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The megalomania of Bill Gates – Part Two


In Part One yesterday I discussed Gates’s vested interests in keeping climate change hysteria going. You can read it here.  

WESTERNERS risk being impoverished by the green fantasies of the elite. The obsessive drive to create a carbon neutral world stems from the United Nations (UN) and their 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This money-guzzling organisation is dominated by Islamists, and is now in the grip of China too. None are friends of the West, or the environment. So why does Bill Gates, along with other uber-rich westerners, champion the UN green agenda?

Nowhere is this made more obvious than in his support for the Paris Agreement, another UN-led climate change racket. The Agreement is based on taking money from Western taxpayers to bribe developing nations to reduce their carbon emissions. Unsurprisingly, this hasn’t had the desired effect. 

Under the Agreement Western countries are not allowed to build coal stations but India and China are, even though both countries are heavy polluters. American coal miners lose their jobs while their Chinese counterparts prosper.

China is responsible for almost one third of global carbon emissions over the past twenty years, invests heavily in fossil fuels and is planning to build hundreds more coal power stations. China’s dependence on coal for its economic and energy needs means it’s doubtful that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will spend the trillions of pounds required to go carbon neutral. Only the very naïve would believe their promise to do so by 2060.

If China and other non-Western countries don’t curb their own polluting habits, it will be impossible to achieve zero CO2 emissions. No wonder President Donald Trump wisely withdrew the US from the Paris Agreement, earning the ire of Gates, who as I showed yesterday has vested interests in keeping climate change hysteria going. 

Is money the only explanation why Gates is such an enthusiast of the Paris Agreement and the UN diktats on climate change? It’s certainly odd that he has recently acquired a nasty habit of shilling for China, even though the CPP’s environmental practices directly contradict his climate change beliefs. 

A man who is supposedly intelligent sees nothing wrong with blindly following China’s lockdown strategies and trusting the CCP’s propaganda on Covid-19 statistics. Given that the CCP barred Western journalists from entering China earlier this year, how can their statistical claims be independently verified? 

Covid-19 and climate change ideologues are intrinsically linked. ‘Remedies’ for both depend on crippling Western economies through lockdowns and spending public billions on green fantasies. More in the West will become reliant on the political class and wealthy charitable foundations for basics like food, medicine and shelter. Hungry and traumatised people are far easier to control than a prosperous population. China thrives while the West dies.

Gates has opportunistically seized on Covid-19 to promote more of his climate change ideas. His green ideology is closely aligned with another megalomaniac, Professor Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Gates’s blogs regularly feature on the WEF website. Both men praise lockdowns because these have cut CO2 emissions.

That this medieval strategy in combating disease has caused extreme global hardship and suffering goes unmentioned by both of them. Nothing will stand in the way of their self-interested pursuit of zero carbon emissions, not even the lives of those with whom they share the planet. Now that our elite know how easy it is to terrify people into submission, don’t be surprised when lockdowns are soon imposed in the name of climate change. 

Our craven political leaders, caught in an egotistical echo chamber, will blindly follow their dictates. Gates is their green guru, never to be questioned but only worshipped and given endless amounts of taxpayers’ money as tribute. 

Given Gates’s hypocrisy it’s debatable whether he will sacrifice his lifestyle and luxury toys to save the planet. But the rest of us will be forced to, our sacrifices being far more punitive. We will end up shivering in our homes, eating bad food, unable to travel because we can’t afford an electric bus ticket, while the super-wealthy jaunt across the seas on their superyachts, never needing to cross paths with the great unwashed. 

Should we protest having to choose between eating and heating, we will be labelled selfish and uncaring, just as those who remonstrate against lockdowns and curfews are. Driving a cheap petrol car or eating meat will be the ultimate ‘selfish’ act.  

Gates and Schwab are part of a new form of elitism in our post-liberal Puritan world, where an underclass is being created through a division between those who can afford green technology and those who can’t, of those declared clean by the elite and those who aren’t. Our society will soon resemble Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, where the masses are controlled by an elite through technology and are expected to be grateful for any small crumbs of pleasure and freedom that might be thrown their way. The state is both mother and father, monitoring and controlling every citizen’s words and actions. 

Our cultural and political elite use the entire world as their playground while the rest of us are forced to live grey, locked down lives; for many, lives devoid of any meaning or joy. They condescendingly lecture us, imposing their draconian rules on us, insisting that it’s all for our own good, that we must sacrifice our livelihoods and even our lives to prevent the spread of disease or to save the planet (take your pick). And proceed to break their own rules with impunity. 

How much more can good-natured Britons take before they rise up and resist the venal and grandiose green dreams of Gates and his like? That the government insists on promoting his destructive climate change solutions shows we are being led by a bunch of woke social justice warriors, drunk on power, and not serious politicians. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the necessity for scepticism concerning the dangerous and selfish witterings of the elite, who are usually wrong about everything.

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Karen Harradine
Karen Harradine
Karen is an anthropologist and freelance journalist. She writes on anti-Semitism, Israel and spirituality. She is @KarenH777on Twitter.

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