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Why we immigrants voted against Britain-hating Labour


THE Labour Party have rightly been given a bloody nose. Scuppered by their own hubris, they know that they have lost the support of many traditional Labour voters in what were their traditional heartlands.

Working-class communities have been devastated by EU rules and free movement. By promising a second referendum Labour abandoned them in favour of an anti-democratic, elitist dogma. We saw the consequences of this foolish project last Friday morning. The silent majority don’t like being harangued by anti-Semitic Marxists who keep telling them that they are stupid racists.

Labour also took the immigrant vote for granted. Seeing Labour for the detrimental force they are, many of us said no. Some of us come from Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and South America – I am from South Africa – and know where the politics of hate and envy can lead. 

We have heard hectoring rhetoric before, often wrapped up in a cuddly blanket of morality, and the ugly demonisation of the other. We have seen too many times the inevitable destruction that race baiting and the love for socialism brings. We know what happens when our youth are corrupted by debased politicians and disingenuous teachers. When tyrants claim they are for the many they are often for the few. We witnessed this all in our childhoods, we remember it from our ancestral memories and we don’t want the same repeated here.

This great country would be diminished under a Labour regime. Their manifesto of ‘free everything’ would have to be paid for somehow, an impossible task given that their economic policies would have ruined Britain’s finances, leaving them unable to implement this. Not all of us are gullible. We have seen what happens when countries fall apart and we don’t want the same happening here.

Not all immigrants voted Remain as Labour, with their obsession with us, assumed. Some of us Commonwealthers, fed up with being discriminated against by EU law and protectionism, and wanting sovereignty for our adopted homeland, voted for Brexit.

If Labour persist in tarring Brexiteers with a ‘far Right ‘or ‘hard Right’ brush they will continue to lose support from the working classes and immigrants. This poisonous rhetoric has enraged many blue Labour Brexiteers. Brexit is an act of independence from the corrupt EU dictatorship, voted for by 17.4million people across the political spectrum, including immigrants like myself.

I resent Labour fetishising my immigrant status and being told that immigrants are helpless children who need saving from the big, bad Tories and Brexit.

Aspirational immigrants don’t want saving, or handouts. Most of us have worked hard and contributed as best we can to our new homeland. We take pride in our roots, and our ability to move from one continent to another to make a better life, unaided, for ourselves and our families. 

Labour MPs continually remind us that Britain is a racist, hateful place. If this is true then why do so many BAME immigrants move here? This obvious fact, and our everyday experiences, don’t support the claims they make. Labour’s divisive advocacy for open borders was a fatal mistake in this election. Uncontrolled immigration is deeply unfair and damaging and places untold pressure on scarce resources such as housing, hospitals and schools. This affects all members of society, indigenous and immigrants alike.

Labour also make the mistake of thinking that everyone hates this country like they do. But many of us immigrants love Britain. My citizenship ceremony, where I swore allegiance to Queen and country, and loudly sang the national anthem with another nine lucky new citizens, was one of the proudest moments of my life. Despite what the Left tells you, patriotism is not a dirty word.

Many immigrants are decent, moral and patriotic and won’t vote for a party which embodies the opposite. All that is left of Labour’s supporters is a shrieking cabal of snobbish academics still hoping for their ‘glorious revolution’, patronising luvvies, the metropolitan elite and students mistakenly enthralled by the blood-soaked ideology of socialism.

Their response to the election result has been pitiful. Labour has shown no sign of contrition, preferring to blame ‘stupid racists’, Jews and the media for the result. I am unsure what argument Jeremy Corbyn thinks he has won, unless it is one he had with himself, mumbling into his marrows at his allotment. Labour’s youthful Brownshirts, last seen throwing public petulant tantrums in London, truly don’t understand how democracy works. But what else can we expect from the narcissistic ‘trophies for everyone’ generation who have been taught by their teachers to fear the Tories and despise their own country? With their touting of the gruesome twosome, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Angela Rayner, for leader and deputy, Labour show they are still caught in the grip of the cult of Corbyn. And politicians such as Keir Starmer are not the ‘moderates’ they claim to be, given they all campaigned to put an anti-Semite and his Marxist cabal into power.

As we head into the festive period we can celebrate knowing that our country has been saved from the destructive force of Labour. The election results showed that Labour are no longer the party of the working classes. They are also probably no longer the party of hardworking, aspirational immigrants and their sons and daughters. 

Although we have won this battle the war is not over. All of our institutions, from the judiciary, police, House of Lords, schools, universities and NHS, are riddled with Leftie groupthink and dominated by those who detest Britain. This will not go away overnight. There is still much work to be done to combat them all. But for now, we can all breathe a little more easily.

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Karen Harradine
Karen Harradine
Karen is an anthropologist and freelance journalist. She writes on anti-Semitism, Israel and spirituality. She is @KarenH777on Twitter.

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