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Warped world of the Woke


A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. For the traitor appears not a traitor . . . He speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. – Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 BC. Statesman, lawyer, writer and orator

THE Woke are a loose tribal grouping of semi-autonomous clans allied with Critical Race Theorists, BLM and those predators on young minds who masquerade as academics. Thanks to them we now exist in a sick, infantile society infested with various brain-damaged wrecks.

‘Cancel Culture’ best epitomises this malignant cancer. Its acolytes practise a form of ostracism in which people with a different perspective are ejected from social circles and places of employment for not righteously toeing the party line. The ghosts of Marx, Pol Pot and Mao Zedong approve wholeheartedly.

Beyond the periphery of ‘Cancel Culture’ but with one foot still in it are vegans and their equally psychotic compatriots, holistorexians. 

Homo sapiens sapiens is an omnivorous species. We require a balanced diet of plant and animal protein to maintain a healthy and active life. No more than we can survive and remain healthy on a purely carnivorous diet over a long period can we do so on a herbivorous one. We do not possess an alimentary system capable of extracting and metabolising all the necessary nutrients from plants alone.

To function adequately, the central nervous system (CNS) requires a number of animal-protein-derived amino acids such as tryptophan, tyrosine, histidine, and arginine which are used by the brain for the synthesis of various neurotransmitters and neuromodulators. Vegans deprive themselves of many these essential amino acids by refusing to eat animal protein. This detrimentally affects brain function, which those who have attempted to enter into dialogue with them will have no doubt noticed.

Orthorexia is an eating disorder, an obsession with healthy eating that is in fact terminally unhealthy and, similar to veganism, can lead to severe dietary deficiencies that result in organ failure and death. It is a disease that feeds upon itself and it has become closely linked to the tarot card and magic crystal worshipping activities favoured by ‘celebrities’ and ‘influencers’ (whatever they may be) who infest the press and social media. It is big business and is known as holistic orthorexia, holistorexia.

The resultant manic compulsions encompass not just food, but all aspects of daily life. This is a physical manifestation of a mental illness – clinically, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Every activity must be repetitious, in a particular place and at a specific time to achieve a non-existent nirvana. On social media there are hundreds of holistic health groups boasting hundreds of thousands of members, mostly twentysomething single women.

Hence, Wokism in all its forms and associations is an assembly of cults. Although it does not yet have a clearly defined dogmatic structure it does have a mix of odd, quasi-religious secular, cultural and spiritual groupings; it has prophets and seers and exhibits doctrinal trends similar to that of a formalised religion – a unique epistemology, a dystopian analysis of its personal situation and the human condition in general, a redemption theme and an insistence on being seen as uniquely virtuous.

It is a very dangerous entity. People afflicted with rogue psychopathological carcinomas with no internal ‘off’ switch in their genomes have become relentless destroyers of the mental health of nations.

Mixed up in this same mess of pottage are found psychotic climate freaks, predatory corporations blindsided by greed, inept politicians (and their fanatic single-issue spouses), Frankensteinian ‘scientists’ with their own agendas and yet even more demented greenoid proselytisers and the promoters of transgenderism.

The Woke understand, at least at a subliminal level, that before any new socio-political structure can be imposed its predecessor must be destroyed, not just sidelined. The moral, social and political chaos generated by them and their media and political bag-carriers is designed to implement this destruction.

Intelligence on its own serves little purpose. It needs the moderating influence of morality to strike a viable balance when dealing with evolving human circumstances. Similarly, fear, hate, despair, hope, greed, love, doubt, elation and paranoia etc need to be moderated by a reasonable degree of intelligence, but the Woke and their fellow travellers, lacking anything resembling intelligence, are thus in the process of bringing our economic, legal and political structures to their knees.

We, the indigenous people, live in a previously well-tended estate with gardens now run wild with noxious weeds surrounding derelict houses. Our ancestors built that estate with strong walls on solid foundations but we have been turned into soft, frightened, politically corrected, peace-pampered drones who have allowed ourselves to be evicted, imprisoned by laws, impoverished by banksters and ruled by regimes that peddle nothing but empty symbolisms in a twilight world of alien invaders and moral destitutes.

It is axiomatic that a warped view of reality will lead to warped societies and the time is upon us when we will have to incinerate that view, rebuild our houses, weed and replant the gardens and return things to their former healthy state. 

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Brother Antony
Brother Antony
Brother Antony is a retired British and Commonwealth military officer. He is a widower with a grown-up family scattered to the winds and is a serving Brother of a small, closed Christian Military Order in the USA. He writes because he is no longer allowed a sword, but is yet to be fully convinced that the pen is mightier. Old habits do die hard.

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