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Why are we embracing our own destruction?


ANYONE whose eyes are open can clearly see that for the last few decades we have been living through the slow-motion demolition of Western civilisation. Of late, that process appears to be quickly gathering pace. It is apparent to many people in the West, and particularly in Britain and the wider English-speaking world, that our globalist political and cultural elites are engaged in dismantling the foundations of everything we hold dear. Every aspect of how we understand and engage with the world and find meaning from it is under relentless attack, from the concept of the nation state with defined borders, to the food we eat, to our hard-won cultural inheritance of open debate and free enquiry, even the very basic biological reality that human beings are a dimorphic species consisting of men and women is not just deemed factually incorrect but to utter so is considered a form of hate crime. 

The nation state as most Westerners understand it is being dismantled deliberately via divisive identity politics and unrestrained immigration. For any nation state to endure there has to be a collective identity to which people feel they belong. That doesn’t have to be entirely based on ethnicity, but it must be forged from a common culture. The indigenous Britons share overlapping ancestry from across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. That sense of a collective British identity took centuries to evolve and involved much conflict, and is still disputed by the various Celtic nationalisms across our shared islands. Our own historic, indigenous ethnic conflicts should serve as an instruction to the importance of forging a common culture to overcome conflict and division which can arise within multi-ethnic societies. Instead, in recent decades, we have embraced unsustainable levels of immigration, much of it from culturally incompatible Muslim countries, which makes integration difficult if not impossible. Of course, there are many decent individual Muslims who do integrate, but I’m talking about the overall trend. 

This type of immigration is an entirely different phenomenon from sustainable levels of immigration from cultures which aren’t rife with Islamist terror and widespread hostility to the values of liberal democracy. 

Instead of our political, cultural and media establishment promoting shared values and a common British culture, they have embraced the Neo-Marxist oppressor-versus-oppressed narrative in which white Britons and British history and culture are always at fault and ethnic minorities are only ever innocent victims. The most recent example of this occurred last week at a school in Wakefield after some non-Muslim boys handled a Koran and one of them smudged and dropped it. A furore was whipped up among some in the local Muslim community which led to death threats directed at the teenage book smudgers and one of them being expelled from school. A terrified mother of one of the boys attended the local mosque dressed in a hijab to plead for forgiveness for her son. The police were also present and have recorded the book smudging as a ‘hate incident’. Why are the police and school involved in facilitating the enforcement of Islamic blasphemy law in the UK? Who decided that Britain would integrate with Islamic law? With boatloads of young males mostly from Muslim-majority countries washing up on the south coast, not to mention the many more coming legally, we can look forward to a future of increasing blasphemy controversies and the threat of violence and actual violence itself which comes with that territory. The open-borders fanatics among us fervently believe that the occasional machete attack over someone looking at a cartoon or mishandling a book is a small price to pay to show that we are quite literally willing to put our necks on the line to show how much we value diversity and inclusion.

To conform with the mantra of valuing diversity, it isn’t enough to welcome a degree of immigration and to value and respect your fellow ethnic minority citizens who are well integrated.

Valuing diversity is just a euphemism for support of de facto open borders. This explains why even the slightest defence of the argument that immigration should be regulated and have limits leads to angry leftists and globalist liberals calling you far right. The diversity agenda also serves as a front in which to promote anti-white and anti-west Neo-Marxist doctrines such as critical race theory. This is the same ideological prism through which the media conjures up the fictitious bogeyman of ‘institutional racism’ to blame white Britons for the crimes of a minority of young black Britons and through which all discussions on historical slavery are discussed as if it was an evil perpetrated solely by whites towards black people. Social cohesion in Britain will be torn asunder in the very near future if we continue with mass immigration and our ideologically captured public sector and cultural establishment continue to indoctrinate ethnic minorities that whites are the source of all their problems.

America is a few years further down the path the critical race theorists wish us all to follow, and as you can see from the video in the tweet below their agenda couldn’t be further away from the 1960s civil rights aspiration that skin colour should be irrelevant. Thankfully, plenty of decent black Americans reject anti-white racism but, like Britain, much of the state apparatus and public sector has been ideologically captured by the critical race theorists and with the full support of the Biden administration.

Surely we have more than enough on our plates trying to cope with the abandonment of our borders, racially divisive identity politics and the pathologies of the Islamic world being allowed to take root, but now we also have to contend with schools inviting drag queens to indoctrinate children that they might be trapped in the wrong body. Call me old-fashioned, but I was brought up to believe that schools should provide you with skills and set you on a path to employment later in adult life, not have you contemplating whether to have your genitals surgically removed. 

Finally, as if to prove that gloomy Northern Irish saying that ‘things are never so bad that they can’t get worse’, there is the Ukraine conflict and the West’s seeming willingness to risk a nuclear war over Ukrainian ‘democracy’. This being a democracy which has banned political parties which oppose Zelensky along with media outlets that are critical of his leadership. Before the entire Western media became cheerleaders for the neo-con/liberal interventionist agenda in Ukraine they reported accurately about Ukrainian corruption. 

If we end up getting vaporised in a nuclear exchange over an internecine Slavic dispute, we won’t even have the consolation that at least it was for a noble cause. 

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Andrew Devine
Andrew Devine
Andrew Devine is an Orwell Prize winning writer & blogger

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