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Why masks are a waste of time


BORIS Johnson is reported to be considering making masks compulsory in shops and and elsewhere indoors. In more socialist Canada, this is expected to become law tomorrow. I sent an email to my city councillor and mayor about the unquestioning embrace of masks as a cure-all for coronavirus, and I encourage TCW readers to do the same before inevitably the Orwellian mob forces everyone to cover their faces.

This is what I said:

‘I wanted to email you to urge you to vote against any motion mandating mask use in public areas. 

‘The concerns I have involve how such a bylaw would be 1) enforced, 2) what about those who require an exception or refuse and that 3) the bylaw may be too broad if referring to all public spaces (e.g. massive crowds versus a grocery store). 

‘Experts have reservations about mandating masks as cloth masks are poorly studied, and there isn’t much real-world evidence to recommend medical masks to the general public, bearing in mind that standard medical masks filter roughly 0.5 microns and the coronavirus is 0.125 microns.

‘Such guidelines are feared to exacerbate shortages of medical masks or backfire if people do not wear the masks properly or if they are lulled into a false sense of security. If there is a benefit to having healthy people wear masks, the effect is likely small. No one should assume they are protected by a face mask.
‘Unfortunately, many people do not know or care to learn when or how to handle, dispose or launder their masks when appropriate, thus promoting the handling of a soiled or contaminated mask. Additionally, masks are not meant to be touched (aside from the ties/ear loops) and the majority of the public are constantly adjusting, putting their mask below their nose/chin and handling their masks thus contaminating their hands furthering the spread of bacteria/viruses and making wearing a mask redundant. 

‘We are seeing a drastic fall in cases without the use of force to comply with mask wearing rules as this issue is extremely debatable and many disagree with the benefits of mask wearing in public places. Why mandate masks now that the city is soon to go into phase 3 when we have not mandated it to begin with in the prior phases when things were far more precarious? Because it was not the answer then and it is not now. 

‘If someone is ill, they should remain at home and wear a mask when out. If there are going to be any crowds (such as protests or beaches) mask use should be mandatory. However, for someone like me who has gone to the grocery store with reduced numbers admitted at a time and have observed social distancing of 6 ft distance from others, now this new bylaw would FORCE me to wear a mask since the grocery store is a public place? Absurd!’

Despite all the stern words, it appears that here in Ottawa, the mask bylaw will not be enforced by means of fines. Instead it is expected to be utilised in ‘good faith’. Why not continue to recommend masks, why force the matter if you have no intention of enforcing the law? Making a law with no intention of enforcing it defeats the purpose. Do they expect that others will shame those without masks and the repercussions will be social exclusion and being ostracised (not that I’d mind being ostracised by the lot that would be dogmatic about mask usage).

As many readers may know, Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau has been found guilty of breaking multiple ethics laws and a laundry list of other misdemeanours. During Covid-19, his behaviour has been hypocritical and we could not have had a worse leader during such a health crisis. Trudeau and the Liberal Party did not close borders or initiate travel bans (as urged by the Conservative Party), he crossed provincial borders, went to his cabin during the pandemic, offered his wife’s charity a government contract to provide relief during Covid-19 (and then quickly retracted it) and adjourned parliament for the summer during a health crisis (hey guys, he’s a teacher, he’s used to getting his summers off). Yet the woke Left and mainstream media demonised two Conservative Party politicians this week when they briefly removed their masks during a conversation at the Toronto Airport. Welcome to 1984, folks!

Some will qualify for an exemption for medical reasons. These include those who physically cannot wear or maintain a face mask and those with medical conditions that prevent mask usage. So, far from being co-operative as I like to make up my own mind, in the current heat here in Canada (roughly 30+ degrees Celsius), I will wear a mask indoors if there is air conditioning (e.g. grocery store) but I will not be wearing a mask indoors in places without air conditioning as I have a heat intolerance and history of fainting . . . she said with a wink.

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Kateri Muys
Kateri Muys is a nurse living in Ottawa, Canada.

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