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War is the only way for Israel to find peace


Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

From First They Came by Pastor Martin Niemöller

THERE are more big anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian (aka Hamas) protests planned for Remembrance Weekend, more loud and defiant celebrations of the massacre of Israelis, more calls for the genocidal removal of Israel and Jews from their ancestral homeland and legitimate country. The language of government used to express abhorrence of what happened on October 7, and support for Israel’s right of self-defence, and labelling of the rallies which have already taken place as ‘hate marches’ would suggest that government would feel justified in banning further such marches and rallies – but of course they won’t.  

So what should we make of this?

Denying clear documentary and archaeological evidence of Israel being the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people, denial of there being a continuous Jewish population in the land for the millennia since Joshua led them in from Egypt, and turning a blind eye to the fact that there has never being another state established there since ancient Israel, is nothing but anti-Semitic; to deny Jews their country to live in together as an established nation is to put them in existential danger; deliberately to leave them homeless and without protection from those who wish to kill every one of them. What could be more anti-Semitic than to sign up to that, other than murdering them yourself just because they are Jewish?

Those who are calling and chanting for Palestine to be free from the river to the sea, for Israel to restrain its response to October 7, for Israel to negotiate a settlement with Hamas, calling for a ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza (and therefore straight into the bloody hands of Hamas) – they are anti-Semites, and put little value on a legitimate country and its peoples. We hear no voices demanding the end of Iraq and Syria, which were creations of former colonial powers with the approval of the League of Nations, and definitely no calls to delegitimise Jordan, which was created as part of the same action that created Israel. It may not come up to the surface in their everyday lives, but these last weeks reveal that deep inside them is that evil, malignant prejudice against the Jews, that inner thought that the Jews get what they deserve; that anti-Semitism pollutes and corrupts their thinking, puts them on the side of evil, gives moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas.

And those who consider themselves in a persecuted minority oppressed by the white heterosexual hegemony, and who side with those in a foreign country who they consider are also oppressed, seem to have a mental barrier disconnecting themselves from the threat that is the ideology of those they support. The scale of cognitive dissonance makes one wonder what kind of brainwashing they have been subject to.

Then there are those who say a concerted, violent and prolonged response from Israel is futile; that Israel’s efforts at attacking Hamas in the past have failed to solve the problem. They mix the deliberately curtailed and limited Israeli responses to previous Hamas provocations, including the continuation of humanitarian supplies and basic services, with the current situation. They protest that all they want is a peaceful solution, that they don’t want innocent children to die in Gaza; well, all decent people would have those sentiments. But decent people don’t turn their faces away from the premeditated savage barbarity seen in southern Israel and say ‘Oh well, but Israel needs to be restrained’,and pretend that peace can be made with entities which have only the destruction of Israel as their purpose in life (and death).

What happened on October 7 has forced reality into the face of Israel in a way that cannot be ignored or dismissed with a minimised reaction. This is a new reality, one to which Israel has a moral responsibility to respond with measures that will not be curtailed or limited by outside pressures. To leave an existential threat alive and enabled is an evil in itself; it is one that Israel has committed in the past, which is one reason this situation remains. Hamas, if it gets away with what it did on October 7 including its use of its own people as human shields/pawns, and survives, will feel emboldened by its successful attack. And so will the other Islamist terrorists who are out to drive Israel into the annals of history and wipe the Jews off the face of the earth. To them all, the survival of Hamas in any form will be a sign that they must build on their ‘success’.

And one has to wonder how long it will be before the West’s support for Israel will wilt under pressure from Arab countries, the UN and other globalist organisations, and the woke and Islamist voices in their own countries. There are already signs of this in Biden’s administration. The politicians’ calls of support are always tinged, sooner or later, with the call for proportionality, for responding within the international rules of war, even when there is no such thing as proportionality in war and Israel does all it can (more than is legally required of it) to meet the standards of international warfare rules. These weasel words of proportionality and legal responsibility were thoroughly debunked in this BBC interview with the international lawyer Natasha Hausdorff. ‘From an international law perspective,’ she stated, ‘Israel does not only have the right to a robust response but under the convention on the prevention and punishment of genocide, the crime of genocide, it also has an affirmative of negation, like the rest of the signatories to that convention to make sure that never again means never again’. That was just the beginning. The BBC, dedicated Israel hater and anti-Semitic apologist for evil, no doubt wishes the interview had never taken place

Israel cannot make peace with those who use the idea of peace only as convenient temporary political cover until they can carry out their ambition of a Judenfrei Middle East. Israel must stand by itself, and do the dreadful things that war entails, to fulfil its moral duty to protect its citizens from more Hamas butchery. 

The question is, do the Israeli political leadership have the courage and stomach to complete their goal of eradicating Hamas and freeing Gaza from its terrorist rule, against the inevitable woke or worse Western pressure and virtue-signalling disapproval? Their limited efforts in the past have allowed the savagery of October 7 simply because they were limited. A sticking plaster will no longer suffice. War is now the only way to eliminate the continuing threat of barbarity and annihilation for Israelis, and provide Gazans with a new opportunity to build a peaceful and prosperous future – the one they were given in 2005 and was lost; one that will require the positive commitment of both Israelis and Gazans alike.  Nothing else will have a chance of achieving a positive outcome from the tragedy being played out.

Success for Hamas is operational survival.  Success for the anti-Semites marching on our streets and their supporters is to have no significant curtailment of their marching, chanting activities or their publishing of foul abuse and hatred online, and no large-scale arrests and criminal charges for those who have taken part. If these successes occur, then we all have lost the existential war against Islamic fundamentalism – Jew, Christian, peaceful and secular Muslim, atheists, polytheists, and all those who just are not sure what they believe.  As a result, Islamism will capitalise on the weaknesses of the West and drive its ideology harder, taking more ground in the Jihad it has waged for centuries by population expansion, threat and violence. If we do not protect our Jewish friends and fellow citizens from the threats against them which have mushroomed across our land, and drive those threats away, we will have capitulated our own freedoms to a dark evil.

Israel is the front line of this struggle for freedom from an oppressive, dictatorial, fundamentalist Islam. I do not believe that Israel will fall, because they have nowhere else to go. And now, with unchecked illegal immigrants pouring into the UK and Europe, there is nothing holding the Islamists back from focusing their next moves against a weak and morally confused West. How long will it be before we are looking across at Israel, like thousands of European Jews are right now, and saying to ourselves ‘I would be safer and freer living in Israel than in my own, fallen country’? As Melanie Phillips has said, ‘The agenda of Hamas and its puppet-master Iran is very clear. Destroy Israel, genocide against the Jews, and then wipe out the Christian West and all unbelievers.’ First they come for the Saturday people, then they come for the Sunday people. 

I agree with Douglas Murray in his wonderful speech after 7/10.  Like him, I too am now a Zionist, an Israeli, a Jew.  Perhaps we all need to be, if the UK is to fight off the onslaught of Islamism in our midst.

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John Hale
John Hale
A semi-retired would-be poet, with a keen interest in politics and a love of the countryside, over 35 years of world-wide business development experience, and most importantly nine grandchildren. His substack, Driving Out the Money Changers, is here.

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