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Yeadon, Delingpole and why the vaccines could never have been safe


Last week, serendipity brought James Delingpole together with the biochemist and Covid truth warrior, Dr Michael Yeadon (PhD in respiratory pharmacology, co-founded a biotech company and conducted research at Pfizer) to discuss the evil WEF, their own faith journeys, ‘Gollum-class AI’ and more. You can listen to the full podcast here.  

What follows is the first set of edited extracts that James has given me kind permission to publish. Dr Yeadon details just how reckless, indeed criminal, was the ‘warp speed’ production of these so-called vaccines, all but forced on the world’s population. His explanation here is less about the why than about the how – how all proper testing and manufacture protocols were thrown to the winds. The significance of this should not be underestimated. It comes after James’s question, ‘How can anyone not see that this is a massive scam?’ 

JAMES DELINGPOLE:  I’ll bet you there are thousands of people, well, certainly hundreds of people out there, in the medical/biomedical establishment, biomedical industry, people of equal intelligence to you, or perhaps even greater intelligence than yours, who have . . . who are still embedded in the system, and denying that there’s anything wrong with it. Now are these, sort of, are they aware of what’s going on or do you think they’re dupes? And why haven’t they woken up?

DR MICHAEL YEADON: A very large number of people have not applied sufficient thought to have any chance to deviate from the received wisdom. . . you don’t need to be highly qualified just to get some basic questions, like, ‘Oh, I thought it took five to ten years to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of some new medical product, but we got this in ten months.’ 

We were told they didn’t miss out on any tests, they just did them all in parallel. Well, if you could do that don’t you think a trillion-dollar industry would be doing it right, left and centre? That would be their way of operating. Why would they operate, you know, on, like, a leisurely pace, when you’ve just shown, ‘Oh, look, there’s four companies with their new vaccines,’ and apparently, there’s never been a vaccine for a coronavirus, but four of them appeared in the spring of 2020 and they all got approval. That’s astonishing, isn’t it? Why wouldn’t they all operate their R&D models like that? They didn’t go fast by doing everything in parallel. They went fast by lying to you about what they were doing. They weren’t really developing medical products. They didn’t do proper clinical trials. They didn’t do toxicology. They didn’t develop the manufacturing methods. And that’s why it’s half junk, half saline and occasional lethal injection. 

JD: Have you sussed out what’s in these jabs?

MY: No. No, and it’s impossible to do it. Now, it may sound like a silly retort, but if you don’t know, products like this are made in batches, you know, potentially of five to 15million doses’ worth . . . I think they’ve injected the whole planet, roughly the whole planet once . . . So that means something like 10billion doses have been made? Let’s say it’s a 10million batch size, that means it’s a thousand batches. So in order to answer the question what is in them, you would have to sample rather widely from a good selection of those batches and they’re [those samples] simply not available . . . However, the samples that have been analysed have found, shall we say, diverse contents. Some of them literally have got a few broken bits of short mRNA. Some are full length. Some are even longer than they should be. A guy called Dr Kevin McKernan, who’s a very clever guy, full-time professional molecular biologist, he discovered that the method of manufacture, there was strong evidence, solid proof of the method of manufacture in the Pfizer vaccines. He had a few vaccines. What was he finding? He was finding what’s called circular DNA. Now, human DNA is linear. It’s got a start and an end. Circular DNA is the kind that bacteria have, interestingly, and your mitochondria have it, too. 

A lot of people think that your little energy factories inside your cells called mitochondria probably represent a fusion of bacteria in some larger organism billions of years ago. It’s quite interesting. This circular, or plasmid, DNA is apparently how bacteria are encouraged to make large quantities of this DNA, which is then, I suppose, copied back to mRNA. Now, you shouldn’t have the, as it were, the hammer and the anvil used to bash out a product. You don’t expect a piece of that in the product, but that’s what he was finding, he was finding the method of manufacture – plasmid DNA. And in one case, he found the amount was a thousand times greater than the allowable upper limit, which means some people have been jabbed with, essentially, bacterial DNA that’s capable, probably capable, of at the very least infecting the bacteria that live in your body, which are very many. There are more bacterial cells in your body than there are human cells in your body, it’s just human cells are a lot bigger than bacteria. So that circular DNA, encoding the spike protein, could end up in bacteria in your guts, or your mouth or your skin – horrible thought. And they don’t care . . . that’s yet again, there’s strong evidence that there’s essentially no quality control. So there’s no protocol for testing the product and limits before it’s allowed to go out. Basically, there’s . . . I think they’re turning a handle and turning out junk. 

And they’re quite happy if it kills and injures a few people and does nothing to others, as long as they get their money, and the depopulation programme continues. So I do think that they know what’s in each batch, even if they haven’t made it properly, they know what’s in it, or at least they should do, it’d be wasted information not to know. And they can go and study the VAERS database and find out, ‘Ooh, look, when do this to the batch, we get this kill rate. When we do that, we get a much lower kill rate.’ So they would have been able to tune the bioweapon or tune the lethal injections, because they would have learnt over 10billion doses what changes to make it more lethal or less lethal . . .

I think a consequence of doing what they’re doing allows them to calibrate the weapon. I don’t think that was necessarily the intention, but it would have been a predictable by-product of . . . for recklessly irreproducible manufacture. The thing is that it takes as long to work out how to consistently make a complicated product as it does to test its effectiveness and safety in humans. 

I remember rather foolishly saying, ‘The one thing you can count on with these injections is that they’ll be the same in every vial.’ And that’s because one of the very few stable characteristics of my former industry was that they bloody well knew how to manufacture, because they have to. If you get prescribed a drug in Zimbabwe or, you know, in Birmingham or New York, you want to know it’s the same stuff . . . So the drug companies got very good at consistent manufacture. And so I made the wrong assumption that that would be true here. And then when I realised that we had huge variation in the adverse events between batches, that’s the was set up by a guy who’s become a friend, a couple of people spotted this first and I joined this team to sort of critique it and work out what the implications were. Once we realised that some of these batches were, you know, a thousand times more dangerous than other batches, we thought, ‘Oh my God,’ you know, consider they’ve only taken a few months at best from deciding ‘this is the candidate, this is the one’ to actually rolling out the first jabs. They wouldn’t have enough time to develop even the basic basics of tests that you’re required to set the specification, demonstrate what the range is each time. It takes years and years and years to do this. Every time you scale up, for example, every time you go from 100grams to a kilogram to ten kilograms, you have to start again, because chemical reactions often occur differently as you go to a higher and higher scale. That, and then you have to iterate, based on what you’ve learned. What are the tests? What are the limits? And so on. And you know, how to manufacture to stay within the timelines, it takes ages.

So when there is the next pandemic, ‘we plan to have the vaccines rolled out in 90 days’ . . . they wouldn’t even be able to research the label properly, you know, making the bottles consistent in 90 days, actually filling the damn bottles to the number of doses required. I’m not sure there are enough glass bottles on the planet. Seriously. I’m not joking. Lead times for these things, it’s not a trivial thing to have 10billion little glass bottles, each with a rubber-filled, aluminium foil-covered cap with labels and in boxes. I don’t think you could do that in 90 days. And that’s if you just gave them water. So the idea that [you can] come up with a vaccine, and stab your children with it, is [when] you should run, with a shriek of fear from your throat, because you can’t do this stuff in that time. It’s not possible.

To be continued.

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