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We both know this has never been about saving lives, Boris


Hi Boris,

I hope this finds you well. You don’t seem to be having a great time of it at the moment, what with all those broken election promises your party is moaning about. So to throw them a bone, you yet again start fiddling with the gaslights, postponing your vaccine passports, until just before  Christmas, no doubt. How’s Plan B coming along? Just how dim do you think we all are?

Anyway, at the end of my last letter, I promised to take you on a trip through the Covid-19 landscape to highlight the co-ordination, coincidences, contradictions and consequences of you and your cabal’s manipulations and machinations.

Do you know what really got me questioning what was going on, right at the beginning of this? The one thing that made me realise, there and then, that we were being played. It was all those videos of people dropping dead in the streets of Wuhan. Not going down like a sack of spuds, but cartoonishly keeling over, stiff as a board, as they went shopping on the mean streets of Wuhan. Anyone who has had the flu will tell you that the last thing you feel like doing is a bit of shopping.

Most of these videos have been wiped from existence. Thankfully I managed to find a few, just to remind you of how utterly ridiculous they look.

But the really ridiculous thing, Boris, is the complete absence of reports or videos of anyone similarly keeling over anywhere else on the entire planet . . . and that just doesn’t make sense. The Chinese were yet again helping to prime the rest of the world, just like they helped in creating the virus.

Those videos put the fear of God into so many people. And even with that famous video of Wuhan citizens shouting from their tower blocks that it was all a sham, the Italians locked down next and Neil Ferguson realised that you’d get away with it here.

So you turned to your ‘reliable and trustworthy’ media to announce a lockdown of three weeks to ‘flatten the curve’. The lockdown commenced on March 23, 2020, but it’s what you did just four days earlier that left me scratching my head.

On March 19, 2020, Public Health England (PHE) quietly downgraded Covid-19 from a High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) four days before locking the entire country down (in contradiction to every pandemic preparedness strategy), wrecking the economy and psychologically damaging millions of people.

It didn’t make any sense why you would downgrade the disease just before using it as the excuse for taking such unprecedented action. So I dug a little deeper to try to find the reason for such an apparently counter-intuitive decision.

On the government website page where PHE declares the downgrade, I noticed links to various pdfs of how HCIDs must be managed. I realised that the downgrade was likely procedural, probably in order to avoid an obligation or a responsibility.

And when I looked through the contents page of the main article, catchily titled Management of Hazard Group 4 viral haemorrhagic fevers and similar human infectious diseases of high consequence, my eyes were immediately drawn to ‘Section 6 – Public Health actions’, and there was your angle, in all its glory.

‘10. It is a public health responsibility; to consider antiviral prophylaxis, and arrange as necessary.’

The very drugs that you and other great leaders of the ‘free’ world have sought to suppress and deride, in order that an experimental ‘vaccine’ could ‘legally’ be granted emergency use authorisation, must be considered as a preventive treatment.

In short, if you hadn’t downgraded Covid-19 from a HCID, you would have been forced to make available cheap, safe and effective treatments for Covid-19, and therefore the granting of an emergency use authorisation for your clot shots would have been illegal.

This of course raises the question of what happened regarding your poor victims before March 19. Did ‘Public Health’ fulfil their responsibility and consider existing drugs as a preventive treatment then? Or did they just stick them on ventilators and kill them?

Your outrageous trial on hydroxychloroquine last year, where six times the recommended maximum dose was given to people who were already on their last legs, was clearly set up to fail.

Interesting to note that the same drug had been available over the counter in France for more than 50 years until, just before your pandemic started on January 15, they suddenly classed it as a poisonous substance.

Similarly, the supply of ivermectin, technically not an antiviral but with excellent antiviral properties, has been suppressed by the leaders of the ‘free’ world. And you’re in the process of trialling that right now, no doubt set up to fail yet again.

It is utterly shameful, and people should hang for what they have done.

This has never been about saving lives, it’s about scaring people witless, to the point that they’ll accept an experimental drug no thinking person would have even considered taking just two short years ago. And you have suppressed cheap and effective treatments that would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, if not millions, in order that your clot shot could be ‘legally’ approved.

If you were genuinely interested in saving lives, or even the sacred NHS, you’d have provided every man, woman and child in this country with a course or two of antivirals such as ivermectin (in conjunction with zinc, vitamins C & D), which has been shown time and again to reduce death by up to 85 per cent. But pretty much every course of action you and Matt Hancock took in the early days appeared engineered to compound the problem, not cauterise it.

Right at the beginning, when people started getting ill, they were given the useless PCR tests only when they were exhibiting symptoms and being admitted to hospital. Over the following few months, this remained the situation; of course, as the inventor of the PCR test clearly attested, it is a pointless test if people are not exhibiting symptoms. Over that period, it was drummed into the mainstream media-watching public that a case equated to a positive PCR test.

Then, when Matt finally got his act together and testing was made available to the masses, just as you ‘released’ us all, you flipped it on its head, ramped up the cycle threshold, and a positive PCR test equated to a case.

It was as if almost the entire political, media, medical and scientific communities took a ‘stupid’ pill overnight. And all your positive test results became ‘cases’, which were, and still are, based on a flawed PCR test from which the CDC in the States is withdrawing its emergency use authorisation in December because it can’t tell the difference between SARS-CoV-2 and flu viruses!

You graciously let us out of our cells in mid-June last year, almost immediately followed by some local lockdowns just to remind us who was in charge and so that we were grateful for our limited freedom. The quid pro quo came on July 24 with your ridiculous mask mandate, which I think we both know is really about acquiescence, submission and control.

The tragedy in all this is the size of the majority who mindlessly accept what they are told by you and your ‘reliable and trustworthy’ news sources. They accept each of the steps you take (in lockstep with your pandemic premiership peers) on the path out of your entirely contrived and manufactured crisis.

Boris, I’m going to start winding up for now, as I’m going to leave the subject of vaccines, passports etc for the third in my trilogy of letters to you. But I do just want to touch on variants before I go, and perhaps the biggest coincidence yet.

The first three variants emanated from the UK (18/12/20), closely followed by the South African variant (14/01/21), and then the Brazilian variant (15/01/21).

The dates above are when they were officially designated a ‘variant of concern’, but they had shown themselves before those dates, significantly before any clot shot roll-out.

By sheer coincidence, I’m sure, AstraZeneca selected three countries to trial their Covid-19 vaccine. As can be seen in their press release, those countries were the UK, Brazil and South Africa.

To be fair, I’m sure they would select for a trial only a country which is a member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) (194 countries), so working out the odds of this trio being picked at random is pretty easy.

I know maths isn’t your strong point, Boris, so let’s make it simple.

Picture a bag containing 194 balls, each with the name of a WHO member country. All but three are red. Those three are green and each bears the name of one of the three AstraZeneca trial countries.

Boris, you are playing ‘Fate’, and your job is to pick the first three countries you are going to set a new plague upon.

The chances of your picking a green ball on your first go are 3/194. The chances of picking a green one on your second go are 2/193. The chance of picking the remaining green one out on your third go is 1/192.

The odds of you picking all three out in three consecutive goes are 6 in 7,188,864 or 1 in 1,198,144.

In other words the odds of the first three designated variants of concern emanating by chance from the very three countries selected by AstraZeneca for their trial are over one in a million. To put that in perspective, it is almost twice as likely that your son Wilfred will win a gold medal at the Olympics.

We could talk about the Delta variant as well, but let’s save that for the next letter.

Boris, as always, I’m copying your fellow MPs into this, though I suspect they’re too scared to raise their heads above the parapet at the moment. But the time is coming when the minority becomes a majority, and there will no longer be a place for politicians, judges, NGOs, NDPBs, armed forces or police who forget their place. You and your ilk have pushed your luck to the limit.

No more.

We’ll talk about the NHS, PHE, UKHSA and MHRA soon. I’m sure you can explain how the MHRA spent £1.5million on an artificial intelligence to compile the Yellow Card statistics that your trusted mainstream media spend so much time disparaging, saying they have no validity because it’s a self-reporting system. But they always seem to forget, or overlook, the disclaimer that the serious injury statistics quoted there are likely only 10 per cent of the true number.

With more than 1,650 deaths so far reported from your vaccines, just in the UK, Boris, that could equate to 16,500 deaths. We’re talking about the annihilation of a town the size of Cirencester, Penzance, Nailsea, Ripon, Carmarthen or Penicuik . . . and that’s if we believe your estimate.

What do you have to say for yourself, Boris? Indeed, what do you have to say to the families of those 16,500 victims?

Shame on you!

Speak soon,


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Roddy Duncan
Roddy Duncan
Roddy has been in the marketing business for over 25 years, specifically database marketing. His ongoing interest is in the possible future of databases, and what they might become capable of.

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