the typical vindictive transgender who wants to assure everyone he is just as much a woman as real women are. I have also heard of the transgender ‘women’ become mothers schtick, and the doctor’s opinions that it they wouldn’t see any problems with that and that women can simply donate their wombs and their hormones to these males who so desperately want children. No questions are asked on how their neo-vaginas would expel the child, or how they could even nurse the fetus.

    As for wolf whistling and cat-calling, if men say a woman is beautiful, that is one thing. Calling them ‘sexy babes’ and other derogatory comments (like Muslim men do to Dutch women) is a problem. But that is nothing compared to transgender ‘females’ absolutely trashing these women and the women staying mum because they don’t want to be hateful.

    They’re Just Like Us, that’s why they need to get the law on their side and the NHS to fund their services. In the future, the women who oppose transgender doctors may well lose their livelihoods in court.

    Transgenderism is the penultimate destructive force.

    • “Transgenderism is the penultimate destructive force.” Great stuff! Glad to see the free world and the good ol’ US of A will now lick those darn North Korean with their new transgender recruit weapons. No wonder you pinko liberal commies are complainin’;)

      • That’s some response. How, exactly, did you deduce I was a ‘pinko liberal commie’ if I bothered to criticize Paris Lees in the first place?

        Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, are you?

  2. Both Germaine Greer and Jenni Murray have stated that a trans male cannot be a woman. Nor can a trans female be a man, and under no circumstances should these sad, mentally ill creatures be assisted to parent. Or in any way allowed to encroach upon men and women in their private spaces.
    The trans are disabled by reason of mental illness and should use the disabled facilities.
    And incidentally the correct pronoun for them is “it”.

    • siding with the radical feminist far left? How can you call yourself a conservative? This is perhaps not the correct site for you, there’s probably some corner of Jeremy’s kingdom you might like better !

      • The fact that these two ladies – I use the word from politeness – are Left wing feminists does not exclude the possibility of them sometimes being right.
        Albeit approaching the issue of the trans from a wholly different perspective they have arrived at the same conclusion as conservatives, namely the trans cannot change their chromosomes and therefore cannot become women or men. That is a fact.
        It is also apparently agreed that neither men nor women want the trans in their private spaces.
        I suspect where Mesdames Greer and Murray might disagree is with a description of the trans as mentally ill. Though their suicide rate – well over 50% – suggests they must be.

        • They are approaching this from a completely different perspective, that they have not been socialised as females from a young age, giving the indication that if they had transitioned as kids they’d be quite happy accepting them.

          If your final paragraph about suicide is a plea not to treat transgender, then that must be the case for every other ‘mental illness’ too or is it the case that you only want to treat the ones which might do you and yours some harm if they aren’t, like Schizophrenics ?

          • Congratulations on deliberatel misinterpreting the comment. The conclusion was to be clear, that a section of society having 50% suicide rate would suggest it does have mental problems and does need treating. A man pretending to be a woman or woman pretending to be a man is by definition as crazy as a someone thinking they are Napolean. They need gentle assistance and medical treatment and carefull psycological treatment as they have issues.

          • At one time it was thought by a male-dominated psychiatric profession that all women were mentally ill, Philip, whether cis or trans. They even coined a word for it: hysteria. ‘Maddest’ women of all were deemed to be the ones who wanted stuff like a vote and to actually keep their own property when they married;)

          • There is no such thing as a “cis” woman or man – only women, men and a vanishingly small number of genuine chromosomically-challenged intersex.

          • So all you’ve proved here is that psychiatry is a profession full of idiots. Something most sensible people already knew.

        • Ever wonder if our high suicide rate might be down to an establishment controlled by people like you who want to deny us and discriminate against us? If you want to stop over 50 per cent of trans kids trying to kill themselves then you need to allow them to be the gender they identify as and to have help from wonderful organisations such as Mermaids. Otherwise, we’ll continue to lose even more precious youngsters like Leelah Alcorn.

          • It’s nothing to do with discrimination. The level of “acceptance” makes no difference to suicide rates at all. The problem is you want something that is impossible to achieve, which is bound to make you unhappy. Perhaps it would be better of you had more achievable goals in life.

          • I doubt the high suicide rate is anything to do with discrimination or “hate”. No other “disadvantaged” group – ethnic minorities, homos etc have high suicide rates. The only comparable groups are the deverely mentally ill: schizophrenics and bi-polar sufferers.

            Furthermore, twin studies show that there is no genetic basis for trannyism. Like homos3xu@lity it is a lifestyle choice.

          • This trans nonsense is only possible because of modern medicine. What is the stunning and brave trans do before that. Please post evidence of a mass suicide from not being able to invert their peen.

      • Misandry is very strong in Caroline Farrow: she demonize ALL men. A decent non-misandrous lady would describe catcalling and wolf-whistling as “gross, unpolite, childish”, just only a man-hating radfem use the words she use.

        • Don’t #notallmen here please. Actually that you have to come here to state this means you’re likely harbouring guilty feelings and should try and deal with that elsewhere.

          • I’m actually doing #allwomen about infanticides and abuses within kindergartens.
            That’s probably because I was a woman in a past life, and I still feel guilty about that.

        • Oh, so that’s why you obsessively whiteknight for trannies, it’s because they’re men so you’d rather indulge the whims of the most mentally ill, narcissistic lot of them over respecting women 🙂

          • Why I should respect a human being more than another human being?
            You speak for yourself, not for all women, and you aren’t special.

    • Oh, so that settles it then. Germaine Greer and Jenni Murray are ‘God’ as far as it comes to deciding who is, or who isn’t a woman. And to think I grew up thinking it was Trinny and Susannah!;)

        • Your anectodal experience is irrelevant to a broader argument about all society
          FACTS and STATS are relevant
          Victims of domestic violence:
          61% bisexual women
          44% lesbians
          37% bisexual men
          35% heterosexual women
          29% heterosexual men
          26% gays

          Who beat all those lesbians?

          “Love” isn’t a good excuse to beat your female partners: even violent men sometimes allege that they “love” the women they beat…

  3. We live in a madhouse . The fact that we live in a madhouse is very slowly being acknowledged by more and more of us . That acknowledgement has not yet been achieved by most of those who rule us and by much of the media . Until the basic realities of life are once more accepted , the madhouse will remain our lot . Heaven help us for we seem reluctant to help ourselves !

  4. Sometimes I have to pinch myself just to check whether I am dreaming that this utter nonsense is happening. Sadly, it’s not a dream – it’s manic reality. Truly, those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

    • You are a psychiatrist? If not then cite your sources to support your rank bigotry because no one taken seriously believes you !

      • You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to know transsexuals are misguided and need help, it is a mental illness*. Though I would not call them insane, they do have problems of reality.
        The way we treat them is part of the problem which I envisage will haunt us decades later. And it is currently pandering – the source I cite explains that they “arrive with their diagnosis” and the doctor has to accept it (Can you image if people did that with say cancer?). I once came across a patient who believed he was Napoleon – but we didn’t give him a triclorne hat and allow him to rule France.

        * Semple, D. and Smyth, R (2010) Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry. 2nd ed. Oxford: OUP. pp.434-5.

        • It’s not going to haunt anyone as there are so few it really is insignificant. The fact that the media find trans people fascinating, and have since the days of April Ashley is giving a higher exposure than they represent.

          It takes two years of real life test to be able to progress and many drop out at this stage.

          With cancer a patient arrives with a set of symptoms and may believe they have cancer, and indeed self diagnose prior to tests, the difference being that it is a physical illness and can be detected – so can transgenderism, but it involves killing the patient first !

          • Gosh you think it is insignificant because it only effects “so few”? It is real to them and I would suggest you take you adjust your utilitarianism.

            The point about cancer is that it is objective – there is not objective tests for transsexualism, only subjective criteria based on feelings – and doctors are expected to accept the *patients* “diagnosis”.

          • This is not true, there are objective tests, but they involve the patient being dead! Therefore doctors go with the next best thing a report of the symptoms, and although schizophrenia can mimic the symptoms a battery of psychiatric and psychological tests are carried out before any surgical intervention takes place.

            I do wonder reading some of the comments here, if some people think a male rolls up at a clinic somewhere, declares himself female and is placed on a waiting list for surgery immediately?

            It’s two years of evaluation before a waiting list of at least a year for surgery – the drop out rate is quite high.

            As for the doctor having to accept it, this is not so, he has to refer on to specialists in the field to return the diagnosis and GPs are not permitted to medicate until the specialist consultants have OK’d it.

          • because the test can only be carried out post mortum by examining the brain, a part of it too small to image while alive.

          • Do you have a reference for it? Journal article? Because the BSTc testing only shows a difference once the person takes the hormone therapy – not BEFORE. All it shows is a change AFTER treatment – which does not prove that transsexualism as a physical disease.

          • Look up the sexually dimorphic nucleus on Google. It doesn’t change with hormones or it would be possible to cure trans people

          • I have and it all refers to rodents and monkeys – NOT humans and where changes are present it has been affected by prior hormone treatment. Hofman and Swaab (1989) showed no difference between human SDN along with further work that it is still inconclusive.

            Hofman, M. and Swaab, D. (1989). “The sexually dimorphic nucleus of the preoptic area in the human brain: a comparative morphometric study”. Journal of Anatomy. 164: pp.55–72.

          • Trans ideologues hang on the myth that trans people have the brain of the opposite sex to validate their identities, but it is completely false. The changes in the brain are due to sexual orientation, not ”gender identity”. Scientists identified 6 sex dimorphic regions of the brain. The gay male trannies differed from men on 5 of the 6 controls, and from women on all 6. Meanwhile, heterosexual male trannies were identical to the male control group . 😉


            Another example of this is the hypothalamus. It’s been considered a sex dimorphic region of the brain, with it being reported to be twice as big in men than women. But then, post-mortem studies found that heterosexual men’s is also twice as big as gay men’s. This is the kind of difference that trans people would use to say ”see???? I’m la laydee!!!!”…but these are not trans people, they’re regular men.

            A last example: many studies have found similarities between the brain of lesbian women and heterosexual men, vice versa with gay men and straight women. Once again, the kind of brain differences trans people would claim ”prove their identities are real”, but it just shows that our brains are complex, that sexual orientation can result in brain differences, that some characteristics associated with male brains can totally show up in female brains and vice versa.

            tl;dr : Trannies BTFO. Nothing about a MTF is female. Not biologically, not physically, not mentally, therefore they should have no right to impose on us their identities and dictate our lives based on their delusions.

          • If changes to the GRA 2004 are agreed, any man who decides that they are female will be able to self-declare as female. Any man who so desires will be able to get access to women’s jobs, spaces, services, refuges, prisons, training opportunities, all-women shortlists, TV shows and so on. Essentially, the legal status of women will be fundamentally altered without full consultation for the benefit of a tiny number of people.

        • Kind of ironic you chose the moniker Charles Darwin when you have so clearly failed to evolve from a Prehistoric dinosaur, eh?

      • Flaketime, everyone suddenly becomes an ‘expert’ when it comes to us transgender folk. Alecto’s ‘research’ stems back to the Victorian school of thought that saw transgender people locked away in mental asylums alongside women who had the ‘temerity’ to think they should have the vote;)

    • Dead right Mr Alecto. You speak the truth. Mental illness is a thing. Let’s stop pandering to gender politicos.

  5. “Appropriate[ing] femininity” – that’s spot on. And yet we’re told we mustn’t appropriate another culture. It’s fine for a man to pretend to be a woman (or vice versa) but it isn’t fine for white kids at Halloween to dress up as Native Americans, or wear dreadlocks, or for a white Canadian woman to teach yoga. These activists cherry pick their opinions with no consistency, the only aim being to destroy whatever area of life they focus on and bully the majority of sane people so they dare not speak.

    • So what about cis people ‘appropriating’ transgenderness then by casting cis actors in trans roles or doing drag and conflating that with being trans? I didn’t appropriate my femininity, I was born with it and the first I knew about it was other people (especially other kids at school) commenting on it.

      • You are a dude. You have no femininity. BTW, the term “cis people” is hate speech and it highly offensive to normal men and women.

      • There’s nothing wrong with casting real men as MTF or real women as FTM characters. It only offends the trans because it reminds them they’re forever pretending to be the opposite sex. You have no leg to stand on because you guys are the narcissistic delusional people who claim an identity you physically are not to begin with!

  6. BTW from the other forum, about NHS costs of treatment, today we have the news that a foreign patient has just run up the biggest ever unpaid debt for treatment on the NHS of over £500K. It would be a simple enough issue to sort, just by making medical insurance a legal requirement to enter the UK. I somehow think though that those nutters who run our public health services actually believe that this is in some way laudable and gives them a warm feeling inside. The government wants to make these people personally liable if they waste our money like this, and that way we might begin to see some responsibility!

  7. I have just seen a picture of an Alex Drummond. A chap with a Beard &c. but who describes himself as a Woman!

    • Cis women sometimes have beards too. Why should a trans woman who has one be considered any less a woman than they are?

      • He is apparently fully male. Not entirely sure what a cis woman is. I’m afraid I live in a world where people are either male or female.

  8. By projecting complete falsehoods by pretending the fake is real, over time the objective is to increase the falsehoods, with corresponding hate speech laws to help, so that the people are left with a fake version of reality. When the people believe in such nonsense then its much easier for the people in control to make the people believe in anything which they will do to increase their power even further as they control the reality.

  9. This is not really the centenary of votes for women. Before 1832, county and many borough franchises were based solely on property ownership. Extremely few women met those property qualifications, but very few men did, either. The restriction of the vote to “male persons” began only with the Great Reform Act for parliamentary elections, and for local elections with the Municipal Corporations Act 1835, which disenfranchised far more women, since a widow or a spinster had often had the vote in municipal elections if she had owned or rented a property that made her liable for the payment of poor rates. Even after that, though, women regularly continued to vote for, and to hold, various local offices outside the statutory framework of municipal activity. But has any work ever been done on the female franchise before then? If so, then where is it, please? If not, then it is very high time that it was.

    As for today’s supposed Suffragettes, if you go into the men’s changing room of your local municipal swimming baths, then you will see penises. To everyone present, they are mundane to the point of banality, since everyone present has his own, and he has known for longer than he can remember never to look at anyone else’s, still less to remark upon it. But ask yourself what proportion of the population would regard it as remotely acceptable for there to be penises in the women’s changing room of the local municipal swimming baths. At all, never mind on display. And quite regardless of whether or not anyone intended to do anything with them. We can win this one. And we will.

  10. I too would refuse to use the ‘correct’ pronoun because pronouns denote sex and I will continue to use them correctly (gender is made-up and I don’t subscribe to it). There are times when I would bend this rule, due to compassion or respect, but the bullying, whining, misogynistic and homophobic India Willoughby has not earned my resect or my compassion. Neither has Paris Lees, who seems to be actively working against women’s equality. Regarding Iran, they do not accept homosexuality so transitioning is encouraged there in order to make gay people ‘straight’. The countries which have ‘progressive’ transgender policies (see also: Malta, Argentina) tend to be the ones which have regressive policies regarding women and homosexuals, and this is not a coincidence. Transgender ideology is regressive and profoundly anti-women. Why should we obey their rules?

    • It’s fair enough if someone claiming to be female the acts in a masculine way to use the opposite pronoun, but the author of the piece isn’t claiming that, and it comes across as spiteful.
      Respect is of course something earned and which cuts across all genders.

      I wonder if you have actually met any trans people who you like and respect, or that you even knew their history?

      • Helen is a TERF like Germaine Greer, Flaketime. Please check out her Twitter account and you’ll get an understanding of how transphobic she is instantly.

    • So, if feminism is all about women uniting to support each other against gender oppression then instead siding with right-wing anti-feminist people like Conservative Woman, David Davies MP etc. to single out another already marginalised group of women so you can help them bash them is surely the antithesis of feminism, Helen. Like you, I’ve actually got issues with the acronym TERF (invented by Canadian TERF Meghan Murphy) too. There is nothing either radical nor feminist about oppressing women because they happen to be trans. For goodness sake, if there is then Donald Trump would qualify as a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist, too!!!

      • Dude, YOU are not a woman. No “trans woman” is a woman. Real feminists know this and want you men to stay out of our movement.

  11. It is important that this kind of thing is pinned on Stonewall. They are behind much of the transgender stuff yet many people continue to see them as a kindly organisation just trying to make sure that everyone is treated fairly.

    A reminder that Aviva are part of Stonewall’s Supporter Group in the hope that you will try to find other companies to insure you and look after any investments that you might have.

    • Stonewall was actually very anti-trans until the recent appointment of its new CEO, Ruth Hunt, James. They are now seriously a kindly organisation just trying to make sure that everyone is treated fairly – no great, big conspiracy here. As a matter of fact, it was kind of ironic that trans people were ignored by Stonewall for so long as they are named after an historical event which was actually initiated and led by a group of trans people. Stonewall’s support and inclusivity of trans people is well overdue and is largely thanks to having such a great CEO in Ruth Hunt. I’d say please support this organisation as it is doing a lot of good.

    • Dehumanising, the first step on the way to the death camps. Why stop there, reducing human beings to animal, why not propose slaughtering them all. Perhaps wallowing in the blood of those you despise would salve your hate?

      • Calm Down Flaketime.

        Nobody is proposing death camps and contrary to what you might claim, there is no bullying or hate involved. This is not ‘literal violence’, unlike that which might be inflicted on a vulnerable victim of sexual assault if she’s forced to be intimately examined by a biological male who resembles his birth sex, even if he is wearing a dress.

        All that’s being asked is that women are not erased from existence, either in terms of the language used to describe them, or being forced to share their changing rooms, lavatories or subject themselves to intimate examinations from people who are discernibly men.

        In other words, when we are talking about a tricky balancing of rights, women should be entitled to the same respect, empathy and compassion that transgender individuals are demanding. The case of Hampstead ponds is a case in point. Why can’t transgender individuals used the mixed pools, instead of demanding that they force and impose themselves in the women’s space, thereby affecting the ability of natural-born women to avail themselves of publicly funded facilites?

        • Sorry Caroline you’ve got it wrong again. Male nurses as males have been taking smears for years without any problem and this trans person had been doing the same. Just because some hysterical woman couldn’t cope with it makes her a snowflake !

          I don’t know what it is that you are doing in the lavatory cubical that is so personal, and I dread to think, but having been in mixed toilets at certain venues I didn’t see anyone having an issue other than that it was a bit unusual.

          In your article you are not talking about a tricky balancing of rights, and if you had been I would have joined that discussion. You openly attacked someone, questioned accepted medical treatments and diagnosis, and basically state they should not be allowed in society at all!
          It’s a hate filled rant Caroline, read it again & see if you might have been a little kinder. Substitute trans for Jew and see if you’d find it acceptable then.

          Let me illustrate:
          Why can’t Jewish individuals used the mixed pools, instead of demanding that they force and impose themselves in the Christian’s space, thereby affecting the ability of natural-born Christians to avail themselves of publicly funded facilities?

          Would you be happy if you saw someone posting that on a forum Caroline, because I wouldn’t, and frankly I think it’s pretty disgusting.

          • Male nurses do not conduct smears unaccompanied Flaketime and nobody would force a woman to accept this.

            Your religious analogy doesn’t work at all, because this about biological sex. Men and women are discernibly different and many women do not wish to share their facilities with men.

            Do you not think it possible that predatory men might pretend to identify as female in order to access these spaces?

          • All about biological sex, Caroline? Then can you explain to me why I and so many other trans women were born with outward female physical characteristics that become manifest once we reach puberty? And don’t you try to dismiss us as one of God’s little mistakes either, because remember, God is infallible and zie doesn’t make mistakes;) Besides, I am proud to be a transgender girl and despite all the pain, suffering, persecution and discrimination I have to go through I wouldn’t have it any other way. The person I most love more than anyone else on this earth happens to be another trans girl and to me she is the most beautiful woman in the world! Her beautiful smile melts my heart, she is the most kind-hearted girl you could ever hope to meet and to me she is the most beautiful woman in the world and I don’t care what anyone else says!

          • As a Jewish transgender woman, Flaketime, I fully endorse your point. Disturbingly, I’m finding a lot of the facets of current transphobia to have lots of similarities to anti-Semitism. Thanx for your support. x

          • Katie this is a bizarre analogy and you do a disservice to us Jews who work hard to fight against the scourge of anti-Semitism. Wear women’s clothes, take hormones, do whatever you want, but please do not compare anti-Semitism to the narcissistic cult of transgender.

        • The violence against trans women is very literal, Caroline. Well over 200 people were murdered for being trans last year and many in the most gruesome, frenzied ways you could possibly dare to imagine. One young trans girl in the USA was murdered and then completely mutilated and her lifeless corpse defaced. This is the level of violence against transgender people we’re talking about here. Hateful words incite hateful deeds from Hitler’s deranged speeches to the rantings of the hate preachers who exhort brainwashed young followers to murder others and take their own lives in the process in the name of God. You really need to realise that once you start spreading hate and misinformation about trans people online, in print or over the airwaves you must take a share in the responsibility and therefore guilt for such awful atrocities.

        • If you don’t want me to use the same swimming pool as you because I’m a trans girl, Caroline, then I’ll just hop in the men’s pool where I can frolic virtually naked with your husband or boyfriend. I’m sure you won’t mind;)

          • Be my guest Katie. Fill your size 9 boots.

            Why would you want to go to a public pool to ‘frolic’ with a strange man as opposed to you know, go for a swim, like most normal people?

          • “ I can frolic virtually naked with your husband or boyfriend.”

            Lol and double lol.

            Frolic with your plastic boobs and di*k still connected.

            We will never control ourselves……wives family etc will all be forgotten as we lose our minds lusting over you

      • There are three pronouns in the English language.

        He. She. It. If a person does not wish to be called one, and another is clearly inappropriate then the third may be necessary

        Or do you wish to force people to use inappropriate words as description?

        • Forcing someone to accept their version of reality, especially when it contradicts truth, is abusive.

          If I take a Double Decker chocolate bar out of its wrapper and put it in a Mars Bar wrapping, it’s still a Double Decker!

          • Then go live in Saudi or North Korea where your views are respected, some of the very few countries in the world where they are.

            You go find a list of countries where your views are the norm and present them here stating your preference of where you think you’d like to live !

          • Saudi and North Korea are Catholic are they? News to me.

            Weren’t you the one speaking approvingly of the Iranian mullahs a few comments down. Why don’t you try there?

          • You are forcing us to accept your version of reality though, Caroline – which is you do not believe we trans women are women. Hypocrisy much? Or is it just that you feel that because your version of reality is that of the traditional patriarchal establishment of what a woman or man is supposed to be it is superior to other people’s versions of reality?

        • Yep absolutely I do, if only to protect someone from undue provocation which could result in justifiable assault.

          • “Justifiable assault”. You are saying that it’s acceptable to use violence, when people say things you don’t like?

          • You go down Brixton and start calling black people N*****rs or Brick lane and calling them P**is and see what happens to you.
            When the Police arrive it is you who will be arrested and charged not the ones who assault you.
            English law gives a defence of provocation so whether you like it or not the UK for a very long time has said that it is acceptable to use violence when provoked.

          • Not that anyone with any manners would do such a thing anyway. If they did they shouldn’t be deserving of sympathy.

            Do you think seriously think it is fine for people to control language using violence? It appears that you do.

            One of the oldest pieces of advice we once gave to children has been overturned in a generation – “sticks and stones…” has now been changed to “names and pronouns means I can break your bones”

          • Deliberately calling calling people pejorative names is offensive and provocative, not to mention racist. This is why it is against the law.

            It is not provocative or offensive to call a man, a man, or a woman, a woman. It’s good manners to call people by their chosen names, however, are you suggesting that pensioners who misgender, such as 82 year old Amanda Barrie, are deliberately bringing violence upon themselves?

          • Perhaps you should test that in court Caroline, there’s no such thing as racism and those two words are not ‘racist’. If you deliberately misgender someone, and carry on doing it then yes it’s provocation.

            The two pensioners you mentioned apologised and moved on, it is therefore not provocation.

          • They apologised, however India did not accept the apology and would not let it lie. If you watch the clip, they are wanting to make a cup of tea and move on, but s/he will not let this happen.

            But as another commentator mentioned, provocation is a mitigation, assault is still assault. Children are taught in schools and at home not to hit each other, even if they are provoked. Are you suggesting that a different rule ought to apply for adults. It is not acceptable for a man to hit a woman, because she has says something that he finds unpleasant.

          • You seem to think it’s acceptable for a man to hit a woman so long as she’s transgender though, Caroline. Supposing someone mistook you for a trans woman and hit you and then came up with that as a defence? You’d be justifiably outraged but why do you think it’s okay for a man to beat up trans women? FYI the HRT we take reduces our upper body strength etc. so a guy has just as much a physical advantage over us as he does most other women. Also, why is it not prejudice for Ginuwine to say he would never date a trans woman but it is prejudice if someone said they would never date a black man like Ginuwine? Imho…both racism and transphobia are as bad as one another.

          • Telling someone online that they’re male, when they’re male, is not against the law…unless they’ve had or are bookedin for SRS.

          • No it isn’t. Our esteemed Parliamentarians regularly use the term “pale, male and stale” which is racist, sexist and ageist, but they do so without even censure, let alone prosecution.

            All offensiveness is equal but some offesiveness is more equal than others.

          • It’s transphobic and against hate crime law to misgender, ask sexually inappropriate questions and otherwise abuse and harass transgender people, Caroline. Under the 2010 Equality Act, transgender is as much a protected characteristic as race, religion or sexuality etc. Be aware that by misgendering Paris, or any other trans women you are liable to prosecution under the aforementioned Act. How would you like it if someone deliberately misgendered you and asked sexually inappropriate questions about your genitalia?

          • I worked with a post op trans woman. Everyone at work used female pronouns in reference to her because that is what she wanted. It was in the end a matter of courtesy. There were many issues with her transition, but no one deliberately sought to upset her. To have done so would have just been boorish. And Amanda Barry may be 82 but she isn’t gaga, she knows exactly what’s she’s doing.

          • See, as Sean points out, we trans folk are just ordinary people who want to get on with our lives and be productive members of society, Caroline. Picking on us and pinning all the evils of the world on us is just scapegoating and quite frankly ridiculous.

          • You can get on with your lives without imposing your identity on other people in an abusive fashion, ‘Katie’.

          • What a wonderful human being you are Sean. And with such illuminating personal experiences of all the various ishoos so cherished by leftists to share with we deplorables.

          • Provocation is a mitigation. Assault is assault and a crime. The criminalising of epithets started us down a very slippery slope towards the complete control and censorship of language and as usual the parameters are being extended every day.

          • absolutely !

            I was always brought up with Christian values – to live and let live, to respect other peoples choices and that freedom to live as one pleases is paramount.
            Christ taught us that we should love one another, and there are several quotes where he taught us not to judge other people. That is exactly what people here are doing and none of them especially the author can rightly call themselves Christian.

          • Actually Flaketime, an un-Christian sentiment is to attempt to judge other people’s hearts and their faith. It’s extremely un-Christian of you to attempt to tell me that I cannot call myself Christian, because of your false interpretation of my faith.

            I can call myself Christian because I believe in the Holy Trinity and Christ as our Saviour and Redeemer. I believe in objective truth.

            This business about judging refers precisely to judging other people’s hearts. We are absolutely called to judge behaviour and objective situations.

            We can and should have compassion for transgender individuals, however, this is about a balancing of rights, and looking out for other vulnerable people in our community, like female victims of sexual assault, or teen girls who are reticent to share their changing rooms and who also are targets for predatory men.

          • I can call myself Christian because I believe in the Holy Trinity and Christ as our Saviour and Redeemer

            In my book that is not sufficient to call yourself Christian. As for judgement that is absolutely not what Christ said and he was very clear about that.

            “We can and should have compassion for transgender individuals”

            Really? so why haven’t you up to now then? Your piece is a forthright attack on transgender people and their very right to exist. It would be regarded as something deeply troubling if you’d written it about other groups.

            You have not written a piece about balancing rights, and you haven’t even bothered to examine who is driving these ridiculous demands because it certainly isn’t the trans community – yet blinded by hatred of them you don’t care, you just want them to vanish and not trouble your word anymore.

            If you had written the piece your claim then you might have considered what space they might occupy instead of what to me is a pretty unpleasant tirade of hate.

          • In your book. Are you familiar with the quote of Pope Francis about if people seek God with a sincere heart, then who are we to judge them?

            I’ve written nothing about people’s right to exist, only about the trampling of female rights. When it comes to hatred, you might want to look up the concept of projection

            I am sorry you are so triggered Flaketime. I’ve now got other more pressing matters to attend to, than to indulge you any further. God Bless.

          • “I was always brought up with Christian values – to live and let live, to respect other peoples choices and that freedom to live as one pleases is paramount.”

            Can I point out to Flaketime that these are not Christian values. These are secular values and are in fact contrary to Christian values.

          • Caroline is right. We are not saved because we have compassion, we are not even saved because we obey God’s laws.

            You cannot point a finger and say that we are not Christians because we do not behave in a certain way, or have come up to some imaginary moral benchmark. We are Christians because we believe that Jesus died for us.

            Behaviour is irrelevant to salvation. That of course, is different to and does not mean, that we are free to behave as we like or indulge our every desire.

          • Caroline, may I remind you that jealousy is actually one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Please stop being jealous of young transgender women in Vogue because while you’re doing that you’re actually hating yourself as this obviously makes you feel inadequate in some way. I’m sorry there are things you don’t like about yourself and if you don’t feel feminine enough but you must realise that this is not Paris’s fault. I will never make the cover of Vogue either but I am happy enough in myself to not let that impact on my self-worth and I am gracious enough to congratulate and feel happy rather than resentful at another girl who does end up in Vogue.

          • It’s hardly “live and let live” when a very tiny minority issue is being rammed down peoples throats by disproportionate government interference. Live and let live ought to cut both ways but it is the Tyranny of Minorities who seem utterly insensitive to the conscience of others and want to coerce not just tolerance but approval. Why should anyone be forced to approve of something and refusal to do so be denounced as “hate”?

            But as with immigration and immigrants, the resistance to government policy can be differentiated from attitudes to the people concerned. I have no problem with men who want to pretend to be women, that’s their business, but I don’t like the government forcing it onto everyone else and attempting to criminalise them if they don’t play ball.

          • They’re hiding behind Christianity in the same way as the Nazis hid behind patriotism in a vain attempt to apply a thin veneer of ‘respectability’ to their blatant ignorance, bigotry, jealousy and chauvinism. This article is all about Caroline’s jealousy that a young transgender woman made the cover of Vogue and she didn’t. Guess what? I’m a trans girl and I didn’t make the cover of Vogue either but I don’t get all jealous and nasty to another girl that did. I’m actually really pleased for her and wish her well and that’s what being a lady is all about. Perhaps Caroline might like to try and be one sometime?

          • I’m an anti theist and find Caroline’s writing really bang on the money for how I feel. One doesn’t need an omnipresent omnipotent entity to understand gender ideology is regressive and ridiculous.

          • I’m Jewish and you wanting to wipe me off the face of the earth for being transgender is just as bad as the fascists wanting to wipe me off the face of the earth for being Jewish. You’re still wiping me and other human beings off the face of the earth. So, quelle difference?

          • I don’t want to wipe you off the face of the earth. I want you to see a psychiatrist. Just as I would if you thought you were a dog or an elephant

            You want to tell me what language I have to use.

      • It’s not hate, it’s a statement of fact.
        In Germany, a female child is referred to as “das Mädchen” using the neutral pronoun because it is biologically correct. The same surely applies to a neutered male pretending to be a female.

        • Sounds like you’d be more at home in Nazi Germany, English pensioner. I seem to recall the Nazis touted the idea that they were the Master Race as a point of scientific fact until they were defeated by those people they claimed were supposedly ‘inferior’ to them in WW2. Here’s another German word for you ‘untermensch’ – applied to people like me both for being transgender and Jewish. Never again!

          • The equivalent of ‘untermensch’ seems, in the eyes of activists, to apply to all those people who don’t “understand” them, that is the majority of the population.
            I was taught biology at school and learnt that there are two sexes, male and female in the human race and individuals still remain that even if their sex organs are removed. There are a very small number of unfortunate individuals who are born with deformed or absent sexual organs and I have greatest sympathy for such individuals.
            I’m sorry, you can have surgery and hormones to make yourself appear other than what you are, but it doesn’t change the situation one iota.

          • No Katie, you are muddling up the most appalling act of hatred against our people with those who are tired of minority cults imposing their ridiculous and narcissistic agendas on the the rest of us. English Pensioner is a supporter of us Jews and Israel and does not deserve your ridiculous rantings. You really should apologise to EP.

      • Great point, Flaketime. I’m both transgender and Jewish and I find the attitude towards other human beings of people like ‘English Pensioner’s’ daughter extremely disturbing.

  12. We need to thrash out all of this in a court case, soon, to get everything out in the open.

    Regardless of what the new laws say, if you don’t feel comfortable with someone who has different chromosomes to you in an intimate situation then you shouldn’t have to put up with it – period.

    In fact, these laws should be modified, or guidelines should be put in place alongside the laws, which state that chromosomal sex should be taken into account as well as ‘gender’. Otherwise we are in danger of criminalising perfectly innocent people, who may very well be suffering far more than the ‘offended’ person claims to be.

    • ‘Thrashing’ transgender girls, eh rbw? Phwoarrr, Mister! Well, if all between consenting adults and whatever turns you on but I may warn you I personally charge extra for kinky stuff;)

  13. It would have been a surprise if India hadn’t been chosen to be part of an all-female reality show and Lees wasn’t nominated as a 21st century suffragette since 95% of modern media is about yanking everyone’s chain. We’ve been promised the world’s first uterine transplant into a transgendered man within 10 years so that’s something even more exciting to look forward to. By then, we’ll probably have progressed to public birthing on television as a human right that had somehow got overlooked since the dawn of humanity. The bit I dont get is: If it’s true that women suffer daily humiliation, objectification, harassment, violence and discrimination, why do so many men want to become women? Btw, I hope we’re all #StandingwithCarrie at TCW in her shameful treatment by the patriarchal tyranny otherwise known as the BBC.

    • The bulk of the UK media is actually against trans people, Pierre. An ongoing anti-trans campaign has been going on in Murdoch’s Times since back last year which has included a headline accusing trans people of sacrificing children. (I dunno, maybe this is the first blood libel accusation in the UK press in modern times?) The establishment media campaign of malicious misinformation and scaremongering of the trans community has been so intense that a handful of billionaire media moguls, religious extremists, far-right neo-nazis and deranged, obsessive trans-stalking TERFs have now frightened this weak Tory government of appeasers so much that they have shelved proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act that would have made it easier for trans people to become legally the gender they identify as and for non-binary people to at last get some legal representation. Tories will also be forcing UK universities to promote political extremism on their campuses in the form of transphobic speakers like Linda Bellos and Germaine Greer. Ironically, the transphobes are always banging on about how they are being no-platformed and silenced by some all-powerful ‘protocols of the elders of zion’ sinister trans cabal, yet the very opposite seems to be true. The power is all in the hands of the transphobic establishment in post Brexit backward Britain.

    • “If it’s true that women suffer daily humiliation, objectification, harassment, violence and discrimination, why do so many men want to become women?”
      Yes interesting isn’t it? One would have thought feminists would have welcomed the living embodiments of the idea that Gender is socially constructed and biological sex is nigh on irrelevant.

      • Feminists don’t think biological sex is irrelevant. (The fact that gender is socially constructed is sort of obvious.)

        Anyway, to answer your question: these men clearly have no idea what being a woman is about. Their ideas about it are men’s ideas. Look at Katie up there, thinking it’s all about being pretty and getting male attention.

        A large percentage of these blokes are autogynophiles and/or clinical narcissists.

    • ”If it’s true that women suffer daily humiliation, objectification, harassment, violence and discrimination, why do so many men want to become women?”

      Well if men don’t believe women about their experiences, then nothing’s stopping them is it?

      Also the answer is obvious, most MTF are either effeminate gay men who’d rather live as ”straight women” than faggy dudes, and the other half of MTFs have a sexual fetish towards sissification, etc.
      This contains examples: https://medium.com/@mirandayardley/pornography-and-autogynephilia-in-the-narratives-of-adult-transgender-males-1fe85d2dfd64

  14. Emmeline Pankhurst “would be spinning.” Sylvia Pankhurst founded her own communist-style party, almost as soon as British women finally won the right to vote, and wrote to Lenin, requesting his approbation. Adela ploughed a different furrow; she went all the way to Australia and founded a communist party there, instead.

    Vogue’s “New Suffragettes” have little in common with Emmeline Pankhurst, but quite a lot with her daughters. Encouraging bonkers ideas and trying to impose them on unreceptive populations came naturally to the younger Pankhursts.

    • I think a spinning Emmeline Pankhurst would actually be really kewl, Owen. Imagine that…DJ Pankhurst in da House (of Commons). Seriously, today’s trans activists have a lot in common with the Suffragettes of c.100 years’ ago who were similarly vilified by the establishment and the press simply for campaigning for equal rights and respect.

      • Humans are biologically male, or female. The two sexes should have equal rights. That was what Emmeline Pankhurst campaigned for.

        “Transgenderism” demands superior rights: ones that allow the entitled to re-write the dictionary and to contradict biology.

    • The head of Oswald Mosely’s Fascist party womens section was a Suffragette, and they had many suffragette members.
      The true story of the Suffragettes is rarely told though and has been the subject of much revisionism.
      When male emancipation came Pankhust fought against it on the basis that the women living in homes over a certain value should have the vote and not the poorer working class men who she wanted to take the votes from.
      It was votes for women, but not all women, just the middle class ones.

  15. I’m actually surprised that Caroline Farrow has only been catcalled the once within the space of several months. I’m a transgender girl and both myself and my friends get catcalled, wolf-whistled and propositioned by male strangers several times a week! Maybe it’s because we’re younger and prettier?

    • A couple of points, one I doubt it. You probably don’t pass, it’s a shame no one feels close enough to you to tell you. And two… if a natal woman is apparently unattractive past 35 imagine what happens to male bodies after 35!! Men thicken right out, their jaws get bigger, the nose doesn’t stop growing nor the ears, waists and backs get broader. If you think you pass now you won’t even be able to lie to yourselves once thirty that you do. Just look at Paris… didn’t pass to start with but now is a bloke from 50ft. It’s hilarious.

    • Don’t know about “younger and prettier” but obviously deluded, dude! By the way, are you a tr@nny with a d*ck, or without a d*ck?

    • Cool story, bro.
      Sure the men you saying are “cat-calling” you are not just having a laugh at the dudes in drag?

      • Honestly, I’ve seen the obviously narcissistic ones parading down the street, oblivious of the politely repressed amusement of onlookers. I’m sure some mean people whistle or whatnot, and they take it as a compliment.

    • OK, how can you know how many times she’s been catcalled? She mentioned one time; that implies nothing about the frequency with which it happens.

      Violations of basic logic offend me. I AM OFFENDED, I SAY! YOU LOGICPHOBIC BIGOT!

    • And this is the problem. You believe the only value of women is their looks. You are a pantomime, a male vision of what you think women are and only should be…pretty.

      You have no idea what it means to be a woman because you are not and never will be one.

  16. “Now while you may splutter at the notion that any of the other six
    listed have come close to achieving anything which puts them in the
    league of the suffragettes, who were willing to risk life and liberty to
    secure the same rights for every woman, no matter how lowly their
    station, they are at least women.”

    The suffrragettes were actually against votes for every woman no matter how lowly. They campaigned for votes only for middle and upper class women in the same way that at the time only richer men had the vote. The suffragettes really are unjustly eulogised unlike the suffragists who actually did campaign for all women to have the vote and did not commit multiple acts of terrorism unlike the suffragettes. It is also almost certainly the case that teh suffragettes set back the cause of womens votes so that it took world war one, the best part of a million mens deaths and far more wounded to achieve this as a consequence of men getting the vote.

  17. On hearing that the NHS had rightly apologised, a trans activist whom I’d previously thought was reasonable declared that, had they been the trans nurse involved, they would be seeking to take the NHS trust to court. According to this commentator, who is employed by the NHS to advise on diversity, it is illegal for the NHS to discriminate against someone on the grounds of their transgender status.

    It is a great pity that the trans nurse did not take the NHS to court. If she had won it would prove that the law is an ass and that the Equalities Act should be repealed.

    • I rather think the Equalities Act should be clarified and strengthened. Transgender “rights” activists have manipulated a weakness in the Act that no-one foresaw. Their demands – citing the law – have made service providers & businesses scared to apply the protections for women, old or disabled people and others which the EA *does* clearly define.

      The activists are wrong, but the other protected groups haven’t got a massive international legal fund to keep testing the law. Unfortunately, we need Parliament to consider these ramifications properly and apply some common sense (if they can find any).

      • The sort of feminists who are all in favour of special protection for women are also in favour of women being allowed to serve in the front line of the infantry (even the Special Forces where introducing lower standards specifically for women is currently under discussion) and are in favour of increasing the number of women in the Fire Service etc.

        Do you think it desirable that in occupations where physical strength is important that standards should be lowered? Even if the recruitment standards are not lowered, increasing the proportion of women, as in the Fire Service, will decrease the average strength of the crews since more men are likely to pass the minimum strength standards by a large margin than are women.

        • You are right Roy. Women will never stand up to men in the army, police or fireservice but they will be paid the same for less pysical qualifications because of PC. Not that there aren’t jobs for women in these forces but they shouldn’t be in the frontline. They are not naturally built for it as a rule. It seems to be what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is my own.

      • Trouble is that governments seem to be behind some of this stuff and have not been innocently misled. That is the danger and challenge for us.

  18. To be honest if I went to the NHS and found a man in a dress being sent to treat me I’d also be demanding a change of staff on the basis they clearly have a serious mental illness and shouldn’t be treating anyone at all.

  19. So the new hero, shouting that the women must accept his view on reality, because that is what really is going on here.

    It is nice to watch an old movie now and again, perhaps even a John Wayne film. Rugged, tough? Certainly, but quite often willing to sacrifice himself for the good of the community.

    The new hero’s? What are they like? Babe is one such hero. A pig who wants to herd sheep and be a sheepdog. The triumph of the individual. The triumph of determination over nature…

  20. I have a hard time understanding the thinking of people like the author and most of the commenters. In their minds a man is a man from the moment they are born until they die and therefore, a woman is a woman. Don’t allow a transgender woman access to a woman’s restroom because women might be traumatized by a man in their space. By that logic, transgender men, have to use the woman’s restroom, because after all, they are women. You realize that one of the first things a lot of transgender men do is grow facial hair, and quite a few go bald because of the extra testosterone. I’d feel a lot more invaded if a bearded, bald person walked into the bathroom. I’ve been to a couple women only events that included transgender women, they also happened to allow transgender men. I felt more uncomfortable with the male presenting “women” there who certainly appeared to me to have more “masculine energy” than any of the transgender women there. Should transgender women be allowed to be topless in public if she is a “man”? How about public changing facilities, I guess even if she has had gender confirmation surgery she should follow your husband into the changing room. He’s just another guy, right?

    • They should be put in a hospital where they can be treated not given fake breasts, hormones and genital mutilation.

      • Transition, hormones, and in some cases surgeries are the medically appropriate treatment. It has been for decades now.

        • According to whom and why? There’s no scientific consensus on the cause of this and people who had these cures tend to commit suicide as often as those who haven’t and get numerous other health problems as well. The fact is a man cannot become a woman and is better off being treated so they understand this than having their mental illness indulged.

          • You’re right there is no consensus on the cause for someone being transgender. There is also no consensus on why people get cancer either. What is your point? Actually most studies show that the instances of suicide, depression and other mental health issue for transgender people that transition is lower, that’s why it is a recommended treatment. As for additional health problems, they are minimal and usually similar to those of any woman that receives hormone therapy. We are not living in the 1940’s any more and being transgender is not considered a mental illness.

          • It demonstrably is a mental illness because they cannot be a woman even of they think they are. Also there are other theories that this is just the expression of male sexual desire but they are widely suppressed by the transgender lobby.

          • The prevailing theory is that there is an incorrect or mistimed hormone release during fetal development

          • That makes complete narcissists out of everyone, and their desire to place themselves at the heart of their own psychodrama.

          • Might hypothetically cause dysphoria, but doesn’t make them the other sex.

            In fact most kids with gender dysphoria grow out of it, so there’s probably something else going on.

            In any case, surely learning to accept one’s body (and acting and dressing however one likes, without pretending to “be” the other sex) would be the best possible outcome.

          • You dress as a dude and want to sleep with other women, don’t you?
            How is your testosterone level, sweetie?

          • What are you saying Eric? Posie sounds alright to me, not that it is any of my business. Just puzzled by your attack.

          • “Men, irrespective of gender identity, pose an equal risk to women.”: this is hate-filled feminist rhetoric.
            The female equivalent would be:
            “Women, irrespective of gender identity, pose an equal risk to children, because women are far stronger than children, furthermore most infanticides and abuses in kindergartens are committed by women”.

            See? Same logic – and numbers are on my side.
            Men do not pose a risk to women: the fact that a tiny fraction of men commit crimes towards women doesn’t make all men “potentially dangerous to women”, just like women do not pose a risk to children: the fact that a tiny fraction of women commit infanticide and abuses within kindergartens doesn’t make women “potentially dangerous to children”.

          • Perhaps is mental illness.
            But mental illness is also tradcucks licking the feet of man-hating lesbians butches, by helping them to forward – within primary schools!!! – their theories about “all men are evil potentisl rapists due socialisation”.

          • Mental illness should be treated as such. If someone is delusional, you medicate them until their delusions mean that they’re no risk to themselves. You don’t ask society to indulge them.

          • They consume vast quantities of hormones and often go in for genital mutilation. Fairly unhealthy, I’d have thought.

          • Vast quantities of hormones=less dosage than is usually prescribed to post menopausal women or women that have irregular menstrual cycles. As for genital mutilation, that is your way of looking at it. Mutilation is not usually preformed by doctors, many of them consider gender confirmation surgery as needed.

          • The doctors who are… yup, getting paid large amounts for sawing away at their patients. What a lovely little circus.

          • “less dosage than is usually prescribed to post menopausal women” … but they are not women.

            A woman taking even small doses of testosterone (sometimes necessary for medical purposes) will see definite changes to her appearance and, longer term, will suffer permanent damage of many kinds.

            Men taking testosterone suppressants or female-pattern hormones for reasons unconnected with ‘gender’ grow breast tissue and suffer a sharp increase in risk of heart disease, among other things.

            Each one of your 70 trillion cells is XY. It’s set up to receive messages via mainly male hormones. Bodies don’t change sex when you pump them full of the ‘wrong’ hormones, they just get confused. It is totally facile to compare your oestrogen dose with a woman’s – our bodies work in completely different ways.

            I’m sorry that you need to justify your body-modification choices with incorrect science, but please try not to mislead yourself down roads that will make you unwell. And don’t expect everyone else to cheer you along; just look after your health.

          • The battle is political and shouldn’t be in our schools.They do pose a risk to themselves but that is up to them I suppose. However society should be wise enough not to encourage this and try to help those who can be helped at an earlier age.

          • You need to check your figures Janet. Health issues spiral after transgendering but people fiddle the statistics according to their view.

          • An academic, a gay man sympathetic to those who have undergone, or are planning to undergo ‘transitioning’ surgery, wanted to undertake a study of trans people to learn more about post-operative health problems and feelings, including regrets. He felt it would be beneficial to offer as much information as possible to anyone contemplating such a major step. His university refused to consider his project, fearing it would be labelled ‘transphobic’.

          • Exactly John. Their fantasies are being undulged by the state. This is a tragic area swept under the carpet. Suicides are very high after fully becoming a so called man. These men are sick but are told they are right by the state. Not only that but they want to affect our children in schools. Whether this will happen now that Greening has gone I don’t know.

        • The first attempts at ”sex reassignment” were done in the 1920s, early 1930’s, when women could not even vote where I live. It’s obvious to me no other avenues were ever explored and now it’s treated as the only solution and transgender ideology is untouchable, or you’re a bigot. In the future, we might look back on performing trans surgeries the way we look back at lobotomies.

    • You do realize that with “self-identification” standard trans activists demand, any bearded, bald male *can* walk into the women’s restroom, right? Because not all “trans women” transition medically.

      Personally, I’m fine with all of them using the men’s loo, and I’ll take my chances with the “trans men.”

      Better still, provide a gender neutral option.

      • Three places now instead of two? Let them use the man’s place. There will be no harm done then so long as they don’t expose themsleves like gays sometimes do.

    • Men, irrespective of gender identity, pose an equal risk to women. Women dosed up on Testosterone are definitely more violent and aggressive, frankly if trans men want to use the men’s they can be my guess. It would up to men to object. considering the size difference a trans man is at more risk in a men’s space than a trans woman in women’s space, or a trans woman in men’s space. The thing is trans women just never pass, they walk, talk and look like men. Women have every right to keep them out of our space.

      • Wow, I would start mixing with some different type of men.
        Perhaps avoid all the lefties that seem to give you this impression!

      • Now your prejudice is showing. There are plenty of transgender women that pass. It’s one of the reasons people have a false belief that transgender people just started appearing now. A lot of transgender people just go about their day without notice.

        • Yes, and I’m sure that they all cringe with embarrassment at the actions and demands of the very vocal minority of tr@nnies militant, whose pathetic narcissism highlights their existence in a way that hinders their quiet enjoyment of their newly-adopted personae. If you want to present as the opposite sex – fine – peace and love to you. Just STFU and get on with your life – but also don’t ask me to be party to your delusion that you actually have BECOME the opposite sex.

          • So you only have an issue with people that you know are transgender because they are “asking you to be part of their delusion” but accepting a transgender person as the sex they present as is ok if you don’t know that they are transgender?
            Personally, I happen to agree with India, but since I don’t speak for all people, I will say that, “for me, sex with a vagina and estrogen is better than sex with a penis and testosterone was.” Does that statement meet with your approval?

          • 1) I am trying to understand your point of view. You said, “Just STFU and get on with your life – but also don’t ask me to be party to your delusion that you actually have BECOME the opposite sex.” My take away from that statement is that you then have no issue with treating transgender people that you happen not to know are transgender as the gender they present as because after all we usually make quick judgments as to if someone is male or female, but if you happen to know or find out that someone is transgender, it is a problem because now suddenly the woman you have been talking to for the last hour is a man. If you mean it some other way, please explain.
            2) India’s statement about sex being better as a woman then a man bothers you because to you she is not a woman and therefore can not know what sex as a woman is like. I took her statement, which personally I agree with, and removed the gendered aspects of it. Is my verson of her statement equally offensive to you?

          • I know those who don’t pass. I see them on the bus. I would never tell them though. No point. It’s funny at first, then it is horrible.

          • On a random bus ride i wouldn’t say anything either. My second cousin is a man who’s ‘become’ a woman. I wouldn’t say I ‘respect’ his choice, but my knowledge of his past experiences and the operations he’s undergone means I treat him as a woman. However there’s a difference between someone on the bus quietly living their life as if they’re the other sex and a vociferous, political movement who are attempting to use the law to force me to act as if I believe someone born one sex can be another. That’s totalitarianism, and I will reject that and all lies presented to support that end in debate.

          • I agree. Somehow there are those who want to push it down our throats and force us to believe when everything within us says the opposite. It reminds me of these Gay Pride marches with men showing their half naked bodies. I find it repulsive. I don’t have to go on a march and strip half naked because I am married to my wife. Something very jarring about the militancy of it all. Goverments are proving how stupid they are by taking it all in.

      • Exactly.
        Us men we’re all evil.

        But lesbians are dangerous too, since they have more testosterone than the average woman, lesbians are too masculine to not be a threat to women: that’s why domestic violence among lesbians couples is so high, much higher than domestic violence within heterosexual couples.

        Perhaps conservative men should protect “conservative” women from lesbians, kicking them out of women’s bathroom: every time they see a butch, she could pose a danger to a normal woman.

        On the other hand, transgenders who are feminine enough seems to be a lesser threat to women, especially if they’re fully operated: no penis, low testosterone.

        • “On the other hand, transgenders who are feminine enough seems to be a lesser threat to women, especially if they’re fully operated: no penis, low testosterone.”

          See, this is the problem. Under gender identity laws pushed by trans activists, hormones and surgery are NOT required. Indeed, trans activists are demanding that all a person has to do is self-identify. Take time to research it. The majority of transwomen still have their male genitalia. In the State of California, a new law was passed making it possible for a male to change his sex on his birth records by just signing a piece of paper. Here, just sign this legal form. If all transwomen wanted surgery, then why did trans activists go out of their way to get rid of the old sex reassignment surgery requirement? Under new Olympic rules, males can compete against females, and they don’t have to have sex reassignment surgery. Yes, “women” Olympians can have a penis.
          Their testosterone levels can still be three times higher than testosterone levels in females. Google “Andraya Yearwood”. They don’t even have to shave their mustache. A teenage boy who was never on anything (hormones) was allowed to compete against girls. The majority of males demanding access to women’s locker rooms have never had surgery, and they don’t want surgery. .

          • Yes, I know.
            But the solution isn’t saying that men are dangerous to women and trans too because they’re men.

            Do you know what is the funnier thing?
            When men’s bathroom is out-of-order I always use women’s bathroom.
            When my daughter was younger I accompanied her with women’s bathroom.
            When I was in high school I was used to smoke cigarettes within female bathroom, because it was the only place that wasn’t under surveillance.
            I never heard a woman complaining about me, in the second case they usually smiled to the caring father, and in the third case some of them smoked cigarettes and chatted with me…and I’m a man who, at the age of 44, still do 120-130 push-ups as the very first thing when I wake up…

          • I would question the percentage of those that “do not want” versus those that “can not have” gender confirmation surgery. While I know there are some transgender women content to not have surgery, I know that there are a lot more that want surgery but do not have access to it.

      • It is pretty obvious that men should not be allowed in women’s private spaces, even if they claim they are a woman. As for the reverse I don’t think men will be affected as they will see it as the woman/man’s own risk. The emphasis should be on protecting real women here.

    • If you have fully transitioned and look like the opposite sex who would know?
      The fact is a lot of them want the attention of being different otherwise they would just shut up and live as the sex they say they are.

      • If you listen to a lot of transgender people, they do want to just quietly live their lives. Notice how until 2 years ago you never heard about a “transgender bathroom” issue. Do you think transgender people just started having bodily functions? You know why you didn’t hear about many transgender people years ago? Most transitioned and went into hiding, leaving everything and everyone from their past behind.

        • I am sure that is the case but I don’t here many of them telling people to shut up about their issues. They may well be pawns but it seems to me they are willing pawns.

          • Actually many were quite alarmed at the visibility and backlash that has been caused. Unfortunately, it’s kind of like trying to put the genie back in the bottle as they say.

          • They may well have been but I have not seen one in the press or any other media saying that the activists and PC brigade don’t speak for them.

        • Having a vagina mean that you cannot be a rapist in UK: it’s within the law, section 1 – just only people having a penis can commit rape.
          I suggest to immediatly sue everyone calling you a potential rapist: you’re going to win since it’s absolutely impossible for you to be a rapist, it’s within the law.

          • Wow, I thought here in the US we had a hard time getting people to understand that men can be physically raped by women. I did not realize that the UK had decided that it was legally impossible.

          • It’s called “forced envelope”: 1.7 million men are victims of “forced envelope” each year in USA, I have read the CDC report. The enemy has a name and a surname: Mary Koss, she works for CDC and she was the person insisting to keep separated the definition of “rape” from “forced envelope” in the CDC report – their power is all about grammar: even here they’re pushing their notion of “socialised as male” into conservatives who are into biology, the very opposite.
            They do it because otherwise conservatives would realize that a person with a vagina cannot rape a woman, so such person cannot be a threat: they could think “he’s a man deeply inside” but they could never see such person as a threat to women. And radfems would take an hit.

            Do you know that in both India and Israel radical feminists lobbed, successfully, to prevent rape laws to become gender-neutral?

      • like all drag names a mockery of women, their experiences, word descriptorsof what women do ,like lactating .. yeh bring up a boy to mock women.. such a responsible thing that mother is doing .. , ifind her and her partner such a blight in society , you watch other parents, craving the limelight and sttention, do the same just like that riduculous , pagents crap that sexualises girls.and on that , someone in that family got away with murder ! and look at all the attention they got ..

    • She also said that all men hate women and that all men are evil: she hate transgenders out of misandry.

      • Eric – I said no such thing. Stop making stuff up.

        I don’t hate men, far from it. Many men are socialised differently and that’s not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing. As mum of 4 daughters and 1 son, my children all attend single-sex schools. Boys and girls, men and woman are not the same.

        Men do catcall at women, far more than women do at men. As someone who is subject to it a lot (although judging from your indignant tone, you’ll probably try and blame me and say I am asking for it), it isn’t something that I find enjoyable, and I think a lot of the blame lies in the over-sexualisation of society and the reduction of women to sexual objects.

        This is what cat-calling and wolf-whistling does and as someone who has been subject to sexual assault (on more than one occasion) in the past, frankly I find it intimidating, especially if a car slows down alongside me while I’m walking.

        No doubt you’ll tell me how women are just as bad, in terms of cat-calling etc, but actually I think the stats on sexual violence perpetrated by men, speak for themselves. Pointing this out is not akin to saying that all men are evil rapists.

        • “I think a lot of the blame lies in the over-sexualisation of society and the reduction of women to sexual objects” – And who’s fault is that?
          “woman can be a civilising influence on men” – Yes, and the demographic death and eventual replacement by stronger more patriarchal societies is the result. Well done!

        • You’re using radical feminist talking points: the “socialised as male” thing is used to forward education by feminist activists in primary schools, to hurt boys in primary schools.
          And yet you’re subtly alleging that ALL men are potentially rapists due “socialisation”.
          I have some news for you: women CANNOT be “rapists” in UK, no matter what they do – a person need a penis to commit “rape” in UK, it’s the law. A woman can commit just only “sexual assault”, covered under section 2 and not registered as “rape”.
          Needless to say, that due the same socalisation you blame, men who are drunk and have sex with a sober women don’t register it as “assault”, while when the opposite happens it’s “assault” and not “stupid irresponsabile drunkard woman”

          You’re actually throwing under the bus 49% population due the fear of 0.3% population.

          • I don’t think they are trying to hurt boys. I believe they think like women and therefore not like a man. The majority of junior and infant school teachers are females and naturally put their view on things. To get the best out of girls and boys the schools need to be split between boys and girls otherwise males will continue to get lower grades as it is now. It takes a man to introduce competitive sport for instance as women naturally are not competitive and would not set much score by it and even ban it as they have done in some schools. We need a male/female perspective and not just a female one.

          • I’m not speaking about normal teachers, I’m spaeking about feminist activists within the schools, lecturing children about “violence against women”: those activists come from DV shelters that rejects male victims of DV, even male children above 12 years.

          • Are you saying that males should be housed in domestic violence centers with women? This is ridiculous. Women fleeing from domestic violence shouldn’t be housed with males. As to “violence against women”, the crime statistics speak for themselves. It’s a fact that women are more likely to be killed by their spouse or male partner than a stranger.

          • Y-E-S.
            MEN (not “males”) who are vicitms of domestic violence could be housed in the the same shelters: they don’t sleep in the same room.
            Females (not “women”) who flle doesn’t flee from ALL MEN, they flee from a specific abuser.

            It’s a FACT that women commit most infanticides and abuses within kindergartens: NOW?

            Stop spreading hatred, you also reject boys over 12.

          • “Females (not “women”) who flee doesn’t flee from ALL MEN, they flee from a specific abuser.”

            According to the CDC, half of all female murder victims are killed by intimate partners, meaning a spouse or boyfriend.


            I’m not saying all men are violent. It’s simply ludicrous on its face to say that the majority of women in domestic violence centers are there because a woman beat them up. Okay, here is the deal. If maybe 1% or 2% of domestic violence victims are male (I don’t know the exact statistics), then put them in a separate section of the shelter. Or, better yet, build them their own domestic violence shelter. Will that make you happy?

          • According the Guardian it’s actually 40%
            Hopefully the Guardian isn’t too right-wing for you….

            And since you trust CDC (I trust it too, it’s a very good and official source):
            Victims of domestic violence:
            61% bisexual women
            44% lesbians
            37% bisexual men
            35% heterosexual women
            29% heterosexual men
            26% gays
            Who beat all those lesbians?
            Who beat all those heterosexual men?

          • Do youknow what is the most funny thing: you’re now pandering to the right because you’re afraid by muslims.
            But lesbian butches aren’t going to have a nice time under the right, I guess.

            I’ll volunteer to keep lesbian butches away from normal women: lesbian domestic violence is the highest of all kinds of domestic violence, and it’s still violence against women, after all. Another FACT.

          • Why are you so obsessed with lesbians? Straight women are more likely to be killed by their spouse or boyfriend, or a strange man down the road. I am definitely not saying that all males are violent. Most men are kind and caring, but the actual crime statistics speak for themselves.

          • The actual crime statistics also say that women commit most infanticides and abuses within kindergartens.
            I’m saying that all women are potentially infanticides.
            I’m also saying that within a DV shelter filled with women children are at risk, due it’s women, not men, committing almost all abuses within kindergartens: the actual crime statistics speak for themselves.

          • I don’t know that much about lesbian domestic violence, but straight women aren’t sexually attracted to lesbians. Therefore, how could they be in a “domestic” relationship with a lesbian?

          • You should have a listen to Milo Yianopolous on the subject of female sexuality V Male sexuality, the two are not the same with men being more fixed, and women more flexible.

            Most of the rabid feminazis are Lesbians and have little experience of what men are really like. They genuinely fly into a fury when they come into contact with reality.

        • You are right Caroline. The tosterone in men makes them aggressive, competitive, self-assertive, self confident and self reliant. Some of these qualities can express themselves in crime or rape but don’t have to. Catcalling is obviously a male thing. I agree that women can moderate these things especially in marriage but a lot of schools almost want to stamp out maleness itself for some reason, instead of channeling it to good. You are right boys and girls do learn differently but boys are being forced to learn as girls learn apparently.

          • The theories used to stamp out maleness are the same theories she’s using against transgenders.
            It’s like setting your home in fire to kill ants.

          • I can’t see that personally. Caroline likes males, has married one and recognises their natural differences.

  21. Apparently, even lesbians are good enough for “conservative women” as long as the argument is against transgenders.
    You sound more and more just like radical feminists, it’s really hard to tell the difference at such point.

    No, thanks: as man, I feel less threatened by transgenders than by “conservative lesbian-supporting” wimminz (wimminz without quotation marks).

    • Of course you’re more threatened by women who don’t pander to you than men who want women to move over for them… you’re exactly like the trans activists, you come from the same stock.

      • Exactly.
        Conservative women MUST “pander” in some ways to men: otherwise they are NOT conservatives but a totally different “NOT conservative” kind, a radical feminist in this case.

      • why don’t you do a little research if you’re going to throw that around as an excuse to dismiss what women are saying.

        men and women ARE socialized differently thanks to gender constructs and patriarchy (probably more trigger words for you there).

        • It’s due their socialization that women commit most infanticides and abuses within kindergartens?
          I’m not dimsssing what women are saying, you don’t speak for all women, I’m dismissing what *some* women are saying: the same women who cannot answer to the above question.

          I had a gender studies class at Lund, Sweden.
          This is probably much better than you, thank you.

          • Your femsplaining is wrong: I’m not an MRA.
            Are you an MRA?

            About “whiny”: thank you for the offer, but I’m not into BDSM.

          • You reached a conclusion applying an incomplete version of the rule, also forgetting that it says “it’s PROBABLY a duck”.
            Do you know that treating women and men in absolutely the same way tend to be perceived as sexism against women by the majority, while benevolent sexism towards women tend to be perceived as “equality” by the majority? There are studies about that, and it’s very easy to check the assumptions: you just switch the sexes – if it still sounds fair then it’s true equality, if it sounds unfair then it was sexism even before the switch.

          • No, you’re conflating two separate but overlapping belief systems. One says that men and women are different, women are best protected by being chaste, finding a good man, and being protected by that men and his allies/friends from other men. This is the traditional conservative point of view. The other says that women are exploited by this setup, because it depends on a woman’s ability to attach herself to a strong, successful, fair man too much, and that women should be judged on her merits, and that women are only exploited because the characteristics attributed to women are a social construct, not innate. There are also those who believe that women and men have differences, but that most of those differences are not great enough to make the roles the way they are, but that they are important to acknowledge and make accommodations for, such as giving women their own sex segregated spaces and sports since women are vulnerable to men when naked and since women’s bodies can’t compete with men’s in sports. The reality is, men and women are different in some ways. How we deal with that is how we create a society.

            Someone has to gestate, birth, and care for the children. The neoliberal solution is for those who can afford it to pay for all of that – including surrogacy – as if the exchange of money is an equalizer and removes the exploitation (it doesn’t). The socialist solution is to collectivize it – make the rearing of children into a group effort. The traditional solution is that men are the breadwinners, women are the ones who raise children, but have the help of their mothers and hired help where needed (and poor women and unmarried women must surrender their children to rich and middle class married couples to raise correctly). What is your solution?

          • Regarding reproduction: the socialist solution, but my solution includes even legalization of altruistic sperm donation and altruistic surrogacy, and banning the commercial versions of both. Also, there should be equality within education system, with a roughly equal number of women and men teaching the children.

          • Socialism, at least a partial implementation, is unavoidable, since automation. The alternative being the extinction of humanity. The actual need of UBI is a proof.

  22. What’s the matter ladies? Your crusades and feminisation of everything you touch coming back to bite you?
    I am so enjoying the Schadenfreude!

    • Bingo.
      The “empathic conservative ladies” are now falling in love with radfems, throwing under the bus their sons, in order to keep 0.3% population away from their bathrooms.
      Such “strong, independent women”…
      At least Paris Lees is funny and doesn’t whine…

          • I’m not convinced: all stats seems to suggest that criminals are a very narrow minority among men.
            Do you agree with such analysis?

          • I do agree. I don’t think men are innately more violent. Of those who are violent, however, it’s overwhelmingly mostly men. So – why do you think this is so? And what should be done about it?

          • It’s irrelevant, people are defined by their actions and the outcomes of their actions, not by their “potential”.
            I’m a potential university professor and potential member of the parliament.
            Actually, I have a PhD but for my job it suffice high school diploma and it’s unrelated with my academic achievement, and I also lost last election as deputy mayor in a little city.
            I’m more a potential university professor and potential MP than someone who didn’t earn a degree and never was involved in politics? Yes. But we both are NOT university professor nor MPs.

          • It’s not irrelevant because it’s about solving the problem. We know most violent offenders are men, so to solve that, we need to know why.

          • Your reasoning is inflating a single feature of violent offenders, saying it’s the only important feature among violent offenders – it could be applied even so:
            We know most violent offenders have been subjected to violence when younger
            We know most violent offenders are men
            We know most violent offenders come from a poor background / lower class
            We know most violent offenders are from minorities
            We know most violent offenders have a lower educational achievement

            Among the above the “minority” and “men” features are those features that are assigned at birth, indeed the kind who is more frequently jailed is a black man.
            If we would reduce violent offences a positive action would be focusing on:
            Poverty: lack of money and opportunities
            Educational achievement
            Preventing abuse and violence against children
            By this way, implementing all three, there’s a positive action and violence would be reduced about 10 times.

            Think about infanticides: it’s overwhelmingly women doing it.
            Do you think that being a woman is the most important feature of an infanticide?
            Clearly: no. There are other problems, that’s why the vast majority of women do not commit infanticide, just only women with a certain combination of issues commit infanticide.
            Same for violent offences: the vast majority of men do not commit violent offences, just only men with a certain combination of issues commit violent offences.

  23. Please leave men out of it – whether in the guise of ‘the patriarchy’ or otherwise. This damnable trans business is a monster which feminism has created. So if the radfems, the trans lobby and the tradcons are now engaged in a three-cornered fight, do recall none of this is the doing of ‘men’. We continue to behold it all with the same impotent bewilderment as ever.

    • Bingo.
      Just grab the popcorn and leave the whining subtly man-hating gold-diggers to fight together with their new friends, the openly man-hating radfems, against “the evil transgenders”.
      They aren’t men’s companions anymore, since they blame “socialisation of men making them ALL men potential rapists”.

    • It’s the medical system -including psychology which has a history of this kind of thing- that’s created this, it’s been going for a while and been driven primarily by men. Wasn’t us radical feminists. I do appreciate, and have often pointed out, that the average man is just as baffled as we are. That might well have been the case with numerous medical mess-ups, I guess. Patriarchy is a system, it doesn’t mean the average man can get it to stop just like that, either.

      • Women and men are different, physically, emotionally and brainwise and have different roles even though they might cross a little. This is just a fact proved by science but some feminist are angry about it for some reason and continue to campaign instead of recognising difference.

    • Unfortunately you do have an element of truth there. Some of the blame must be laid at the feet of the feminists who say what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is my own. Trouble is they are not suited to that which they grapple for.

  24. Be assured Caroline. The majority think like you. The PC is within government. It would have no power without them. Unfortunately yes, it is obviously in the Conservative party the ones who introduced Gay Marriage. These men are obviously not women but we are being asked to believe a lie. Men and women are different, not only physically but mentally, emotionally and lots of others ways. This has been proved scientifically but the feminists would have us ignore it as they count their opinion as greater than science. With the departure of Justine Greening (Hurrah!) hopefully our children will be a little better protected against this Transgender brainwashing. We have entered a decade of madness it seems but the silent majority just needs a party to rally behind to make things happen.

    • So, the majority of women thinks that ALL men are potential rapists due their socialisation?

      That would be the proof that there’s no such thing as a woman who isn’t a feminist, that feminism is just female nature brought into politics, and that at least most women, even most “anti-feminists women”, are just radfems in mislead…

    • 3rd wave feminists are the problem. The rest of us feminists (and women who also do not identify as such) are outraged that sex based protections for women are being taken away from us by men in drag. men can NEVER be female. it’s not an outfit and you can’t surgery or hormone your way into our lived experiences or the material reality of our biology.

      this world has lost it’s bloody mind. post modern queer theory is total bullocks.

        • you are completely disregarding the material reality of what it means to be a biological woman. unsurprising as you are a male (doing something as foolish as taking ‘gender studies’ to boot).

          it is clear you, like far too many men, hate women.

          since you are in sweden, perhaps you should look up the stats on how many men pretending to be women are getting gang raped compared to biological women. seems i caught news this happened twice in a month in malmo.

          • I didn’t ask you to femsplain my feelings and my lived experience as man.

            I asked:
            Are childless women lived experiences significantly different from actual mothers?

            I’m still waiting for a proper answer, thank you.

          • You asked a question that is a straw man argument. Obviously, the lived experience of a woman who has gestated, birthed, and raised one or more children is different from that of one who has not – but all women are presumed, at least until it hasn’t happened by around age 40, to be potential mothers, and get treated as such, as well as being treated as “three holes and a pair of hands” by porn culture. All of that differs greatly from a man who grew up male and then at 35, or 55, suddenly decides that he is really a woman and wants to play dress-up in girly clothes. Getting catcalled starting at age 11 or so is something that just doesn’t happen to boys.

          • While I respect your old-fashioned (and patriarchal) idea, I don’t agree with it, because I think it’s very dangerous to a girl’s freedom.
            Nobody is allowed to force on my daughter the idea that she, and all other people, must be regard herself as a “potential mother”, because that would limit her in her way to fullfill her potential and to pursue her dreams. She will be a mother just only when, and if, she’ll wish it, and nobody will be ever allowed to force her to regard herself as existing mainly to pop out babies.

            “The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, ‘It’s a girl.'” – Shirley Chisholm.

            My daughter is being raised to be free to live as she wants, not as “a potential mother”.

          • My idea is that you’re a good person, but you can’t tell the difference between a saint and a nazi.
            It isn’t your fault, and I’m pretty sure that you have a lot of other good features.

          • you can’t tell the difference between a saint and a nazi


            It isn’t your fault

            Good jolly old supercilious bollox then, eh ?

            Not your fault — you’ve simply been trained since infancy to consider all others as your “inferiors”.

            Heil Lauder !!!

          • Maybe by you, but you can’t shut the world out indefinitely – it’s everywhere in our culture – schools, TV, print media, peer groups, cultural institutions like churches and such. Don’t be naive.

          • Do you realize that the position you just expressed is the same of the church, and more old-fashioned (and patriarchal) than a good portion of media?
            You’re part of those influences trying to limit her potential.

          • Part of the influences? Really? That’s like saying that saying that white people are the dominant race is racist. It’s just the reality the way I was raised, and the way I see people’s daughters still being raised. Turn on a TV. Go to McDonald’s – the toys are still gendered, and the “girl” toys nearly always involved clothing, pets, or some other “feminine” pursuit. JFC, open your eyes!

          • And the fact is, if she has female reproductive organs, unless you’ve put her on very good birth control, once she is menstruating, she could become pregnant, with or without her consent. Then she is dealing with the same thing women the world over have to deal with – and given the way things are going, she may be forced to bear that child and surrender that child to the rapist.

          • I don’t have “to put her on birth control”, she is going to have both extensive informations and money to buy contraceptives, but it’s up to her.
            I also have a son: he have male reproductive organs, unless he’ll use birth control then he could make pregnant a girl or a woman, with or without the boy’s consent – and given the way things are going, the boy may be forced to support the child that he have with the woman or girl who raped him.
            Still, the above things doesn’t mean that my son must be taught to define himself as mainly “a potential father”, because that would limit him.
            So the same applies even to my daughter.

          • An 11 year old in some cases could get pregnant. Do you think n 11 year old should be on birth control, and if not, as I said, she could wind up pregnant, with or without her consent. Which means she would be fed into the system or otherwise have to deal with the reality of her reproductive organs, regardless of what you teach her. How did you have children? Did you buy them?

          • No, I think that a girl should be made aware about the responsibilites coming from sex when she have the first menstruation. The same day or the day before. Not earlier, not even later.

          • What I’m saying is that regardless of whether she knows how pregnancy occurs, she could be raped and get pregnant.
            These kids that you had with the friend and the coworker – was that voluntary?

          • My coworker was technically my superior, even if she was 2 years younger than me and less experienced: she comes from a family with political ties and was destined to a great career within my company. She was assigned as head of a project, a job lasting many months. I was her deputy, but basically the one who did understand more about the job (I had many years of experience more than her). At the begin of the first day I said her that in my car smoke is allowed (we’re both smokers), at the end of the fourth or fifth day we were going in the hotel, and she started complaining about her husband, her husband is also probably sterile or at least have fertility problems….perhaps not fully planned but very voluntary.
            First child, he’ll be 18 this year: my friend is “homoflexible”, practically a lesbian, she was my first girlfriend when we were both 10, in primary school. She wished a child. Three days, fully planned, she got immediatly pregnant. We’re still very good friends, she even designed, for free, the interior of my apartment when I separated from my ex wife, she even didn’t want money for some furnitures she bought for my apartment. So, extremely voluntary.
            The only one that wasn’t voluntary, but by accident, was my daughter, within the marriage: the condom broke, wife got pregnant for the second time in less than 2 years, but we decided the keep the child.

          • Getting catcalled starting at age 11 or so is something that just doesn’t happen to boys

            No, but being approached by the dirty old men brigade certainly does …

          • What you’re saying is that older men prey on both males and females as children, but that ends as males get larger, while it gets much worse as females mature. Not sure how that’s relevant, anyway, because the creeper man approach is typically in private, so less ubiquitous. Men prey on both men and women, but not in the same manner or with the same bravado.

          • I doubt “he” is actually a native born male. Seems more like a female to male tr@nny out to wind everyone up. Only b*ll*cks it has are its posts on this blog.

  25. I mostly agree that transgenders aren’t totally women.
    I have also to agree that, since transgenders aren’t totally women, then, using logic, transgenders should pose a lesser risk to children, since most
    infanticides and abuses in kindergartens are committed by women.

    Who see the logic here?
    It’s the same logic used against men, but used against women.

    No self-respecting man is going to accept an argument “men are potential rapists”: if a transgender is a potentially rapist and a threat to women, then I’m 10 times more dangerous.
    Throw me in jail, I’m dangerous, 10 times more than a transgender.
    But then we also have to throw all women in another prison, since they pose a threat to children: stats are on my side.

    Good luck while being defended from muslim gangs by cucks agreeing about “I’m a potential rapist”…and if they’ll manage to defend women, then they’ll just only show that they’re potetnially dangerous…

    • “I mostly agree that transgenders aren’t totally women.”

      What does that even mean? People are either male or female, apart from a tiny number who are intersex. Those who call themselves ‘trans women’ are male.

      “I have also to agree that, since transgenders aren’t totally women, then, using logic, transgenders should pose a lesser risk to children, since most infanticides and abuses in kindergartens are committed by women.”

      Logic isn’t your strong suit. Most abuses that happen in kindergartens are committed by women because most kindergarten employees are women. Most abuse of children, however, does not happen in kindergartens.

      Most abuse of children – if by ‘children’ we mean minors rather than just infants – is carried out by men, including some who claim to be transwomen. Most sexual crimes against adults are committed by men too. That’s a fact, regardless of whether you accept it or not.

      • Don’t get sucked in – he (are we sure?) doesn’t make a lot of sense. Visited your site – interesting. Didn’t realize you were one of those attacked by the Tranny Talilban™ recently. As I (real!) male, I totally abhor the injustices being meted out to women by these narcissistic poseurs. If I ever heard of one in a woman’s toilets I would have no hesitation in getting the pervert out. But women need to speak out more and stick up for themselves more vehemently! Only that way can this madness be curbed!

        • A “real!” male, as you define yourself, sounds truly impressive.
          Throwing perverts out of women’s bathrooms sounds a lot of fun: we could be act as a team, each one with his specialization: you’ll throw out transwomen, I’ll throw out lesbian butches. Lesbian butches would have it better cuz I’m probably much weaker than a “real!” male like you, and also lesbian butches can alternatively use men’s bathroom, alleging that they’re transmen still halfway in the transition 😀

      • “Most abuses that happen in kindergartens are committed by women because most
        kindergarten employees are women”

        Wow! Just wow! You sound like a male supremacist making excuses for domestic violence!

        That isn’t a justification: it would be like saying that most domestic violence
        against women happen at the hands of men because most men live with
        women rather than with other men!

        You’re just making pathetic excuses for women’s violence.

        You aren’t better than a rape apologist while doing that.

        “Most abuse of children, however, does not happen in kindergartens.”

        But kindergartens are very significant, because kindergartens are a female-dominated
        environment, populated by women who DID choose as career to take care
        of children: given such basis there should be ZERO abuses.

        That’s why it’s a very specific and gendered issue.

        “Most abuse of children – if by ‘children’ we mean minors rather than just infants”

        That’s almost unbelievable: you’re even avoiding the infanticide issue!!!
        This is enough, it truly shows your true colors, you’re moving the goalpost to something else and you do not care in the slighest about infanticides.

        I think that you should apologize and feel ashamed for having:
        TOTALLY IGNORED the issue of infanticides (clearly you do NOT care about infants who are killed!)
        Tried to minimize a specific issue like abuses within kindergartens.

          • You’re trolling, not me: you moved the goalpost, toyally ignoring infanticides.
            You probably can’t behave, you’re too entitled.

          • If you’re not a troll and actually believe the twaddle you are posting, you might want to look up the term ‘ad hominem’, which is pretty much all you’ve got. And now I’m blocking you so feel free to carry on posting crap.

          • In other words, you give up because you have no arguments.
            All your power is due men’s chivalry: most men feel that is somewhat unfair to hurt your feelings, because they’ve been trained to be particularly polite towards women, so they let you yell your hateful rhetoric repackaged as equality.
            By doing so, they’re doing a disservice to humanity, because you’re a monster who doesn’t care in the slighest about things like infanticides.
            I’m different: since you’re an old lady I could even help you to carry heavy bags, but I’m not going to let you spread hatred.

      • I agree the latest is Shayla O’Brien snatched as soon as she was born by the social services and given to a Homosexual male couple even though the grandmother had been in a process of adopting her as her daughter couldn’t cope. Two weeks later she was dead, tortured to death in the Gay marriage she was put into.

  26. Takuan Seiyo who was writing some years ago on the internet compared the progressives and liberals to the bodysnatched people in the film “Invasion of the Bodysnatchers” .
    We had become a bodysnatched society in the West ruled by them and mostly comprised of them.
    The whole premise was an assault upon reality that in the end is doomed to fail .
    It is just a matter of time.
    Meanwhile he advocated us non bodysnatched keeping as far away from the bodysnatchers as we could and making sure that our children and grandchildren were protected as much as humanly possible from their insanity that now pervades education and the governing/media classes.
    The Twitter storms of the bodysnatched exactly replicates the howling in the films ( there are two versions).
    So this is my comment upon this matter.

  27. ”Refusing to use the correct pronoun shows an ignorance and intolerance beyond the pale and unacceptable. It renders the whole article valueless bigoted and hate filled.”

    No it’s not. We are using the correct pronouns, it’s transgender people who insist on misgendering themselves 😉

    Your massive butthurt screech is hilarious given you end up calling feminists nazis. How is that not hateful? Seems much worse to me than calling a man a man. The pot calling the kettle black.

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