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Will writing this put me on the Democrat hit list?


THE very word ‘list’ can chill the soul. Secret police agencies – the NKVD, the Gestapo – compiled lists of politically unreliable elements. These people were destined to get a bullet in the back of the head, lest they become ‘unhelpful’ to the regime. As with any totalitarian system, dissent is oppressed, and in many a case, liquidated. The revolution brooks no opposition.

It is disturbing then, to see Democrats reviving this age-old practice, as Laura Perrins observes in these pages today. Upon the media rushing to proclaim Joe Biden the 46th president (President of what-now? C’mawn! he likely said upon hearing the news), the darlings of the modern Left were quick to adopt the tactics of Felix Dzerzhinsky, Genrikh Yagoda et al.

Enter the ‘Trump Accountability Project’, which, in not-alarming-at-all language, promises to catalogue anyone who voted for, staffed or funded the Trump administration. Despite the dullness of the name (this is a standard trick of the Left, whose Trojan horses are always camouflaged with the exceedingly dull language of hyper-rationality and objectivity. Everything is ‘fact checked’, or guided by ‘the science’ et cetera), publicly calling for one’s political opponents to be gathered on to lists is something the dangers of which even the most historically illiterate could see.

The project insists that we ‘should never forget’ those whotook part in the Trump government.Despite the obvious insanity of such a proposition (it was a democratically elected and entirely legitimate government), luminaries of the Left have lapped up the chance of compiling their enemies on to neat lists. Perhaps these same enemies could be crossed out at some point: how large, I wonder, is the step from ‘accountability’ to ‘retribution’?

Who is behind all this? Well, the darling of so-called democratic socialism (that’s just plain old socialism, though with a greener hue than usual, to you and me), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, took to Twitter asking for people to ‘archive’ the ‘complicity’ of ‘these Trump sycophants’. Notice the use of ‘complicity’: in her mind it is a crime to be involved in a government whose policies she disagrees with.

Another charmer, a journalist with the Washington Post named Jennifer Rubin – whose Twitter page describes her, unironically I assume, as ‘pro-democracy’ – posted the following, not-at-all-alarming, tweet:

‘Any R[epublican] now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow [sic] the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into ‘polite’ society. We have a list.’

They have a list. And your name will go on it if you refuse to accept every aspect of the election result as presented to you by the Democratic Party and their hyper-partisan allies in the media. That any aspect of the election could be anything other than perfectly watertight is enough to get you entered on the listOf course, we can all imagine what might happen if conservatives began compiling ‘lists’, but such double standards are hardly worth mentioning by this point.

This is, of course, a threat issued from the same group of people who spent the last four years claiming that Russia hacked the 2016 election, rendering its results invalid.Now, it seems, merely suggesting that any part of an election could be swayed illegitimately is enough to warrant your name on a blacklist. Oh, what a difference a day makes. Such rapid turnarounds are also to be seen in Democrats’ concerns about Covid-19, with street parties now just dandy and with Joe Biden daring to venture out without his once-permanent face mask.

There’s almost nobody left in the public realm to scrutinise this nonsense. Naturally, don’t expect the media to investigate anything that in some way may help Trump. By now entirely partisan – showing an utter lack of interest in Biden’s potentially compromising links with foreign governments and the depraved contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop – there is approximately zero chance that the Left’s adoption of Stasi-esque methods will spark their interest. They have far more important things to cover: didn’t you hear that Trump played golf again? Even if they did cover it, Big Tech would censor it.

Perhaps writing all this will get me put on a list. It wouldn’t surprise me. I cannot be alone in being shocked at the brazen partiality of almost every media outlet throughout this election campaign. I cannot be alone in finding it increasingly hard to stomach the sheer gall, sickening dishonesty and two-facedness of it all.

After four years of encouraging society to tear itself apart, seeking to destroy Trump and endlessly smearing his supporters – accompanied by the incessant, infantile yelps of Not My President – we are now all, in Kumbaya unison, to welcome the election of the new president. Only the modern Left could adopt such wildly incompatible and outrageously hypocritical stances in the course of 24 hours.

All of this, of course, while the result has not been officially declared: to date it has been asserted only by media outlets-cum-Democrat campaign vehicles that Biden has won. He hasn’t (though he still may do). Despite their gaslighting and attempts to prove otherwise, the sickening toadies of Twitter, CNN and MSNBC don’t decide official election results. For now, at least, anyway.

Dare to disagree? Be careful, you might join me on one of those nice lists being drawn up now. The way things are going, the punishment eventually dished out may be far worse than just a lump of coal in your stocking for Christmas. 

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Frederick Edward
Frederick Edward
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